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God is a Geek (Aug 14, 2017)
Matterfall is a work of art, and a lesson in game design. Not only is it smooth to play, and void of any technical failings, it’s a lot of fun. It’s one of those titles on PlayStation that you can put on and waste a few hours with, getting addicted to its masterfull gameplay, stunning visuals, and wide range of guns, bullets, and strategical options.
VGDb (Aug 15, 2017)
Deweloperzy z Housemarque po raz kolejny udowadniają, że w gatunku zręcznościowych gier akcji nie mają sobie po prostu równych - Matterfall to naprawdę świetnie zrealizowana produkcja czerpiąca garściami z klasyków gatunku. Tytuł idealny dla miłośników tego typu konwencji, dla fanów Housemarque pozycja oczywiście obowiązkowa. Nie jest to gra tak dobra, jak wspomniana przez ze mnie Nex Machina, ale to ciągle absolutna czołówka zręcznościowych gier platformowych.
Matterfall is an absolute gem to play, taking gameplay we know and love and adding just the right nuances to give us something great. With stellar graphics and retro-inspired music, the only real downside comes in how small the game really is: Twelve stages is barely enough to sink our teeth into, let along get a real taste for what this story should be. Matterfall could also use some visual customization options, but for what Housemarque has delivered this is a stellar game that truly deserves your attention.
Chi avrebbe mai detto che dopo neanche una cinquantina di giorni mi sarei ritrovato nuovamente a parlare così bene di un’opera sfornata da Housemarque! Ancora una volta i finlandesi hanno colpito nel segno con un platform frenetico che poggia saldamente le proprie fondamenta nella storia della software house di Helsinki e nell’abilità del team di declinare i twin-stick shooter in modi inaspettati. Sebbene sia alquanto breve, quella offerta da Matterfall è sicuramente un’esperienza in grado di fare la felicità degli appassionati di videogiochi di stampo arcade.
WCCFtech (Aug 15, 2017)
Matterfall is a challenging game with simple controls and stylish combat. While some sections are more frustrating than others, it'll keep daring you to come back and try to beat it once and for all.
Matterfall is a challenging and creative take on the twin-stick shooter. Even if it’s sci-fi setting is bland, the multitasking gameplay rarely offers a dull moment. This is a strong followup to Resogun, and one of the PlayStation 4’s better digital exclusives.
4Players.de (Aug 16, 2017)
Die Finnen verschmelzen das Prinzip des Twinstick-Shooters gekonnt mit dem des Plattformers. Sie vereinen das schnelle Bewegen, Ausweichen und Schießen in alle Richtungen mit den akrobatischen Sprüngen seitwärts scrollender Abenteuer. So entsteht höchst dynamische, angenehm anspruchsvolle und ansehnliche Action. Allerdings fehlen mir für einen Plattformer deutlich mehr Verschachtelungen und Geheimnisse, manche Areale wirken recht steril und die im Intro hörbare Heldin verstummt leider komplett. Im Gegensatz zur Nex Machina entsteht letztlich nicht diese Lust zur Perfektion, denn ein Plattformer wird vielleicht kurzfristig vom Kombozähler gewürzt, aber langfristig entfaltet er seine Faszination durch Erkundungsreize und Entwicklung von Fähigkeiten. Hier hat man sehr schnell alles gesehen. Das hat Housemarque mit Outland deutlich besser gemacht, aber auch dieser experimentelle Hybrid wird euch für drei bis fünf Stunden gut unterhalten. Es fühlt sich ein wenig an wie Metroid auf Speed.
IGN (Aug 14, 2017)
Matterfall succeeds in adapting Housemarque’s trademark style of fast, action-packed, arcadey action to the 2D platformer genre, but it feels like a puzzle half solved. There’s virtually no content here after you finish its exceptionally short campaign, outside of some harder difficulty modes and a global leaderboard to climb, and its level design isn’t well-suited for replay value. It’s a ton of fun while it lasts, but once it’s over it’s hard to not be left with a feeling of “Is that it?”
Retro Gamer (Oct 05, 2017)
As with the company's last game, dashing is a key component and becomes critical on later stages, but the waves of enemies you tackle are nowhere near as exciting to face. The scoring system is solid, offering plenty of replay value, but it lacks the excitement and sheer adrenaline rush that Nex Machina offers.
Jeuxvideo.com (Aug 29, 2017)
Le studio finlandais Housemarque démontre son expérience en matière de shoot mais aurait sans doute eu matière à créer un univers moins générique. Malgré cela, l'intensité de l'action et l'ambiance technoïde très années 80 accrochent et raviront les aficionados d'arcade et de scoring. Vendu à petit prix, il propose une aventure à la durée de vie correcte mais ne propose aucun mode multijoueur ou de bonus permettant de prolonger le plaisir. Sans être mauvais, il n'atteint pas l'excellence d'un Contra (Probotector chez nous) ou d'un Metroid.
Games TM (Sep 07, 2017)
To be certain, this is not an objectively bad game - it's just an inferior proposition to the other subjects that have come from the studio responsible for it. If you've never played a Housemarque game before then you'll likely love what's here, but if you're coming to Matterfall off the back of Resogun and/or Nex Machina then prepare for an anti-climax.

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