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GamingTrend (Aug 10, 2017)
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is the ultimate follow-up to the first collection, and brings us to a full 10 Mega Man games now available on the PS4. This collection boasts some truly high quality Mega Man experiences, as well as a large number of challenges for experienced players. The Mega Man games speak for themselves largely on quality, but they have been packaged here in a very attractive and improved fashion.
Mega Man & Bass’s omission sucks, and I wish the whole thing had more extras, but these are still four great 2D platformers. If you’re a big fan of Mega Man (like me), it’s nice to have these game’s easily accessible on modern systems (unless that modern system is the Switch, which would actually be a great place for this). And all four games play great, so the ports are solid. If you’re more of a mild Mega Man player, you might be content to just own the first Legacy Collection.
Video Chums (Aug 08, 2017)
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 houses four games from The Blue Bomber's past that offer a surprising amount of variety. Although not everyone will like everything they see, there's no denying just how enjoyable it is to replay these classics yet again.
GearNuke (Aug 12, 2017)
This is the second collection of Mega Man games so it doesn't really manage to look as appealing as the first time, but the games that are included in this Legacy Collection are still extremely fun on their own.
67 (Aug 08, 2017)
Dass die MegaMan-Spiele ihren Ruf als knallharte Gamepad-Killer haben, kommt nicht von ungefähr und wird auch mit den in der Legacy Collection 2 enthaltenen Teilen 7 bis 10 bewiesen. Dementsprechend sollten alle, denen ihre Kontrollgeräte etwas bedeuten oder die schnell gefrustet die Flinte ins Korn werfen, einen weiten Bogen um diese Sammlung machen – trotz neuer, das Spiel erleichternder Optionen. Wer allerdings der Meinung ist, über eine ruhige Hand sowie Nerven aus Drahtseilen zu verfügen, wird schnell eine Hassliebe zu dem blauen Hüpfer entwickeln. Retro-Fans werden sich ohnehin über die von Beginn an verfügbaren Extras wie knapp 150 Musikstücke sowie hunderte Artworks der MegaMan-Historie freuen. Zusätzlich zu den Standard-Versionen der knallharten Action-Plattformer aus den Jahren 1995, 1997, 2008 und 2010 (letztere mit allen DLCs) gibt es zahlreiche zusätzliche Herausforderungen, die den Spaß (bzw. Qual) noch vergrößern.
65 (Sep 27, 2017)
In my view, you get one good Mega Man game, two passable ones, and one kind of terrible one. If you are deeply obsessed with Mega Man then “yes” you are going to buy it, but if you just have some nostalgia for the series, I might say to hold off until it goes on sale, if it ever does. I’m just kind of disappointed with this package that it doesn’t include more. I can only hope the eventual Mega Man X Legacy Collection includes all 8 MMX games in them, as well as some other unlockable bits.
God is a Geek (Aug 08, 2017)
It remains difficult to recommend Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 to anyone but fans of the series, because the games contained within are nowhere near Mega Man’s best. Fans will enjoy the Museum content, filled with development artwork that even allows you to fight each boss separately, direct from their artwork icons. However, in a world where Shovel Knight exists and really showcases the Mega Man formula better than any of Capcom’s games, why would new players bother trying out some of the least impressive Mega Man titles?
IGN (Aug 08, 2017)
Especially next to the first Mega Man Legacy Collection’s six games and nicer save system, The Mega Man Legacy Collection 2’s package of four included games is ultimately a step backward. While the games are mostly good, none of them top Mega Man 2 or 3 -- and for the record, I think 3 is the best. 8, 9, and 10 are worth revisiting for a dose of retro platforming challenge, but know what you’re up against going in.