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Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.6
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.4
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.5

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The Telegraph (Apr 11, 2016)
While we’re all busy waiting for Uncharted 4 to show us what the PlayStation 4 can do, Insomniac has tapped into the console’s power and funneled it through the lens of an animated movie. Not only is Ratchet & Clank the best family-friendly game that I’ve played in a long time, it’s one of PS4’s standout titles and a blistering return to the glory days of the 3D platformer.
TheSixthAxis (Apr 11, 2016)
I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a game as much as Ratchet & Clank. From shootouts and platfoming to the practically perfect script. Younger kids are going to love the bright visuals and characterisations, while us big kids will be chuckling at Qwark’s jokes and the sly grin Ratchet gives to the camera when he gets his paws on a new weapon. Welcome back to PlayStation, Insomniac. We’ve missed you.
Examiner (Apr 11, 2016)
Taking a step back and looking at the entire Ratchet & Clank picture, it's easy to see how missed this franchise has been from the gaming industry. The combination of wondrous gadgets and galaxies with its unique narrative and engaging characters, Ratchet & Clank on the PS4 has been way overdue, and this initial installment on the platform is simply incredible. I highly recommend it to any longtime fan of the series as well as newcomers who have yet to experience the awesomeness that is Ratchet & Clank.
Gaming Age (Apr 11, 2016)
When you're perfected the formula, there's no sense in messing with it. In fact, that's probably why Ratchet & Clank have made such an astoundingly good debut on the PS4: because Insomniac knows what makes these games work, and they realized that they didn't need to overhaul them from the ground up to make them work on a new system, too. Sure, the graphics may be nicer, and the story may be bigger, and the combat may be smoother, but deep down, this has the same DNA as all the other Ratchet & Clank games before it. And just as that's led to several classics on earlier Sony consoles, that means that the lombax and robot duo's first PS4 outing is just as exceptional as the very best of the series that have come before.
Digital Chumps (Apr 12, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank on the PS4 might not be an entirely new game given that it's based on the 2002 version, but Insomniac has done such a masterful job modernizing an already classic game that I would consider it one of the best releases of this console generation.
PSX-Sense (Apr 18, 2016)
Altijd al willen weten hoe het is om je eigen Pixar-film te regisseren, beleven en controleren? Dan is Ratchet & Clank de juiste game voor jou. Tel daar nog eens de vele variatie in gameplay bij op en je hebt een platformer die meteen de boeken in kan als één van de beste platformgames ooit gemaakt. Ratchet & Clank is een enorme aanwinst voor de beschikbare games bibliotheek op de PS4 ondanks dat het niet voor 100% een nieuwe game is. Elke PlayStation fan die op zoek is naar een stukje nostalgie, moet deze game in huis halen. Sterker nog, elke gamer met smaak moet deze game aanschaffen, want het zal je gegarandeerd vermaken. Het is die heerlijk ouderwetse gameplay die zo ontzettend verfijnd is, wat gecombineerd met de puzzels, uitdagingen en verschillende planeten aanvoelt als een prachtige ervaring die iedereen zal aanspreken.
Game Over Online (Apr 11, 2016)
Overall, this Ratchet and Clank reboot sets up a new era for the franchise just about perfectly. Long-time fans can see what older environments would be like with a modern coat of paint and more updated gameplay, while newcomers get to enjoy a family-friendly adventure that is fun for all ages. Young kids will enjoy the exaggerated looks of the characters, while older players will chuckle at some of the jokes the kids won’t get. There’s a wide variety of gameplay types to enjoy, so you’ll never get bored, and they’re executed very well – which is saying something since it goes from platforming, to shooting, to racing and they all feel natural. Whether you’re new to the franchise or an experienced veteran, Ratchet and Clank is a must-own.
ActionTrip (Apr 29, 2016)
There is much to like about everything in “Ratchet & Clank,” because, for the most part, we’ve seen it all before. That’s not a knock on the game but high praise. Even though it is all familiar, I’m still hooked to see what new weapon lies around the corner or figuring out how to get that gold bolt that’s just out of reach. The outer space dynamic duo is together again (Were they ever really apart?). The game takes us down memory lane and does it in a way that feels fresh, dynamic and beautiful.
