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If you don’t like ‘walking sims’ then Observer isn’t going to change your mind, even if it does include some rudimentary detective work. However, if you like to be swept away by a story and pulled in to a world where every door has a new experience behind it, then close the curtains, turn off the lights, crank up the surround sound and immerse yourself in this great cyberpunk horror tale.
Despite the fact that there are some technical and acting issues, Observer absolutely excels. Not only is it a great genre entry, but a fine example of interactive entertainment as a whole. The world that Bloober Team has created is one that is wide open for more exploration. I wouldn’t mind prequels exploring the fall of modern society or alternate perspective takes on the tale. Heck, even a Chiron management sim, where the company needs to keep the people just happy enough to accept their oppression would be interesting. This is not reggae, but it deserves to be as popular.
Game Rant (Aug 22, 2017)
While the long, immersion-breaking load times and repetitive nightmare sections are disappointing, horror fans will still find a game worth sinking their teeth into with Observer. Observer‘s story is reason enough to play the game to completion, but even those that aren’t driven by the disturbing cyberpunk tale may still enjoy its puzzles and compelling crime scene investigations. Overall, Observer is a step up from Bloober Team’s previous effort, Layers of Fear, and cements the studio as one to watch for horror fans.
Way Too Many Games (Sep 25, 2017)
If you can get past the disappointing technical issues and inconsistent frame rate, then Observer is a good pick for horror and investigative game fans. The great story, eerie setting, and fantastic voice acting are more than enough to keep you playing and make you want to explore every single item, clue, and dialogue possibility throughout the whole game. Well, color me impressed, I have finally found another walking simulator I could actually consider good after all…
MAN!AC (Oct 01, 2017)
Gefälliger Cyberpunk-Horror mit starker Spielwelt und verstörender Präsentation, spielerisch eher schlicht.
Video Chums (Aug 20, 2017)
Observer crafts an intriguing and richly detailed futuristic world but it's let down by awful performance issues as well as some drawn-out and tedious segments. If you're into the cyberpunk aesthetic, it's still worth a look just to experience its lovingly created environs.