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Area Jugones (May 16, 2016)
Creo que ha sido un error enfocar al videojuego en un lanzamiento digital en nuestro país (Asia si tendrá una edición física), ya que pocos proyectos están tan cuidados como este, y podrían lograr atraer tanto a los nostálgicos que jugaban en la Commodore Amiga, como a los nuevos jugadores que ven en Dark Souls un exponente de videojuego difícil, porque Shadow of Beast también lo es.
Hobby Consolas (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast regresa a lo grande, con una versión reimaginada del clásico de Amiga para PS4 que mantiene la esencia de título original y se apoya en un espectacular apartado visual y unos combates profundos para regalarnos una gran aventura de plataformas y acción en 2D. Es divertido, adictivo y muy rejugable, y si bien la duración de su historia nos puede parecer algo corta, estamos hablando de un título con muchas posibilidades y muchos secretos que desbloquear, que además se pone a la venta en formato digital a 14,99 euros, con una muy buena relación calidad-precio. Shadow of the Beast en PS4 es todo un homenaje de Heavy Spectrum al título de Amiga, pero también gustará a usuarios que no pudieron probar la aventura original. Si os gusta el género, no os podéis perder Shadow of the Beast.
85 (May 16, 2016)
Перед нами довольно бодрый кровавый экшен с интересной и захватывающей боевкой. Поначалу она кажется однотипной, но довольно быстро заставляет пользоваться не тремя базовыми кнопками, а всеми задействованными в игре. Shadow of the Beast — весьма стильная игра с качественной анимацией персонажей и сочной, удивляющей красотой графикой. Проект может похвастаться и богатыми миром, который хочется и можно изучить, собрав все воспоминания героя и прочитав все предложенные описания персонажей. К минусам отнесу лишь периодическую неуклюжесть главного героя, несбалансированные по времени прохождения уровни и неприлично легких, но запоминающихся боссов.
PlayStation Lifestyle (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast hits many right notes for that old-school difficult feeling, even with infinite lives. It’s been made more accessible for all walks of players, but that doesn’t mean all players are rewarded equally, pushing for practice and building those skills all while giving extra pats to those who tame the beast. It’s a rather brilliant method for bringing an old-school difficult game in front of more people.
Shadow of the Beast è un tributo sincero e convincente a un classico senza tempo. Per quanto non sia possibile replicare il successo del capitolo originale, l’omaggio cattura la visione originale di Martin Edmondson in modo assolutamente autentico. C’è qualche stonatura qua e là come nel caso dei deludenti boss, generosi nelle dimensioni ma non altrettanto interessanti nei pattern, un po’ come nel gioco originale d’altronde. L’esplorazione dei livelli avrebbe beneficiato di uno strumento simile al cannone laser sin dalle prime battute a favore di mappe più intricate e interessanti; tuttavia, nel complesso la sensazione di trovarsi davanti a un nuovo Shadow of the Beast c’è, e forse è questo ciò che conta maggiormente per quel fanboy di Matt Birch. O di noi vecchietti, in generale.
WCCFtech (May 16, 2016)
With its excellent side-scrolling platforming based experience, smooth battle system, intriguing narrative style, excellent graphics and high replay value, Shadow of the Beast is definitely a quality product. The lack of originality and somewhat unresponsive controls will be issues for some, but the well designed experience makes it easy to get past them.
USgamer (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast takes the original Commodore Amiga's platform-combat gameplay and brings it bang up to date with plenty of exploration, and a more sophisticated fighting system. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable platform game that features an interesting story, entertaining combat, and excellent audio-visuals. The main campaign doesn't take too long to beat, but the game packs enough secrets and unlockables to keep you coming back for more.
TheSixthAxis (May 16, 2016)
I’ve never been very good at games that have you mastering combos and chasing high scores, so I’m quite surprised just how much I enjoyed chaining together attacks in Shadow of the Beast. The game, whilst quite short, just begs to be played over and over as you chase scores and unlock secrets, and the inclusion of live feeds which pop up and tell you when one of your friends has beaten your score is a clever way to keep you playing. Storytelling annoyances aside, it’s a solid and polished game with just the right amount of nostalgia for us oldies.