Power Unlimited (Apr 11, 2016)
Insomniac Games laat met deze Ratchet & Clank-game zien hoe cool een echte remake kan zijn, als een game compleet opnieuw wordt opgebouwd voor de huidige hardware. Dit is een verplicht nummertje voor de fans, maar ook voor nieuwkomers is dit het perfecte moment om in te stappen. Niet over nadenken, doen!
PSX Extreme (Apr 16, 2016)
The Ratchet and Clank remake hearkens back to a very different time. It wasn’t even that long ago and yet, it was indeed very different. But I’m not going to focus on past vs. present; I’m merely going to focus on this game as a standalone product. I say forget the “remake” part. I say give it no quarter for being an older game that needed a massive facelift in order to compete with modern games. Pretend it’s a brand new IP. If I do that, would I score it lower? No, I don’t think so. Okay, maybe the .2 here consists of .1 for nostalgic purposes and .1 for purely subjective made-me-smile reasons, but otherwise, this is an excellent game. It’s great no matter what the year or the era. The camera is the only snafu and yeah, it can be significant. Aside from that flaw, I dare anyone to play this game and come away disappointed. If you do, you’re either far too demanding or you have no soul.
Gamegravy (May 02, 2016)
The $40 price tag along with a stellar campaign full of wonderful weapons and sarcastic humor makes this a must buy for Playstation fans and a welcome jumping on point for those that haven’t stepped into Ratchet’s Grind Boots yet.
Girl Gamers UK (May 06, 2016)
The standard levels are brilliant fun, but the game occasionally mixes things up to keep it feeling fresh. As is common in this genre, there are boss fights to deal with, none of which are too difficult. The times when you play as Clank offer a change of pace, which is a good thing, and are just as enjoyable. In fact, the pacing through the game is very well done, not only engaging the player fully, but also keeping them guessing as to what is coming next. Whether it be hoverboard racing, grinding on rails or piloting a spaceship, there is always something slightly different to challenge the player. The 3D action platformer may have all but died out, but Insomniac have proved that there is a place for this genre on the modern consoles. Ratchet & Clank has a wonderfully retro feel, casting the player back to a time when you couldn’t move for a new 3D action platformer, but it still feels relevant today with wonderful gameplay and beautiful visuals.
Push Square (Apr 11, 2016)
Games based on movies have a pretty poor reputation on the quality front, however Ratchet & Clank emanates class in so many aspects that even referring to it as a movie tie-in sells it short. If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying this series' brand of third-person blasting before, then this is the perfect chance to see just why the property has remained popular for over a decade. Meanwhile, if you're already a fan, then this remake is a truly worthy entry in the franchise, and while it doesn't do anything particularly new of note, it's a greatest hits compilation so compelling that you won't want to skip it.
IGN (Apr 11, 2016)
Ratchet and Clank is a culmination of everything Insomniac has done with the series over the past 14 years. It takes the characters that we fell in love with long ago, and sets them off on their most gorgeous quest yet. The deep and rewarding weapon system, beautiful and varied worlds, and charming-as-heck story make it an adventure that anyone with a PlayStation 4 should strap in for.
Game Revolution (Apr 11, 2016)
Sequels require gameplay additions to be successful, and I feel like the Ratchet & Clank series had become a bit convoluted for my tastes. This re-imagining of the original has just the right blend of enjoyable gameplay features mixed with tight controls and impressive visuals, sprinkled with a liberal amount of jocularity. Anyone who is a fan of the series and/or is nostalgic for the original will surely love the jump to this PS4 remake. Ratchet & Clank is a great place to introduce newcomers to the dynamic duo.
Twinfinite (Apr 11, 2016)
It’s self-aware, it doesn’t coddle you, the graphics will leave you in awe, it has a ton of action, and it’s jam-packed with extra features and collectibles, to boot. If this review were just seven words long, it’d be simple to give the recommendation to anyone looking for a new game to play: Ratchet and Clank is just incredibly fun.
