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A Marvelous adventure only held back by a lack of creativity krisko6 (829) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (19 votes) 4.3

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The Game Hoard (Jul 02, 2019)
Marvel’s Spider-Man is a spectacular realization of everything the character is about. His web-swinging is easy to use but rewards mastery with satisfying speed and flair, the combat mixes his many tools with his spider-sense to make things challenging and dangerous while still being enjoyable to overcome, and his home turf has been realized in glorious detail with Manhattan teeming with fun side activities and lovely little touches. The story brings in familiar characters and uses them in fresh ways while building up relative unknowns like Mister Negative into legitimate threats. Action setpieces with crazy mayhem and incredible supervillains are balanced out with Peter Parker’s well-written struggles with his personal life. The few slow or simple moments are completely buried when the game is looked at as a whole, with the plethora of content and attention to detail making Spider-Man’s PS4 adventure truly spectacular.
Press Start Australia (Sep 05, 2018)
It’s hard to fault Marvel’s Spider-Man as Insomniac has taken their game to the next level. As a developer, they have gone from strength to strength and Spider-Man is a culmination of their past hits. There’s a stunning verticality that compliments the game’s watertight mechanics and, despite the literal boundaries, still makes the city seem boundless. If you’re a Marvel die-hard, there’s enough fanfare here to sink a ship as Spider-Man emerges as the new gold standard. Spider-Man is, without question, the best superhero game ever.
Gaming Age (Sep 09, 2018)
What more is there to say? Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man is truly spectacular. Like I said earlier, it’s certainly a game of the year candidate and personally my favorite game I’ve played this year. I know I am a bit biased, based of my love for the character, but that’s more of a reason why I can be a harsh critic of the character. Spider-Man has had a rough series of solo adventures; Amazing Spider-Man 2, Edge of Time, and Web of Shadows (send me your hate mail), so it’s about time that we had a return to form for Marvel’s heart and soul. I hope Insomniac can build off this title and knock out a sequel using this engine. While you wait for Red Dead Redemption 2, you would be hard pressed to find a better single player experience this year or in the past few years (Benny, the ball is in your court with Tomb Raider). Spider-Man is a must buy and the new king of superhero games, Rocksteady you still out there?
There are all kinds of side activities to keep Spidey busy too, from busting up robberies to stopping high-speed car chases to saving hostages from kidnappings and muggings. There's a learning curve when it comes to the game's combat, mainly due to the fact that Spider-Man has a wealth of different moves at his disposal and some are more effective than others against certain enemies. After a while, though, chaining moves together becomes like second nature and flows in a rhythmic sort of beatdown reminiscent of the Batman: Arkham games. Of course, none of this would matter much if there wasn't some sort of plot to drive the action. While it's difficult to delve into things without giving it away, this is easily one of the best superhero stories in gaming and a tale that, while existing outside of the mainstream Marvel canon, stays true to the characters and deserves a top spot in the tales from the Spider-verse.
Ulvespill (Sep 12, 2018)
Marvel’s Spider-Man is truly astonishing and was a blast to play. Great story with awesome gameplay. It gave me everything that I expected and more, really giving Spider-Man justice. Insomniac really did something great and gave us the game we have waited for. So if you have been looking for a good Spider-Man game, here it is…if you own a PS4. It might not only be one of the best superhero games but also one of the best games made this year. With great powers, comes great responsibility. And Insomniac Games has really used their power in the right way. Showing once again that superhero games can give us the one of the best experiences, when done right. And as fan of comics, Spider-Man in particular I’m really relieved and even more impressed with the result. So I will give this game, one of my highest recommendations to all PlayStation 4 owners.
An epic story, tremendous boss fights, a city full of life whether you swing on the rooftops or run through the streets, and a world packed full of secrets. Marvel’s Spider-Man rises above every other superhero game and swings to the top of the pedestal in which every developer and publisher of superhero games should strive for.