80 (May 16, 2016)
In Short: A stunning work of imagination that turns the shallow spectacle of the original into a gorgeous-looking action game with real depth and replayability. Pros: Terrific art design, that’s as varied as it is beautiful. Excellent 2D combat system that really comes into its own on higher difficulties. Mountains of secrets and unlockables to discover. Cons: Pretty short, and most of the levels aren’t quite as open-ended as they first seem. Controls can seem daunting at first, and yet the game is actually too easy.
Slant (May 17, 2016)
In the game’s penultimate level, the beast’s quest to kill those who enslaved him evolves as he learns about other lives affected by his enemies. To complete this level, you must come face to face with six heads planted on pikes, each visage representing a different culture. Like Link in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, the beast represents hope for disparate communities, among them humans, giant walking insects, and other more undefined, grotesque creatures. Whether through hallucinations like this or striking background and foreground details such as tree roots shaped like hands with knuckles bent in agony, Shadow of the Beast surpasses its predecessor by articulating, often without a word, a horrific but heroic myth underneath the clothes of a traditional platformer and beat-’em-up.
ZTGameDomain (May 18, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast was a huge surprise for me. I wasn’t sure how they’d bring the franchise back and talk on the game went very quiet before it was suddenly released. It’s a game filled with some insanely cool creatures, worlds, and enemy designs, along with a soundtrack that absolutely matches that, and some really fun moments. I still don’t understand the online element of gift giving or quick time event fighting, so there is that, but that’s an extra element anyways. Favorite part: Traversing the desert was beautiful as it was, but then when a creature starting tracking you across the plains… I was loving it! I’ll say no more!
Interestingly enough, Heavy Spectrum included the entire original game, and you can unlock it almost immediately. It provides a very interesting way of comparing the two, and seeing how the game used to handle, and how well Heavy Spectrum incorporated modern ideas into this franchise feel like a breath of fresh air. This re-release of Shadow of the Beast really stands out as a good example of a reboot to a franchise, and hopefully, providing the game’s sales merit it, I’d more than welcome a sequel to this title. It’s brutal, highly replayable, and one slick combination of old and new ideas into a game that really feels unique, and those types of the titles leave more of an impression on me than any other.
XGN (May 21, 2016)
Waar Shadow of the Beast nu nog steeds weet te motiveren om flink wat speluren te maken, is het zeker geen trendsetter meer. Maar dat neemt niet weg dat de reboot erg tof is. De game ziet er prima uit, speelt soepel en is uitdagend door de varierende vijanden en gameplay. Het frustreert soms wel als je weer eens onterecht klappen krijgt. De game heeft dan maar zeven levels die je binnen een middag door kunt spelen, maar dan ben je er nog lang niet. Er is van alles te vinden en vrij te spelen waardoor de replaywaarde enorm is. Zeker als je het hele verhaal wil kennen. Shadow of the Beast doet het origineel dan ook eer aan!
GameOver (Greece) (May 16, 2016)
Η ενσωμάτωση των παλιών στοιχείων με επιτυχία στη σύγχρονη εποχή, συμβολίζεται τέλεια στη θεματολογία του παιχνιδιού, όπου η μαγεία συναντάει την τεχνολογία. Easter eggs και secret endings που πατάνε σε μεταγενέστερα μέλη της σειράς, αλλά και σε άλλα παιχνίδια της εποχής. Μια από τις περιπτώσεις όπου η αναβίωση παλιών ιδεών μπορεί να ξεκολλήσει τη βιομηχανία από το βάλτο που βρίσκεται σήμερα. Ο λόγος για το σύστημα μάχης και τα φύσικα κι όχι έτοιμα combos. Η ανισορροπία μεταξύ των στοιχείων του gameplay (platform, puzzle, action), μας αφήνει να πιστεύουμε ότι τελικά θα μπορούσαμε να είχαμε δει ένα ακόμα καλύτερο παιχνίδι. Mεγάλη διάρκεια για τότε, μικρή για σήμερα.