Ratchet & Clank is more than just a mere remake of the 2002 classic as Insomniac Games took big risks and they paid off. This reimagining is the ultimate Ratchet & Clank experience, incorporating over a decade’s worth of weapons, mechanics and knowledge into a single forty dollar package. Unfortunately, not everything translated over perfectly as this is far from the most challenging game, and while there are plenty of gadgets to be found, few are used properly. Fortunately, the story changes feel natural and make the narrative refreshing for newcomers and old school fans alike. The addition of fan favorite weapons is sure to make any Ratchet & Clank fan happy and the presentation is strong enough to where it feels like you’re playing a Pixar film. Ratchet and Clank are back, and they’ve arrived on the PlayStation 4 in style.
Lazygamer (Apr 11, 2016)
This new, reimagined Ratchet and Clank is the superb return of the esteemed series. It's not a simple case of style over substance. Ratchet and Clank plays as good as it looks making it an absolutely easy recommendation.
Ratchet & Clank is the best mascot action platformer game since the classics era of Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot on the original PlayStation, and at the budget price of $39.99 it is easily recommendable for those looking to relive those days.
Whether you’re an old fan or a new one this is a great point to jump in for the first time or the fifth time to the Ratchet and Clank franchise. Insomniac has not only reinvigorated a fan favorite but they’ve done it in their signature style. Ratchet and Clank looks great, plays better and is a genuine can’t miss experience on your PlayStation 4.
USgamer (Apr 12, 2016)
Ratchet and Clank is a terrific game that's a joy to play. It features exceptionally varied and interesting gameplay, from racing through dogfighting to puzzling - and, of course, plenty of platforming. Add to that an arsenal of truly entertaining weapons, excellent cutscenes, and superb graphics and sound, and you have a memorable game that represents a brilliant reboot for the series.
Digital Spy (Apr 12, 2016)
Anyone attempting to call Ratchet and Clank a glorified advert for the upcoming movie is doing the game a disservice. This is a glorious homage to everything that Ratchet and Clank was back in the day, but also repackaged into everything the game deserved to become. Stunning graphics, excellent platformer gameplay and a story full of cheeky nods to its origins and multi-faceted jokes make this the game that Ratchet and Clank fans deserve - and everyone else deserves to play.
ZTGameDomain (Apr 15, 2016)
Ratchet and Clank is a prime example of a genre of game we don’t get too often anymore. Top that off with the fact that it is immaculately constructed and this game is a must own for every PlayStation 4 owner. Insomniac Games continues to prove why their games are always highly anticipated, and I cannot wait to see what they do next.
Gameplanet (Apr 18, 2016)
The Lombax and his trusty robotic companion make their PlayStation 4 debut in style with an entertaining story, great gameplay, and a beautiful galaxy to explore. This is one of the PlayStation 4’s best exclusives by a mile.
Softpedia (Apr 19, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank is not an entirely new video game, but it is neither part of the epidemic of remasters for older titles that fail to add anything interesting to the package. Insomniac Games has done a great job of taking the best elements of the original while upgrading both the gameplay and the graphics in order to appeal to modern players. The two protagonists are lovable, the supporting cast, even the villains, have their own great narrative moments, and the feeling of hope and adventure that underpins the entire adventure is a great antidote to the string of grim and dark titles that dominate modern consoles. Sony has not said whether it intends to work with Insomniac Games to deliver updated takes on the other titles in the Ratchet & Clank series or if the plan is now to use the movie as a platform to introduce entirely new experiences.
Arcade Sushi (Apr 19, 2016)
Outside of its poor camera during boss fights Ratchet and Clank is fantastic. The lighthearted humor and combat still feel great today. This game also borrows a lot of its cutscenes from the upcoming movie and the this retelling of the original story feels better because of it. This game is a remake that improves upon the original in every way. It doesn’t take itself very seriously and its focus is on crafting a solid platforming experience around the series’ tried-and-true formula really works. This game being a re-imagining of the first Ratchet and Clank makes it not only a great entry point for the series, but more importantly a truly great game.
Digitally Downloaded (Apr 20, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank is a return to form for the series. Without any unnecessary gimmicks or whistles, the game focusses on exactly what the game is about; exploration and fun. Characters with genuine interactions, side missions that aren’t overbearing in the least and gorgeous backdrops to the game as a whole, Ratchet & Clank is everything fans of the series have been waiting for. As a fan of the Nintendo 64 Rare Ltd era, I can happily say that Ratchet & Clank have dethroned Banjo Kazooie as my absolute favourite action adventure title. The future looks bright for Ratchet & Clank if Insomniac maintains this kind of focus in all the right areas.