PlayStation Universe (Jul 28, 2019)
A welcome return for PlayStation's original superhero icon, Insomniac Games have not just given us another sublime PlayStation exclusive but also the best superhero blockbuster the PS4 has ever seen. Spider-Man is a thunderous, essential triumph that bleeds cinematic splendor from every digital pore. Every PS4 owner needs to have Spider-Man in their collection.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 04, 2018)
Like Batman: Arkham Asylum before it, Spider-Man raises the bar for one of the world’s most beloved heroes. You feel like you’re doing everything he’s capable of. Insomniac succeeds in making Peter and the supporting cast just as memorable and engaging as the wall crawler. Excitement is delivered consistently from the outside of play right up to the last story frame, which is a real shocker that contains a reveal that will make the wait for the sequel almost unbearable.
Digital Chumps (Sep 05, 2018)
In sum, Marvel’s Spider-Man is not only the best Spider-Man game to date, and one of the best games this year, but it’s also the best superhero game since Arkham Knight. It’s sure to appeal to any fan of Spider-Man, superhero games, or open world sandbox games in general.
Forbes Magazine (Sep 06, 2018)
Spider-Man is a fantastic action game with great movement and combat and a compelling story that's only dragged down from time to time with boring missions and QTE-based boss fights.
God is a Geek (Sep 04, 2018)
Everything I hoped it would be and more. Marvel's Spider-Man provides us lots to do, a great story, and some of the best visuals available on the PS4.
PSX Extreme (Sep 14, 2018)
One of the things I’ve always loved about Spider-Man as a comic book character is that Peter is a working class hero. He doesn’t have infinite money like Batman, he’s not the God of Thunder and Mullets, and he’s not a technological wizard and celebrity like Tony Stark. He’s just a kid who wants to make his neighborhood a better place, and that’s something that truly shines through in this game. There’s a lot of heart, a lot of innovation, and a clear feeling that this game wasn’t just created by a talented group of developers, but by people who are truly passionate about Spider-Man.
Gamers.at (Sep 13, 2018)
Ist Insomniac Games mit Marvel´s Spider-Man das bester Spidey-Game ever gelungen? Verdammt, JA! Sei es im Storytelling oder der Inszenierung. Sowohl die Neuinterpretation der Figuren als auch die Tatsache, dass wir einen Spidey sehen, der bereits seit acht Jahren aktiv ist, finde ich sehr gelungen. Marvel´s Spider-Man stiehlt sein Gameplay fast schon dreist bei seinem Bruder im Geiste – Arkham Asylum – durchsetzt dieses aber mit einer Priese eigener Ideen. Dadurch bekommt Altbekanntes neuen Wind und macht unheimlich Spaß. Wer schon immer mal Spider-Man sein wollte, sollte zuschlagen!
Computer Bild Spiele (Sep 21, 2018)
Viel Action, eine hollywoodreife Inszenierung, tolle Effekte und Animationen sind Zutaten, die „Marvel’s Spider-Man“ zum Hit machen! Aber nicht nur optisch liefert Insomniac einen Leckerbissen ab, viele tolle Ideen sind ins Spiel geflossen, etwa das Skillsystem, vielfältige Nebenaufgaben und Missionen. Das Schwingen durch Manhattan macht einfach so viel Laune, die Netzfähigkeiten ergänzen sich prima mit den Melee-Moves – besonders in der Luft! Nur die zahlreichen Gegnerwellen erscheinen da etwas eintönig. Trotzdem: Hut ab, Insomniac!
Multiplayer.it (Sep 04, 2018)
Marvel's Spider-Man non ha la pretesa di inventare chissà cosa. Anzi, prende chiaramente spunto da alcuni titoli del passato, dando però con successo una sua impronta agli elementi per i quali attinge da altri. Il merito di tutto ciò va dato ai ragazzi di Insomniac Games, abili nel realizzare un'esperienza pulita e appagante anche nel momento in cui si ha a che fare con le attività secondarie. Non è certo cosa da poco. In definitiva Marvel's Spider-Man riesce a coinvolgere pienamente l'utente, passando almeno venti ore ad ammirare il nostro sogno di bambini che diventa finalmente realtà.
BonusStage.co.uk (Apr 10, 2020)
Everyone secretly wants to be a superhero, now you have the opportunity in this near perfect open world adventure.