78 (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast è tutto sommato un prodotto dignitoso e rispettoso dell'originale. Esattamente come il suo predecessore offre un mondo affascinante ma una certa ripetitività nei combattimenti, che sono tuttavia interessanti nella loro dinamica simile a puzzle game. Forse avremmo apprezzato una storia un po' meno criptica e un finale più soddisfacente, ma se cercate un gioco semplice che stuzzichi il vostro animo nostalgico sarete accontentati.
IGN (May 17, 2016)
From the way it relies on setting and music to tell the bulk of its story, to its use of simple mechanics on the way to score-based mastery, Shadow of the Beast takes old things and makes them feel decidedly less old. Walking to the right and killing everything that gets in your way may sound dull and straightforward, but here it’s elevated through thoughtful presentation, and combat that has more depth to it than initially meets the eye. Long after its many blood-soaked dismemberments fade from my memory, I’ll remember just how alien and otherworldly it felt between the fits of violence.
StopGame (May 26, 2016)
Тот случай, когда новое действительно является хорошо забытым старым. Тут следует выяснить, насколько дотошно и бережно разработчики подошли к переносу классики в современную оболочку. Сегодня мы посмотрим, удалось ли ремейку Shadow of the Beast проявить себя достойно на фоне своего предка.
God is a Geek (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast is a great 3D side-scrolling platformer. I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse array of enemies and settings, with boss fights being an absolute highlight. If you’re old enough to remember the original you should definitely revisit and if you’re new to the series it’s still worth playing.
LaPS4 (May 16, 2016)
Encarnizado como debía, bien atado en general en sus mecánicas, y con toda la estética del original, ya hemos visto recuperaciones y remakes tan brillantes que este Shadow of the Beast puesto al día se queda un poco por detrás y no resulta tan fresco ni interesante. La inclusión del juego original de 1989 y una consistente galería de extras, las ideas con las almas y la puntuación online, o ese recuerdo a God of War en los combates contra jefes finales, acaban siendo con el paso de las horas un atractivo mucho mayor que el que puedan ofrecer sus partes plataformeras, su simplista sistema de progresión o la constante repetición de los esbirros y encierros entre dos portales hasta superarlos. Cómpratelo si recuerdas con nostalgia el clásico o te llama la atención su apariencia, su precio está bien ajustado y justificado.
Merlin'in Kazanı (May 17, 2016)
Oynanış ve görsel açısından dikkatimizi çeken Shadow of the Beast, kimi zaman kendini tekrar etse de, bizlere aksiyon ve kıyım dolu bir platform deneyimini sunuyor. İlk defa 1989’da karşımıza çıkan Shadow of the Beast, beklediğimden çok daha başarılı bir şekilde karşıma çıktığını söylemem gerek. Oynanış süresi açısından bizleri pek tatmin etmese de, Shadow of the Beast platform ve hack’n slash seven oyuncular için kesinlikle deneyim edilmesi gereken bir oyun olarak karşımıza çıkıyor.
PSX-Sense (May 24, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast doet eer aan zijn voorganger van vroeger. De game houd je geboeid, de omgevingen zijn prachtig om te zien en de art-style is er één waar we niet genoeg van krijgen. Ook is er genoeg te doen in deze game, want elk level heeft zijn geheimen en als je goed genoeg bent in de combat, word je daar nog extra voor beloond met medailles. Zo heb je een reden om terug te keren naar een level om zo alles te halen. Helaas struikelt de game wel over de besturing. De combat is leuk om te zien, maar omdat het zo zwaar en clunky aanvoelt kan het op lange termijn frustraties oproepen. Sommige gevechten kunnen druk worden en op zulke momenten werkt de besturing juist in het nadeel. Klimmen en klauteren en puzzelen is leuk, maar verder niks bijzonders. De game, voor dat hij zo lang in ontwikkeling is geweest, is ook wat aan de korte kant. Desalniettemin zijn wij wel tevreden met wat Shadow of the Beast hier neerzet al had het misschien iets meer kunnen zijn.