Game Rant (Apr 22, 2016)
For younger gamers who missed this franchise the first time around, Ratchet and Clank is a perfect starting point. By the same token, veteran fans will be equally pleased at the opportunity to return to a familiar environment that doesn’t feel repetitive. With a stellar new game and a movie on the horizon, hopefully this is the first in a new chain of adventures for our favorite Lombax and robot team.
GameSpew (Apr 27, 2016)
In the modern adulterated world of videogames, it’s nice to still find pleasure in titles like Ratchet & Clank. Though it’s obviously aimed at the younger audience, even seasoned gamers that are into more mature titles would have to have a heart of stone to not find something to enjoy here. It doesn’t do anything ground-breaking to progress the genre, but then it doesn’t need to. All Ratchet & Clank needs to do to succeed is provide a bright and colourful world in which players can embark on an enjoyable rollercoaster ride of action and adventure. In this endeavour, Insomniac Games more than step up to the challenge, making this accomplished reimagining one of the highlights of the PS4’s catalogue. If you’re a fan of the titular duo, third person shooters, or even just traditional 3D platform games, Ratchet & Clank comes heavily recommended.
Brash Games (Apr 01, 2016)
Overall, Ratchet & Clank is one of the best games out right now for the PS4. With it retailing for only £29.99 / $39.99 if you are a fan of Ratchet & Clank or just platforming games in general, you should definitely pick this game up as soon as possible.
Video Chums (Apr 14, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank is a must-buy game for anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 and wants to enjoy a reimagining of one of the best 3D action platformers ever created. So, what are you waiting for? Smash some crates, snag a few bolts, and pick up a copy already!
88 (Apr 27, 2016)
While Ratchet and Clank may start off as a reboot, it soon becomes its own unique entry in the series. There’s plenty new in the game for fans to check out before the movie releases, and newcomers will have a blast seeing what made the Lombax one of the best series on the PS2. While it may not take a long time to get through the game, you should enjoy every step of the way.
NZGamer (Apr 18, 2016)
While I was left a little underwhelmed by certain elements of the story and the diminishing of Chairman Drek, Ratchet & Clank is every inch the game I hoped it would be. That the game is such an audiovisual feast is almost enough on its own to recommend this game to any Playstation 4 owner. Adding action-packed and compelling gameplay systems that reward at every turn simply tips the scale for what is an incredible package. This is a game that transported me back to my childhood and kicked up a storm of nostalgia. It is also proof positive that Insomniac have lost none of their sharpness, even after fourteen years of intergalactic travel.
Technisch wie spielerisch exzellentes Action-Festival, das seine klitzekleinen Schwächen durch Charme und Humor wieder ausgleicht.
Videogameszone (Apr 20, 2016)
Wiederbelebung gelungen: Ratchet und Clank erleben ein tolles PS4-Abenteuer!
Cheat Code Central (Apr 12, 2016)
When it appears in theaters, I doubt that critics will shower Ratchet & Clank with the level of praise as, say, Zootopia, which handles more adult themes like racism. What I’ve seen from the game’s story is a Pixar-like experience that’s mostly just another tale, albeit a funny one, about the power of friendship. Even as a game, no matter how much it borrows from the PS3 entries, it’s not a revolutionary 3D action platformer, but it is a high-quality one that’s crafted by who know what they’re doing. I bring this up because there will be some cynics who believe Insomniac has run out of ideas. Considering that Ratchet & Clank borrows more ideas from the PS3 games than it introduces new ones, I can see their point. However, Ratchet & Clank is an upgraded version of the classic. It doesn’t need to be much more than that, and what it does it does well.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Apr 11, 2016)
Overall, the game is polished and runs very smoothly. In my two complete playthroughs, I only noticed a couple of slowdowns that happen in massive battle scenarios, and an odd issue where crates can visually clip and disappear when you get close to them with the camera, but neither come close to being gamebreaking issues. Replayability is encouraged through weapon uprades and challenge mode. Of course, Insomniac threw in a bunch of unlocks for collecting gold bolts as well, ranging from art galleries to screen filters, and even allowing the player to choose what kind of collectible the bolts get dressed up as (my favorite being either Sonic’s rings or Legend of Zelda’s rupees). It may seem like little things, but they allow you to have a little more fun with the game and work towards something. Again, it’s this kind of thinking that made Ratchet & Clank such a great game in the first place, and they continue that legacy.