Games.ch (Sep 04, 2018)
Mit "Spider-Man" liefert Insomniac Games eines, wenn nicht gar die beste Spieleumsetzung mit dem Marvel-Superhelden in der Hauptrolle. Das entfernt an Batman erinnernde Kampfsystem bietet satte, schnelle Action, gepaart mit einer motivierenden Charakterentwicklung. Allein die Hauptmissionen garantieren Vielfalt und Abwechslung und werden durch das reichhaltige, grösstenteils optionale Angebot der offenen Spielwelt sinnvoll bereichert. Aufgrund kleinerer Mängel erreicht "Spider-Man" vielleicht nicht ganz die Perfektion eines "Batman: Arkham Knight", aber das soll Comic- und Actionfans keinesfalls davon abhalten. Denn für sie ist "Spider-Man" ein klarer Pflichtkauf.
psinside (2018)
Das Experiment zwischen Sony und Insomniac Games ist geglückt und ein grandioses Spiel ist entstanden. Während die Geschichte zwar etwas braucht, bis sie wirklich in Fahrt kommt und es spannend wird, geht es beim Gameplay direkt zur Sache. Man verliebt sich recht schnell in das spaßige Schwingen in der Stadt und auch beim Kämpfen braucht man nicht lange, um in die Dynamik hineinzufinden. Bei beidem hat man viele Stunden später noch einen großen Spaß. Auch die Grafik weiß zu überzeugen und die Liebe zum Detail ist bemerkenswert.
Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass mit Marvel's Spider-Man das beste Superheldenspiel nach langer Zeit erschienen ist. Die Entwickler von Insomniac Games blenden nicht nur mit einer spektakulären Grafik, sondern haben es mit zahlreichen Gameplayelementen geschafft ein abwechslungsreiches Action-Adventure auf die Beine zu stellen. Wenn es ernsthaft etwas zu kritisieren gibt, sind es die Missionen der anderen Spielfiguren, die für keine Spannung beziehungsweise Unterhaltung sorgen. Persönlich finde ich es schade, dass man Tokens nur durch das Absolvieren von Nebenmissionen erhält. Eventuell hätte die Möglichkeit mit Spider-Man Gespräche mit anderen Menschen zu führen, für eine noch lebendigere Spielwelt sorgen können.Insgesamt bietet Marvel's Spider-Man eine spannende Story, eine offene Spielwelt, ein durchdachtes und abwechslungsreiches Gameplay, Langzeitmotivation und eine sehr gute Grafik.
ingame.de (Sep 04, 2018)
Mit Spider-Man haben es Sony, Insomniac Games und Marvel endlich geschafft, dem Fassadenkletterer neues Leben einzuhauchen und nebenbei allen anderen Superhelden leicht und beschwingt zu zeigen, wo der Hammer hängt. Gerade in den Bereichen Story und deren Inszenierung steht der Spidey auf der PS4 seinen Leinwandvorbildern in Nichts nach und schwingt locker an einigen vorbei. Gekrönt wird dies noch durch die fabelhafte Präsentation, an der wir nichts zu meckern haben, egal ob PS4 Pro oder nicht. Und egal welche minimalen Fehler auch die Topnote verhindern, solltet ihr euch diesen Trip nach New York mit Spider-Man auf gar keinen Fall entgehen lassen.
Curved (Sep 04, 2018)
Viele Jahre hat es gedauert bis der liebenswürdige Comic-Held endlich wieder mit einer brauchbaren Videospielumsetzung bedacht wurde. Aber jede Sekunde des Wartens hat sich gelohnt. Hersteller Sony und Entwickler Insomniac-Games haben ein Spiel erschaffen, dass dem Superhelden gerecht wird und ihn in ein perfektes Licht rückt. Habt ihr die Steuerung erst einmal verinnerlicht, ertappt ihr euch dabei, dass es euch vorkommt, als wärt ihr selber als "Spider-Man" in New York unterwegs. So die Mattscheibe zu durchbrechen und dem Spieler dieses Gefühl zu vermitteln ist die hohe Kunst eines Videospiels – und kann hier in absoluter Perfektion genossen werden. Dass die Spielwelt recht klein und die Nebenaufgaben gewohnt schablonenhaft gestaltet wurden, ist bei diesem Kino-Feeling am Gamepad mehr als locker zu verschmerzen. "Marvel's Spider-Man" ist ein echtes "Kind der Liebe" und gehört ganz sicher in jede PS4-Spielesammlung.