GameMAG (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast не стремится раскрыть свою историю или сделать систему и созданный авторами мир более понятными игроку. На первых этапах вы не очень понимаете, что происходит, а окружающие вас создания говорят на странном языке. Вас заставляют выполнять сложные условия, искать секреты и покупать ценную информацию и перевод на знакомые языки за очки опыта. Боевая система быстро надоедает из-за условных ограничителей и достаточно тупых противников, последовательно идущих на убой против опасного Аарброна. Многочисленные QTE не всегда срабатывают правильно, а внезапно появившийся из портала враг может нанести удар в спину во время выполнения очередного приема. Социальные элементы забавны, головоломки вносят разнообразие в процесс. Но главное в игре - графика и насилие, которые могут заставить вас потратить ваше время на исследование темных закоулков Карамуна и поиск всех важных артефактов, подробно раскрывающих наследие Shadow of the Beast.
IGROMANIA (May 17, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast — это сложные сражения и удивительные инопланетные пейзажи. Сюжет и мифология почти полностью вынесены за пределы игры, а уровни пусты и линейны. Приобщиться стоит, но если атмосферой и кровавыми потасовками вы не проникнетесь, то в игре не найдете больше ничего.
Gaming Age (May 17, 2016)
And that’s why a heavy sense of nostalgia is probably necessary for fully enjoying Shadow of the Beast. I imagine that if you have fond memories of the Amiga game, playing this remade version will feel like checking in on an old friend after a few decades apart. If you don’t have that nostalgia, though…let’s just say you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Grade: C+ = 70%
Push Square (May 16, 2016)
With many nods to the original games and a compendium of retro unlockables, this re-imagining of Shadow of the Beast is a game not just concerned with moving forward, but with looking back in detail at its forebears. Stilted platforming and a short story don't prevent the deep, satisfying combat and multifaceted levels from being worth experiencing more than once. And when you're done, the very first game awaits in all its glory for you to discover – maybe for the first time.
Gaming Nexus (May 16, 2016)
I'm probably being more harsh on this game than it deserves, but for the price point there is an enjoyable title here. You just need to give it time to grow on you. Hopefully gamers out there can look past the flaws that I seem to be hooked on.
IGN España (May 16, 2016)
El remake de Shadow of the Beast no es perfecto debido a diversas mermas, especialmente en cuanto a su control. A pesar de ello, seguro que se convertirá en todo un ejercicio de nostalgia para los que lo disfrutaron en su época. Aunque quizás sea algo menos digerible para las nuevas generaciones de jugadores, algo contradictorio cuando pretendes acercar una marca clásica a dicho público.
IGN Italia (May 16, 2016)
Nella sua essenzialità, Shadow of the Beast si rivela un titolo divertente e realizzato a dovere, capace di intrattenere anche per molto tempo nel caso foste degli accesi completisti. Alcune scelte discutibili per la calibrazione del livello di difficoltà e un'azione un po' troppo frammentata impediscono al gioco di imporsi come vorrebbe, rivelandosi un piacevole intrattenimento a tinte nostalgiche, ma nulla più.
Vandal Online (May, 2016)
El nuevo Shadow of the Beast no será recordado durante los próximos 20 años porque a diferencia del original no marca ningún hito técnico, pero es un buen homenaje al estilo de la saga con todo lo que ello implica: no destaca por las plataformas, los mínimos puzles o su breve duración -si tu objetivo es simplemente recorrer la historia de principio a fin-. En su sistema de combate y la obtención de récords está la verdadera gracia, y sabemos que no todos los jugadores se adaptan a este estilo. En cualquier caso, ha sido una excelente oportunidad para echar un vistazo a un personaje y universo que creíamos olvidado para siempre, a cargo de un estudio que ha entendido el proyecto como su oportunidad para darlo todo con este juego mítico de la industria británica. Ojalá sea el primero de una lista de licencias de Psygnosis resucitadas por equipos con pasión por su legado; muchas sagas no merecen el olvido.