85 (Apr 12, 2016)
Audiovisuell ist die PS4-Premiere des Duos ein Hochgenuss, spielerisch eine gelungene Mischung aus alten und neuen Elementen, aber ohne große Überraschungen.
PlayStation Universe (Apr 11, 2016)
Not every part of the Ratchet & Clank formula still shines, but this PS4 reboot is gold. Updated controls are the perfect way to experience bombastic, addictive firefights with awesome weaponry.
XGN (Apr 20, 2016)
De terugreis van Ratchet and Clank naar het allereerste avontuur is er één om nooit meer te vergeten. De krankzinnige wapens, de waanzinnig leuke humor en het ongenaakbare schiet- en platformwerk maken van deze 'reboot' een van de leukste actieavonturengames van de laatste jaren. De extra rekenkracht van de PlayStation 4 wordt optimaal gebruikt en zet een levendige en prachtig geanimeerde fantasiewereld neer waarin we met alle plezier urenlang rond willen banjeren. Ratchet and Clank is een feest voor herkenning en een verplichte aanschaf voor iedereen die platformgames een warm hart toedraagt.
Worth Playing (Apr 20, 2016)
All in all, Ratchet and Clank is a reboot done right. It captures the same feel of the original game but is bigger, more polished and offers more content. A few awkward spots aren't enough to detract from the entire experience, and it's easily the definitive version of the game. Die-hard Ratchet fans might feel conflicted about some of the plot changes, but they help the story flow better and make Ratchet more likeable. Add into that the budget price of $40, and it's a solid addition to any PS4 owner's library. The kid-friendly atmosphere makes it a great game for parents and kids to play together, and it's one of the rare movie tie-in games that's well worth the cost.
Game Informer Magazine (Apr 11, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank has always been a showpiece of new-gen technology, and while this entry’s environments look a little retro, the detail in the characters and the explosion of bolts and gears are legitimate spectacles. The colors pop, the worlds feel more alien, and the heart of the adventure is right where it needs to be: with explosions and rockets lighting up the screen like a Fourth of July fireworks celebration. When Ratchet’s doing what he does best (blowing stuff up), this new experience sings its classic tune well.
InsideGamer (Apr 19, 2016)
Met Ratchet & Clank wordt het duo van ruimtehelden op een succesvolle manier opnieuw geïntroduceerd. Het spel ziet er werkelijk fantastisch uit en speelt bovendien lekker weg, want de combinatie van chaotische schietactie met verschillende wapens en platformen is nog steeds goud waard. Dat de game nauwelijks iets doet met de vriendschap tussen Ratchet en Clank is een gemiste kans, maar voor de zachte prijs waarmee de game in de winkels ligt en de hoge herspeelwaarde is dit een meer dan geslaagde remake.
MAN!AC (Jun 08, 2016)
Routinierte und unterhaltsame Neuinterpretation des Action-Hüpfer-Veteranen, die aber das letzte Fünkchen Originalität vermissen lässt.
Gamekult (Apr 11, 2016)
Sur la dizaine d’heures nécessaires pour boucler l’aventure, on ne s’ennuie jamais, entre les vannes bien senties, la diversité des situations et les nombreux moments où l’on va ramasser sa mâchoire. Ratchet & Clank semble être le chaînon manquant entre le film d’animation et le jeu vidéo, son moteur graphique le plaçant d’emblée comme l’un des candidats sérieux pour être l'une des claques graphiques de l’année. Avec son histoire classique néanmoins servie par un casting de qualité et des dialogues qui fusent, on retrouve avec plaisir le studio californien au meilleur de sa forme. Si vous avez déjà des enfants que vous cherchez à faire marcher dans vos pas, vous pouvez sans réfléchir les accompagner à la découverte d’un jeu qui fera surtout plaisir aux grands gamins que nous sommes restés.
80 (Apr 11, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank is an easy recommendation. It's great fun, looks lovely, plays well and almost serves as a palate cleanser to the usual video game releases. Newcomers to the series will likely find a fresher experience (even though it's a proper remake, familiarity does creep in), but fans will love what Insomniac has done here. A remake done right in a series that rarely puts a foot wrong.