Videogameszone (Sep 04, 2018)
In Sachen Nebenquests hätte das Spiel mehr Substanz vertragen, in puncto Spielspaß ist es aber unschlagbar!
Garage Band Gamers (Feb 14, 2019)
The story never lives up to the ridiculously high bar set forth by the Arkham series, but every other facet of Spider-Man delivers. Whether you’re a fan of the hero or amazing games in general, this is one that checks all of the right boxes and deserves your time.
Way Too Many Games (Sep 08, 2018)
By allying addictive gameplay, a good combat system, lots of side missions, and arguably the best story ever put into a superhero game, Sony and Insomniac have managed to deliver what I firmly believe is the best superhero title ever released for a console. Spider-Man is just pure fun from start to finish: this is easily one of the best exclusives available for the PS4 and a must-have for any owner of the system.
USgamer (Sep 06, 2018)
Insomniac Games takes Marvel's most popular character for a spin and the results are fantastic. The developer establishes its own Spider-Man with a unique supporting cast and a beautiful recreation of New York to play around in. This is an absolutely beautiful game, with solid combat and a great story. Most of all, it really sells the feeling of being Spider-Man. The gaming history of Spider-Man has been uneven, but this is an amazing entry in that history. Pun intended.
Marvel’s Spider-Man mixes the prestige ambitions of a Sony exclusive with the hyperkinetic fun of a great superhero game. It’s not a pairing you’d expect to work, but it mostly does here, though some aspects of the open-world design, like repetitive side content, let down the overall package.
Destructoid (Sep 08, 2018)
Spider-Man isn't just a great superhero game, it's a proof of concept for Insomniac as a company. This project shows that they can basically handle pretty much any universe, because if you can accurately recreate Peter Parker's nimbleness and gentle heart you can do anything: and with multiple teasers at the end, I think they'll get that chance.
XGN (Sep 07, 2018)
Spider-Man is daarvan de nieuwste telg en is opnieuw een mokerslag richting de concurrentie, want op de Xbox en Nintendo Switch zal hij niet uitkomen. Dit is de Spidey-game waar we al zo lang op hoopten en nu eindelijk daar is! Wacht dus niet langer, haal hem in huis laat je verder verrassen!
They've done it folks, Insomniac has made one of the best superhero games I've ever played. Marvel's Spider-Man is yet another exclusive jewel in both Insomniac Games and Sony's crown. They're going to need a scepter to go with that thing soon.
GameSpot (Sep 04, 2018)
Minor shortcomings don't detract from Insomniac's achievement in creating a game that feels like an authentic interpretation of a beloved creation. The feeling of embodying Spidey and using his abilities is astonishing, and the time spent on exploring its major characters help make its story feel heartfelt, despite superhero bombast. There have been open-world Spider-Man games before, but none so riveting and full of personality, none that explore and do justice to this many facets of the universe. Insomniac has created a superior Spider-Man experience that leaves a lasting impression, one that has you longing for just one more swing around New York City, even after the credits roll.
Gamer.no (Sep 04, 2018)
Ekstremt lettspilt og meget engasjerende superheltmoro.
Stratege.ru (Sep 05, 2018)
Marvel's Spider-Man является самой красивой и впечатляющей на сегодняшний день игрой не только о Человеке-Пауке, но и о супергероях в целом. Режиссура сюжетных эпизодов достойна похвалы, как и завораживающие полеты на паутине. Вот только с кинематографичностью несколько перегнули, из-за чего сражения с боссами в геймплейном плане вышли несколько тривиальными. И это при том, что в тех же боях с рядовыми противниками есть где разгуляться. Полное прохождение проекта занимает около двадцати пяти часов, но входящее туда завершение всех активностей в городе, требуемых для платины, вышло порядком рутинным занятием. Будет легче, если выполнять их понемногу в перерывах между сюжетными эпизодами.
