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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation or special edition)
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Gamegravy (Aug 18, 2015)
This is the boldest statement I have ever made regarding a game in one of my reviews: Rocket League is the best indie title I’ve ever played. It does for the online sports indie genre what Shovel Knight did for the side scrolling genre. This game is not only better then almost if not any indie game released this year, it’s also better then most of the full retail titles. If you didn’t get Rocket League with your plus subscription, go get it now, it is easily worth the $20.
The Jimquisition (Jul 24, 2015)
Rocket League has a purity to it that I simply love, at once an accessible game for everybody and a real test of skill. The idea behind it – soccer but with cars – is so utterly simple, and yet it’s incredible. It makes me shriek at my television – in a good way – and provides the kind of honest fun this medium can never have enough of.
IGN (Dec 05, 2017)
Rocket League’s colorfully absurd cars-playing-sports concept works so well because the energy of its arcadey gameplay meshes with its deep team-based strategy and variety of modes. It’s exceedingly rare to find a multiplayer game that’s welcoming and approachable for new players and so intricate that the best players can earn a living by mastering its depths. Rocket League is a golden example of turning a good idea into something truly amazing.
90 (Jul 07, 2015)
A superb multiplayer game that takes a very simple premise and crafts from it one of the best competitive arcade games in years.
Polygon (Jul 27, 2015)
Within a few hours of playing Rocket League, I had amassed plenty of “holy shit, did you see that?!” moments, both accidental and intentional. It’s easy to see why the game’s popularity has spread like wildfire despite little to no pre-release buzz. It’s easy to pick up, nearly impossible to put down, and tuned to perfection. All the fat, all the bullshit that may have overcomplicated the game’s design has been sliced off, and what’s left is a pure, thrilling competitive experience.
Destructoid (Jul 14, 2015)
I didn't go in expecting much from Rocket League since I'm usually not a huge fan of driving and sports games. Instead of walking away with a confirmed bias, Psyonix's laser-focused concept gave me something fun to whip out the next time I have friends over. I imagine with a bunch of awful beer and willing companions, we'll have a great time. What's next, will I enjoy a game that mixes Metroids and Soccer? We'll see.
Video Chums (Jul 09, 2015)
Rocket League is a sports game that doesn't require you to be a fan of sports to enjoy. With exhilarating matches that look gorgeous and plenty of ways to play, giving this vehicular soccer spin-off a try is well worth your time.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Aug 07, 2015)
Så innan tiden är ute och domaren blåser, hur står sig Rocket League i längden och är det något att satsa på? Även fast möjligheten att spela själv finns så gör sig det här bäst inte bara online utan tillsammans med vänner. För det är väl i slutändan roligast att sitta tillsammans med sina kompisar firandes en gemensam seger, som det är att klanka ner på den andra delen av soffan som just förlorade? Jo, och då Rocket League gör detta möjligt är det en solkar åtta som dundras ut innan vi går hem. Vill du ha ett lättsamt spel som man kan sätta igång med snabbt? Som antingen kan spelas i en fem minuter eller flera timmar? Som ger dig ny energi, som är trött på de traditionella fotbollsspelen och vill ha något nytt, eller i alla fall lite annorlunda? Som vill spela med vänner och visa vem som kan ratta en radiobil bäst? Ta Rocket League.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Jul 16, 2015)
On kaksi asiaa, joissa toivoisin olevani parempi. Ne ovat futis ja autolla ajaminen. Olen pelannut jalkapalloa nuoruudestani lähtien, mutta en ole koskaan saavuttanut siinä haluamaani tasoa. Autokouluun ilmoittauduin puolestaan vasta 30-vuotiaana. En ole luonnostaan hyvä kummassakaan. Digitaalisessa maailmassa pärjään hieman paremmin, mutta en pitäisi siltikään itseäni minkäänlaisena eksperttinä. Kun peli yhdistää nämä kaksi asiaa keskenään ja kutsuu minut testaamaan syntynyttä lopputulosta, olen sekä kiinnostunut että peloissani. Pelkoon ei ole onneksi mitään syytä. En tosin lämmennyt Rocket Leaguelle vielä parin ensimmäisen matsini aikana, mutta tämän jälkeen se koukutti minut täysin.
IGN (Jul 14, 2015)
Rocket League is a rare example where the execution of a simple, absurd idea is so strong and so engaging that it doesn’t need a ton of extra features around it. The rush of ripping across the pitch at full turbo to deny a shot on goal with a clutch bicycle-kick is enough to bring me back time and time again for just “one more match,” even without meaningful progression systems. Rocket League is a great, goofy, easy to learn and difficult to master action-sports game which demands that you grab a few friends and play a few rounds.
75 (Jul 15, 2015)
Despite some small issues surrounding the function of Rocket League, the core game itself is a blast. If you have friends either online, or local to play with, you’ll have a lot of fun. There are some small hiccups to be had, but they can hopefully be ironed out with some patches. Most games aren’t concerned with having a fun experience, but Rocket League is, and it should be applauded for hitting its goal.
70 (Jul 09, 2015)
An enjoyable, compulsively playable mix of driving and football.
70 (Jul 14, 2015)
Ich kann die hohen Wertungen amerikanischer Kollegen nicht ganz teilen, beruhen sie doch meist darauf, dass Rocket League angeblich das erste Fußball-Spiel sei, das man begreift und das Spaß macht. Da muss ich als Europäer und Fußballfan natürlich lächeln. Nein, Rocket League ist nicht besser als FIFA! Aber ja, es versprüht kurzzeitig Arcade-Spaß und bietet sich als abgedrehte Alternative an. Das liegt an der stimmigen Physik und an den Anforderungen, die präzises Timing sowie eine gute Positionierung bedingen. Rocket League ist ein Sportspiel durch und durch, denn die Besseren gewinnen einfach. Ein solides gutes Spiel also. Wenn, ja, wenn man denn bei der Auslastung abends spielen könnte. Morgens kann man nämlich hervorragend ein paar Spiele einschieben, aber ansonsten sind die Netzwerkprobleme so ein Graus, dass ich eine Note runtergehen muss. Sorry Sony, aber bitte nachsitzen und Server aufrüsten!
60 (Jul 13, 2015)
Rocket League jest idealną grą na krótkie sesje bez zobowiązań. Oferuje szybką do przyswojenia i satysfakcjonującą rozgrywkę, a także niezłą oprawę. Brak różnorodności to jednak największy problem tej produkcji. Lepiej poczekać z zakupem do dobrej promocji, przynajmniej na PC - wersja na PlayStation 4 jest dostępna w lipcu bez opłat dla abonentów PS Plus.
games xtreme (Sep 03, 2015)
If you are looking for something that is (to quote one of our favourite table top role playing games) fast, furious and fun then look no further. There is no great earth shattering plot, no moral choices to make, it's just a fast paced action packed game. Each game just lasts 5 minutes in duration so you can find yourself having played for an hour without even realisiing it! Play solo in the season mode or play online, it's up to you, but whichever you choose to play you are in for a bright, colourful and explosive game. This is the kind of thing the boys from Top Gear would happily indulge in if they could! It's fast paced, somewhat manic at times but heck, it just leaves this reviewer with a smile on his face even if an a.i. has just served us our backside on a platter!