We Got This Covered (Apr 11, 2016)
In the end, Ratchet & Clank is a tough game to recommend against. Sure, it sometimes feels like an older title, but that’s because it’s a revamp of a game that came out in 2002 and the developers wanted to stay relatively true to the original. It is, regardless of that, a very beautiful, fun, and easy to show off experience that fans of the genre will truly enjoy. On top of that, it acts as a definite standout addition to the PlayStation 4’s library.
God is a Geek (Apr 11, 2016)
I’m glad Ratchet & Clank is getting a run out for a new generation (perhaps in more ways than one), because it remains a simple yet fun series to play, even if long-term fans will need to play on hard to get a challenge. While it may be simplistic to some, the visuals should keep you paying attention to the end. Some guns will hardly get used (the novelty ones like the Pixelator: a gun that turns enemies 8-bit, will be used once and discarded for others) and it also doesn’t do a huge amount to differ from games that have come before, moreover if this is to be the start of a new run of games it’ll need to iterate on the mechanic aspects, but what’s here is excellent fun, and shows that imagination is sometimes better than reality.
Shacknews (Apr 11, 2016)
Most of these additions and tweaks are bonuses or minor quality-of-life improvements learned from later games. The core is intact, unchanged, and still spectacularly fun. As the saying goes, they don't make them like they used to. Ratchet & Clank argues that maybe they should.
GamesRadar (Apr 11, 2016)
All told, the budget $40 / £28 price tag on Ratchet & Clank feels just right. It took me just over 8 hours to finish the main story, and I look forward to more hours spent chasing down weapon upgrades, collectible cards, and cheat-code-enabling Gold Bolts (with even more mileage awaiting those brave enough for the amped-up difficulty of the post-credits Challenge Mode). There are some minor things to gripe about: the last fifth of the game feels a little padded out, you're only afforded one save file, and the final boss is predictably frustrating (I imagine he'll give younger players fits). But the good far outweighs the bad, and after some experimental entries on the PS3, Ratchet & Clank is a entertaining return to form for the series. This is a reboot done right, recapturing everything that made the original great and making substantial improvements for a new generation.
Destructoid (Apr 11, 2016)
Initially, I wasn't all that excited to hear about a Ratchet & Clank reboot, but having actually played it, I don't mind seeing a resurgence at all. This feels like a last-ditch effort for Sony to bring this series into the spotlight again, and honestly, I hope it works out.
GameSpot (Apr 11, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank is every bit as dynamic and fun as the 2002 original. It’s endearing and entertaining, a veritable power fantasy fueled by rockets and carried by specialty gadgets. Re-introducing a classic franchise to a new generation is a difficult task indeed, but Ratchet & Clank is a shining example of how it can be done.
80 (Apr 12, 2016)
An excellent remake, with exceptionally good graphics, that borrows just enough from the later games to keep things interesting for new fans and old.
Polygon (Apr 12, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank is something worthwhile for fans new and old alike. I'd stop short of saying that the new Ratchet & Clank is exactly what every fan of the series wants. It's a bit less sprawling in terms of hard numbers — fewer planets, fewer weapons and so on — but the sheer variety and polish prevents this excellent reboot from being dragged down too far. There's enough here to make longtime fans happy, but perhaps more importantly for Insomniac and the franchise's future, it should win over plenty of new fans as well.
Slant (Apr 15, 2016)
The story mildly suffers from Insomniac being required to build the game from Kevin Munroe and Jericca Cleland's still-unreleased film, with clips from said film dropped haphazardly between stages, but it builds such a varied menagerie of characters, running jokes, and Easter eggs that you barely notice. It's actually a bit of a relief knowing the film is out there, but not having it gum up the works, at least until closer to the end. Coincidentally, the game actually does include a self-aware framing device of an imprisoned Captain Qwark retelling his story to a fellow inmate who's only seen “the holofilm based on the game.” It's a cute meta joke on its own terms, but it's also a statement of purpose, with Insomniac using the film not as a blueprint, but a jumping-off point. Ratchet & Clank's a rare kind of licensed adaptation—one that's not an extended advertisement for its source, but a technical and creative victory lap for the geniuses that inspired the original game.