GamesRadar (Sep 04, 2018)
An immensely enjoyable and fun to play superhero adventure.
spieletipps (Sep 04, 2018)
Spider-Man schwingt sich in die höchsten Höhen der Superhelden-Spieleriege. Tolle Spielbarkeit, gute Dramaturgie und äußerst actionreiche Präsentation.
Video Chums (Sep 04, 2018)
Insomniac Games created something very special with Marvel's Spider-Man. Controlling Spidey to swing through NYC and beat up criminals while experiencing a memorable story campaign makes for one of the most satisfying experiences in modern gaming.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 28, 2018)
Insomniac, Insomniac, does whatever a gamestudio can. En zo krijgen we na jaren wachten eindelijk een game waar gameplay, verhaal en Spider-Man zelf bijna perfect in elkaar klikken. Bijna.
Meristation (Sep 04, 2018)
No es el juego definitivo del trepamuros sin lugar a dudas y, aunque parezca algo negativo, significa que hay espacio para que nos sorprendan con una segunda parte, un Arkham City que venga a mejorar el Arkham Asylum que lo precedió. No dudamos de que si se acaba de pulir la dinámica de los combates, se mejora la interacción con el mapa, se proporciona mayor variedad a los encuentros con pelea fuera de la historia, se añaden mecánicas más interesantes a los combates en la campaña principal… en definitiva, se busca con un poco más de ahínco una personalidad propia como juego al margen de la personalidad propia que destila el protagonista, es muy posible que se pueda conseguir el paso que le falta para alcanzar la excelencia. Hasta entonces nos tendremos que conformar “simplemente” con el gran juego que es hoy Marvel’s Spider-Man, que no es poca cosa. Un juego que sin duda alguna merece terminarse hasta el final y quedarse incluso un poco más.
Games Whisperer (Nov 02, 2018)
The developers Insomniac I felt played it too safe, but considering the amount of gamers and Spider-Man fans that were going to gravitate to this game, it doesn’t surprise me in the least.
IGN (Sep 04, 2018)
I wanted Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 to make me feel like Spider-Man: To sail between the highrises of New York City, to nimbly web up hordes of enemies, and tussle with familiar, animal-themed villains. Insomniac Games’ first foray into the world of Marvel handily delivers on all of that. But what I didn’t expect from Spider-Man was to come away feeling just as fulfilled to have inhabited the life of Peter Parker. Aside from a few odd pacing issues, which momentarily took me out of the experience of being a superhero, and a world of optional missions that don’t always quite live up to the heft of the main story, Insomniac has delivered a Spider-Man story that both surprised and delighted me, coupled with gameplay that made me feel like Spider-Man nearly every step of the way. The Wall Crawler’s open world doesn’t consistently deliver the thrilling moments of its main campaign, but the foundation laid here is undoubtedly a spectacular one.
MAN!AC (Sep 04, 2018)
Die beste Spider-Man-Versoftung, die es gibt: cineastisches Action-Adventure mit flüssigen Kämpfen und toller Netzschwung-Mechanik.
Das bislang beste Spider-Man-Spiel mit vielen großartigen Momenten, aber auch ein wenig Fleißarbeit.
GIGA (Sep 04, 2018)
Selten so viel Spaß gehabt
Jeuxvideo.com (Sep 04, 2018)
Bien que le Dark Knight trône toujours au sommet de l’adaptation vidéoludique de super-héros, le Spider-Man d’Insomniac préfigure d’ores et déjà un avenir radieux pour la franchise et par extension les fans du Tisseur. S’intégrant parfaitement dans le moule des dernières productions Sony, le titre des Californiens fait sensation à tous les niveaux. Beau, jouable, excitant, surprenant, émouvant même, Spider-Man s’avère être le jeu que tous les fans attendaient. A partir d’une formule qu’on aurait pu penser érodée, les développeurs ont en effet conçu un jeu équilibré, jouissif et dispensant un immense sentiment de liberté et de puissance. Force est de constater que croquer la Grosse Pomme n’aura jamais été aussi succulent et si plusieurs pépins sont bel et bien visibles, on attend déjà avec impatience la nouvelle cueillette qui devra se montrer encore plus savoureuse.