Meristation (May 17, 2016)
Vuelve un clásico de Amiga, esta vez replanteado con sangre a borbotones, mucha acción y algunas plataformas. Uno de esos descargables que no dejará indiferente a nadie. Para bien o para mal.
PlayStation Universe (May 18, 2016)
An oddly eclectic yet ultimately satisfying side-scrolling action adventure, Shadow of the Beast remains a solid and enjoyable gory brawler though it demands tolerance of its myriad of idiosyncrasies, some of which are far more forgivable than others.
We Got This Covered (May 18, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast is a solid revival of an under-appreciated part of gaming history. It's great to see it exposed to a new audience over 20 years later as it provides a brief, yet exciting journey.
Shadow of the Beast is successful at creating a game that is worthy of attention in today’s world that respects the quarter century old source material. It isn’t going to set the gaming world on fire, but it is worth the asking price on PSN. The visuals are the standout feature, but the overall package is well done and enjoyable. During the my time playing this for the review I also replayed the original Amiga game for comparison, which is also included as an easily unlocked bonus item. People familiar with the original will notice that the developers tried to be true to the original in their re-imagining while making something contemporary that those unfamiliar with the franchise can enjoy. This is a difficult tightrope to walk, but they succeeded. It’s not perfect, but this is a great example of how reboots should be done.
Atomix (May 21, 2016)
Quizá la mayor motivación para el jugador será dominar su dificultad “bestial” –como se llama dentro del juego– y hacer todo perfecto para dominar las tablas de líderes en línea, fuera de ello hay realmente poco por hacer en Shadow of The Beast que queda como un tributo decente al clásico incluyendo la versión emulada del título original de Amiga.
Gry OnLine (May 23, 2016)
Próba wskrzeszenia po wielu latach kultowych marek nie zawsze bywa udana, o czym mogliśmy przekonać się na przykład przy okazji remaku Flashbacka. Na szczęście nowa wersja Shadow of the Beast stoi co najmniej oczko wyżej.
Game World Navigator (May 27, 2016)
В общем, из ремейка Shadow of the Beast вышел зрелищный, но дубовый платформер, которому лучше было родиться скринсейвером или динамической темой для PS4. А так – очередной кандидат в обойму бесплатных раздач подписчикам PS Plus.
JeuxActu (May 17, 2016)
Sans être éblouissant, ce reboot de Shadow of the Beast se contente de reprendre les principaux ingrédients qui ont fait la renommée de la version originelle. Les développeurs de Heavy Spectrum n’ont pas triché, comme l’atteste la prépondérance – très old school - du scoring et du système de combat. Malheureusement, le studio britannique n’a pas pris le temps de retoucher ce qui méritait vraiment de l’être, à l’image du level design peu inspiré, des énigmes quasi inexistantes, et des boss aux patterns simplistes. Pourtant, il y avait la place et le temps – le jeu a été annoncé à la gamescom 2013 - pour donner un second souffle à Shadow of the Beast. Au final, on se retrouve avec un hommage qui se laisse jouer, sans plus.
3D Juegos (May 17, 2016)
Esperábamos mucho más de Shadow of the Beast, no lo podemos negar. Denota gran respeto por la obra original, conservando intactas sus señas de identidad, pero su acción está totalmente desaprovechada. Hay buenas ideas, buenas intenciones; no pasa de ahí. El discreto diseño de niveles, lo tosco de su sistema de control, la simpleza de sus combates… aunque puedes pasar un buen rato con esta aventura de acción, es difícil que te abandone la sensación de que daba para mucho más.
Shadow of the Beast has impressive production values and combat mechanics that improve over the original, but weak platforming and poor design decisions greatly hamper the experience.