Giant Bomb (Apr 18, 2016)
This reimagining of Ratchet&Clank is successful on every front. If you have kids that were just introduced to these characters thanks to the movie, this serves as one of the most effective movie tie-in games out there. If you’re a longtime fan of the series, this entry will bring back fond memories of the original while introducing new elements and featuring all of the solid visuals and controls you’d expect from an action game in 2016. If you’ve never played the series at all, there couldn’t be a better jumping-on point to introduce you to the characters, weapons, and gameplay of Insomniac’s flagship series. The only downside is that it doesn't do anything in particular to push the franchise forward as a whole, opting instead to act as a sort of "greatest hits" of the series' trademarks. Those looking for the next leap forward for the franchise won't get that here, but I'm plenty happy with it serving as a standalone encapsulation of all of the elements that make Ratchet&Clank great.
The Guardian (Apr 22, 2016)
In general, 2016’s Ratchet & Clank is a successful mixture of old and new, improved by the inclusion of features that came in later games in the series, and with a modern polish, but retaining its core of silly fun. No gritty reboots here: enemies may look more impressive but they still repeat daft sound bites, you still smash up crates to collect bolts even if those bolts do have a new-gen sparkle and shine, and it’s still just as fun to turn an enemy into a sheep. This reimagining is a refinement, and will be a great starting point for someone – perhaps off the back of the film – who is new to the series. Hopefully this pleasant diversion will pave the way for a sequel that dares to tell a new story.
High-Def Digest (May 01, 2016)
This 'Ratchet and Clank' reboot/remake/reimaging/rewhatever is a must, even for vintage fans. The quality of the story and the writing has been amped up considerably, the levels received their own upgrade and feel fresh while retaining their old-time charm. The new cutscenes, straight from the accompanying movie, are gobsmackingly beautiful. This is a reboot done right. Recognizable, yet innovative. Well done, Insomniac! Recommended.
80 (May 05, 2016)
Deze remake doet oude tijden herleven in een schitterend nieuw jasje. Naast de visuele opknapbeurt zijn er genoeg nieuwe gadgets, wapens en gameplay-elementen om het avontuur fris te houden. Dat de chemie tussen de hoofdpersonages ontbreekt is een gemis, maar de bekende, vermakelijke gameplay maakt een hoop goed. Een absolute aanrader voor zowel nieuwkomers als bekenden van de Ratchet & Clank-serie.
DarkZero (May 07, 2016)
It’s a great reboot/re-release. Maybe one of the best, but with a new story that doesn’t focus on our heroes and the solidifying of their bond as partners I’m sure that newcomers to the series will only be staying for the fantastic gameplay, but quickly forgetting about the franchise once they put it down. This needs to be rectified with a more grounded sequel…or 5, please. Although, the earlier inclusion of Dr. Nefarious (whilst he’s still a squishy) is something I’m definitely behind, as it has now rightfully cemented him, no doubt, as the main recurring villain for future games. I’m sure his humour will be returning in full force for the sequel.
Ratchet & Clank is a return to form for the series, but anyone looking for something more than that may be disappointed. The game tugs on many of the original’s addictive strings, but is also bogged down by a few slower, more passive segments.
The Jimquisition (Apr 21, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank succeeds because it’s a Ratchet & Clank game, which sounds like a ludicrous thing to say. What I mean is, it doesn’t concern itself with being a movie tie-in, and I think that’s helped by the fact the movie doesn’t seem too concerned about being a videogame tie-in. Both productions are concentrated on being genuine Ratchet & Clank experiences, preserving the pandemonium, dynamism, and humor (for better or worse) that earned this series its fanbase. In short, you’re getting a damn good game for your money, even if it is the official game of the official movie of the official game.
Diehard GameFan (Apr 20, 2016)
Ratchet & Clank is a darn fun game. It has the personality to make up for a weak narrative, the presentation to make it stand out, and a fun gameplay system that rewards the player for pushing forward. It’s a perfect snapshot of what the series represents, and it’s done to perfection on the PS4 for the firs time. Some old fans might lament some of the changes or lack of innovation, but the game is too well polished to dislike. It also represents the perfect entry point for new fans who don’t have access to the original games. Chalk this up as yet another hit for one of the most consistently good franchises in video game history.