The Loot Gaming (Sep 13, 2018)
There’s no doubt that Insomniac has crafted a special video game here, it’s one of the best-licensed games of all time. However, it isn’t without fault. The open world gets repetitive, side missions are bland and the story is painted by numbers fare. Fortunately, the game’s sheer beauty, exceptional characterization, wonderful combat, and brilliant traversal ensure that Insomniac’s legacy is upheld. Hopefully, with the sequel (there’s definitely gonna be a sequel) some of the issues can be ironed out and Insomniac can find their own voice with these characters. Marvel’s Spider-Man is amazing, it just isn’t spectacular.
4Players.de (Sep 04, 2018)
Trotz aller Mankos in der häufig oberflächlichen offenen Welt sorgt die Kombination aus klasse Story, mitunter fantastischer Inszenierung sowie der unter dem Strich gelungenen Mechaniken in der Summe dafür, dass Spider-Man von Anfang bis Ende richtig gute Superhelden-Unterhaltung bietet.
Playground.ru (Sep 07, 2018)
отличная игра во вселенной Marvel, впечатление от которой портят странные мини-игры и скучные битвы с боссами.
Games TM (Oct 04, 2018)
Hopefully what Insomniac has achieved here will stand as a lesson to other open-world creators in why it's so important to build your world, and everything in it, around your character - as opposed to creating a character to fit your world. Everything you can do here is positioned to celebrate Spider-Man's abilities and that means everything you can do makes you feel like Spider-Man.
Giant Bomb (Sep 05, 2018)
Spider-Man combines elements from plenty of other games to deliver a game with expansive combat, exciting traversal, and a solid, authentic story.
videogamer.com (Sep 04, 2018)
While some of the antiquated trappings of open world games from years gone-by are present, Spider-Man manages to remain a delight through great acting performances, a compelling story, terrific combat, and joyous swinging.
Game Revolution (Sep 04, 2018)
Spider-Man PS4 continues the awesome tradition we’ve seen emerge in the last decade or so of amazing licensed games. I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the more repetitive side activities, but I had a lot of fun in general and gained a new appreciation of Spider-Man, enough so that I’ll be checking out the comics when I get the time.
Riot Pixels (Sep 07, 2018)
Увы, Spider-Man — образец морально устаревшей «песочницы», цель которой не столько развлечь игрока, сколько чем-нибудь его занять. Чем именно — дело десятое: хоть избиением очередных глупых мордоворотов, хоть лечением голубей от птичьего гриппа. На нее стоит взглянуть ради прекрасной графики, голливудской постановки и приятных полетов по сияющему Манхэттену, но проходить совершенно не обязательно.
The Guardian (Sep 04, 2018)
This game shows tremendous love for all things Spider-Man, and the ending packs a punch he would be proud of. But Insomniac relies too much on its hero to elevate the world built around him, with the result that the game wears thin some time before its powerful conclusion.
Engadget (Sep 07, 2018)
With its first Spider-Man game, Insomniac deftly balances the real New York with the one portrayed in Marvel comics. It's a playground, first and foremost, that's been designed to support the title's superb and liberating traversal system. The 'city that never sleeps,' though, is an architectural delight too. The studio has captured the look and, more importantly, the feelings that many people have about the city. It helps sell the long-running fantasy and troubles of Peter Parker, and should serve as an example for any developer looking to make a superhero game in the future.
dieletztevoneuch.de (Sep 13, 2018)
Selbst für mich, der in das MCU kaum involviert ist, bietet Marvel’s Spider-Man viele Stunden an Spielspaß. Die Stadt strahlt großen Charme aus und die vielen kleinen Easter-Eggs, auch aus den Marvel Netflix-Serien wie Daredevil oder Jessica Jones tun ihr übriges. Die Charaktere sind liebevoll geschrieben, die Story ist emotional und greift tiefer als manch andere Medien mit Superhelden, das Kampfsystem ist spaßig und das Herumschwingen in New York ein einzigartiges Feature, das brillant funktioniert.

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