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Digitally Downloaded (Oct 20, 2014)
But I'm really stretching to find a complaint there. The reality is that Samurai Warriors 4 is nothing short of brilliant, and a huge leap forward into the new generation of game design by Koei. It's cinematic, its beautiful, it's fast and entertaining, and if you allow it to be, it's even a little educational. And that makes it an inspiration.
PlayStation Universe (Nov 04, 2014)
Samurai Warriors 4 delivers endless hours of fun in a visually appealing silky-smooth package.
ZTGameDomain (Oct 29, 2014)
I’m warming up to the Musou games more than I thought I would. I enjoyed Dynasty Warriors 8, and now I find myself a rather big fan of Samurai Warriors 4. It does some things I haven’t seen in the genre yet, and while simplistic, it utilizes these mechanics to make for a more strategic feeling game. Of course, monotony does set in at times, but after a few breaks, I would always come back to it, ready to hack and slash some enemies. Fans of the series should not miss out on this game, and newcomers wanting to try out a Warriors game will find an easy and fun way to get into them with Samurai Warriors 4.
Though Samurai Warriors 4 isn’t the most polished game out there, it is a hell of a lot of fun. The new features add some much needed change to the games system and Chronicle mode is engaging and fun. Unfortunately I was unable to check out the cooperative mode in the game, but co-op play in any of the Warriors games is always a good time. It is playable locally on one console or through online play too. Players can dig into the story mode cooperatively or just pick a random fight and work on levelling up your favourite fighter. Destroying thousands of enemies has never looked so good, nor as it ever been so addictive. Samurai Warriors 4 boasts countless improvements in its gameplay mechanics, and as such fans of the series shouldn’t think twice about buying it.
Impulse Gamer (Nov 03, 2014)
Samurai Warriors 4 on the PlayStation 4 screams next-gen as this franchise finally makes its way to the 21st century.
DarkZero (Nov 10, 2014)
If it wasn’t clear from my introduction, then it should be now. Samurai Warriors 4 is Omega Force taking the series forward by recalculating its understanding of the franchise and adapting it to be better at what it does best – supplying none stop badassery, frantic, fast action with improved mechanics to the core gameplay and plenty of content to explore, which in turn shifts the title for best entry in any Warriors game to date into this warlord’s castle.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 10, 2014)
Samurai Warrior 4 is yet another solid entry in the long-running beat-em-up franchise. It offers a few new gameplay tweaks and a different narrative structure, but is largely the same old brawler you've seen countless times. Thankfully, the game's Chronicle Mode helps set this installment apart, making this one of the most memorable Dynasty Warriors spin-off.
Worth Playing (Dec 01, 2014)
Samurai Warriors 4 continues Omega Force's long streak of high-quality Warriors titles. It isn't as exceptionally good as Hyrule Warriors and veers a bit too heavily into button-mashing for its own good, but it remains a fun game to play. The combat is fast, frantic and fun, and the variety of combat and characters helps the game stay fresh. The Chronicle mode is one of my favorite bonus modes in a Warriors game and is a lot of fun to play. If you found Dynasty Warriors 8 too slow or Warriors Orochi 3 too crowded, Samurai Warriors 4 is the game for you.
Destructoid (Oct 21, 2014)
Samurai Warriors 4 suffers from the same pratfalls as the rest of the Warriors series on occasion, but the strong offering of content and robust Chronicle mode will keep you interested for quite a while. If you have a friend available to play with locally or online as well, you can expect to play even longer.
72 (Oct 24, 2014)
Koei schafft es immer noch nicht, Konstanz in seine Warriors-Spiele zu bringen. Immerhin: Nach der ordentlichen Umsetzung von Warriors Orochi 3 und dem ebenfalls gelungenen Zelda-Ableger Hyrule Warriors zeigt die Formkurve auch bei Samurai Warriors 3 nach oben. Auch wenn die Kampfmechanik trotz einiger sinnvoller Verfeinerungen redundant bleibt. Auch wenn die linearen und nur selten abwechselnden Missionen in den zwölf Mini-Kampagnen trotz interessanter Rahmen-Erzählungen maximal Durchschnittswerte erreichen. Doch der Chronik-Modus kann für viele Mankos entschädigen: Man streift mit einem individuellen Charakter durch das Land der aufgehenden Sonne, führt Gespräche, trifft Entscheidungen, muss mit Konsequenzen leben, Freundschaften schließen, seine Armee aufbauen und Japan einen - es gibt viel zu tun. (...) Dies ist genau der Modus, auf den die Warriors-Spiele gewartet haben, um wieder einen Schritt nach vorne zu machen.
Samurai Warriors 4 is the best entry into the franchise, and is the one most mechanically sound Warriors title available, but there are still some drawbacks. Even with the diverse cast, the level-specific combo system is something that may turn people off at first as it requires a grind of thirty minutes for each character before the experience gets any better. The Chronicles mode, even with a strong opening, is also a bit dry and will require a fair amount of patience. Fortunately, while the combat system can be a bit repetitive, it’s still overly satisfying to cut through thousands of enemies within the course of ten minutes. Throw in two-player cooperative play and there’s amusement for hours on end. If you can put up with the grind, Samurai Warriors 4 is well worth your time.
70 (Oct 30, 2014)
Samurai Warriors 4 fait honneur à la saga en proposant un gameplay plus étoffé, deux héros à gérer en combat (si on le veut), une réalisation descente pour de la next-gen et un contenu gargantuesque. Reste à savoir maintenant si vous aimez casser du guerrier par centaine sans qu'il n'y de réelle opposition, puisque l'I.A de vos adversaires est toujours aussi peu évoluée. Heureusement qu'ils compensent par leur nombre. Ceci étant, certains boss font le boulot et les possibilités offertes par les ajouts de gameplay suffisent à séduire... si vous aimez le genre uniquement, bien entendu !
60 (Oct 21, 2014)
Capiamo l'entusiasmo dei fan che si avvicineranno per la prima volta ad un combat system più reattivo, per quanto ancora legato al button mashing, ma sulla lunga distanza sarà una cornice per nulla in grado di tenere alta l'attenzione dell'utente a far sparire tutte le animosità degli appassionati. Basta giocare per qualche ora al titolo, insomma, per rendersi conto di quanto sia necessaria anche una riscrittura della struttura delle missioni, che deve farsi sicuramente più dinamica e magari aprire a qualche spunto tattico. Se Tecmo-Koei recupererà le innovazioni ludiche di questo capitolo e le saprà collocare in una struttura meno asettica ed essenziale, potremmo avere un altro dei capitoli più riusciti della saga. Ad oggi, invece, superata la curiosità per i primi cenni di maturazione del gameplay, si finisce per sbattere la testa su una progressione troppo monotona e poco libera.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 06, 2014)
Samurai Warriors 4 acts as the tenth anniversary edition of the game series, incorporating several features from other games in side releases, expanding on a few others and delivering a fantastic looking entry on top of it. There’s plenty of content to play through and they’ve changed up the story mode a bit to make the stories a bit more personal and involved for the characters with each separate arc within.