63 (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast rappresenta al contempo un omaggio, un riammodernamento e una rivisitazione dell’omonimo action per Amiga: un corposo compendio digitale di un grande classico, pensato sia per le nuove leve, sia per gli irriducibili estimatori del retrogaming. È proprio per questo che, durante l’avventura, si ha la chiara impressione che Heavy Spectrum si sia concentrato più sul citazionismo e sulla ricchezza contenutistica che sulla sostanza ludica. Sul piano del gameplay questo remake è infatti claudicante: un combat system intuitivo ma poco bilanciato, sezioni platform mal calcolate, e una longevità ridotta ai minimi termini spuntano quindi inevitabilmente gli artigli della belva, il cui ruggito romba feroce solo in un comparto audiovisivo di grande fascino, riflesso di un immaginario potente e saturo di suggestioni. Così il destino di Shadow of the Beast sembra già iscritto nel suo stesso nome: nasce, vive e muore all’ombra di una bestia: quella originale.
60 (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast is enjoyable, its combat smooth and rewarding, but high-score chasing isn't going to keep many players around for long once the credits roll.
Attack of the Fanboy (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast is a competent action platformer, though its multiple parts don’t come together to form a very cohesive whole. Many of those parts are frustrating or overall unenjoyable. The combat is appropriately brutal, and those seeking a bloody affair will find something to love here. However, it doesn’t have the tightly controlled feeling of other action greats, and the experience is worse for it. Some sections of the game also feel tacked on for little reason, with major story pieces locked away behind hidden unlockables. Still, if you do delve deeply into the game, there are many things to enjoy, and you’ll have some great visuals along the way.
Digital Spy (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast might not be exactly what true fans were expecting, especially with a few strange gameplay and narrative choices, but there's still something here for everyone. It's short, but it's only £11.99 and there's plenty of replayability here - not to mention it's two games for the price of one. We just wonder whether it'll appeal to new fans at all when there are better brawlers out there already.
Digitally Downloaded (May 17, 2016)
As a missed opportunity, Shadow of the Beast is a sublime one. The powerful juxtaposition between the Beast, his enemies, and the natural world, is a worthy theme to explore, and the bloodletting that the Beast gets up to is both visceral and entirely appropriate to that theme. That the developers really struggled to explore the concept in any meaningful depth is disappointing, but nonetheless, Shadow of the Beast is ultimately worthwhile.
60 (May 21, 2016)
Miłośnicy bicia rekordów i polepszania wyników rytmicznych walk będą przez moment dobrze się bawić przy Shadow of the Beast. Osoby liczące na odkrycie historii fantastycznego świata i tajemnic bohatera czeka jedynie rozczarowanie. Pod kałużą krwi nie kryje się nic szczególnego.
InsideGamer (Jun 03, 2016)
Deze nieuwe versie van Shadow of the Beast doet goed zijn best om het baanbrekende origineel na te bootsen en tegelijkertijd moderniseringen te introduceren. De prachtig vormgegeven wereld en het interessante gevechtssysteem komen jammer genoeg niet tot hun recht door de korte speelduur, klunzige besturing en focus op het behalen van een hoge score. Heavy Spectrum heeft duidelijk een liefde voor het bronmateriaal en heeft een dappere poging gedaan zowel fans van de klassieker als nieuwe spelers blij te maken. Helaas weet Shadow of the Beast niet uit de schaduw van het origineel te stappen en is het een game die hoogstwaarschijnlijk snel weer wordt vergeten.
Games Master (Jul 25, 2016)
Unfortunate proof that the classics of old don't always hold up well when dropped into the modern day. [July 2016, p.78]
54 (May 19, 2016)
Es spricht nicht unbedingt für die Neuinterpretation von Shadow of the Beast, wenn ich die gelungenen Bonus-Inhalte rund um den Amiga-Klassiker und den damit verbundenen Fan-Service als wertvoller erachte als das eigentliche Spiel. Aber was bleibt mir auch anderes übrig? Zwar hat das Remake dank des komplexeren Kampfsystems und einer größeren Einbindung der Hintergrundgeschichte mehr zu bieten als früher, doch zum einen serviert man im Gegensatz zum Original nur technisches Mittelmaß und zum anderen sorgt die träge Steuerung dafür, dass sowohl die öden Schnetzeleien als auch die nervigen Geschicklichkeitspassagen schnell an Reiz verlieren. Wie soll man da die nötige Motivation aufbringen, um all den durchaus relevanten Kram mühsam freizuschalten oder sich auf die Suche nach weiteren Story-Fragmenten zu begeben? Vielleicht wäre es in diesem Fall einfach besser gewesen, die alte Marke in Frieden ruhen zu lassen.
Retro Gamer (Jun 16, 2016)
Sadly, for all its graphical splendour the gameplay is nowhere near the same standard, which means it's actually a solid representation of the original game (which has kindly been included as a nice unlockable). For a game that relies so heavily on combat, it's poorly executed, and only get more frustrating as the game continues. The puzzles are fun, hut appear sporadically, while the bosses range from inventive to simply terrible. A beautiful-looking, if decidedly average experience.
Kanobu (May 17, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast, возможно, способна порадовать фанатов оригинала, если такие остались, но современному геймеру ей предложить попросту нечего. Она ощущается как не самый удачный инди-эксперимент, и тот факт, что Sony вынашивала и лелеяла эту игру на протяжении трех-четырех лет, несказанно удивляет. В конце концов, оригинальная Shadow of the Beast в свое время поражала графикой, а не геймплеем, а просто неплохой картинкой в наши дни – и особенно через неделю после релиза Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – никого уже не впечатлить. В остальном же новая Shadow of the Beast до неприличного примитивна, и тот факт, что даже при этом она гораздо лучше оригинала 89 года, служит лишним напоминанием о том, что ностальгии верить нельзя.
Банальный экшен-платформер, лишь внешне напоминающий двухмерную God of War. Битвы с боссами здесь практически такие же веселые, но в остальном играть скучно. Даже если Shadow of the Beast увлечет на пару часов, вы вряд ли захотите когда-нибудь вернуться к игре снова.
50 (May 16, 2016)
Slik ender Shadow of the Beast opp med å kunne vært så mye mer. Til tross for en sterk introduksjon, vakker grafikk og et godt forsøk på mystikk, klarer ikke spillet å bli den kamp-plattformeren vi så gjerne skulle opplevd. Det hele ender opp med å bli en smørje av frustrasjon og ensformighet, med bare noen få lyspunkter her og der. Det er rett og slett ikke godt nok, og gjør at Shadow of the Beast skuffer mye mer enn det gleder.
GameSpot (May 23, 2016)
From the visuals to the strict adherence to the original game's story, this reimagining is not bereft of fan service. Its failings come from the features one doesn’t associate with the series, such as the social hooks and the segmented structure of the world. The well-intentioned replay incentives are nearly rendered irrelevant by pedestrian level designs and rough combat. For a remake, it's not a good sign that the best part about the modern Shadow of the Beast is revisiting the game that inspired it.
A reboot for the God Of War generation, but one in which the combat sadly lacks the tight flow and impact required to keep up with Kratos and co. Still, it’s an interesting misfire. [August 2016, p73]
An interesting misfire. [July 2016, p.84]
CD-Action (Jul 21, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast has the atmosphere and raw beauty of an alien, hostile world going for it, but other than that the game is simply boring. [07/2016, p.61]
Edge (Jul 24, 2016)
Despite its numerous missteps, it's clear that this is a labour of love for its creators, whose fondness for the original is well know. [Aug 2016, p.118]
IGN Russia (May 26, 2016)
В сущности, Shadow of the Beast не назовёшь абсолютно плохой поделкой. Она просто недостаточно хороша, чтобы стоить не денег даже, а потраченного времени. Для большой игры здесь слишком мало контента; для игры маленькой – нет стержневой идеи, фокуса, чего-то цепляющего. Если бы из какой нибудь Mortal Kombat: Armageddon выдрали режим Konquest и продавали как отдельную игру, то это был бы ближайший аналог «Тени Зверя». Играть, в целом, можно – но не получится избавиться от вопроса «А зачем?».
Critical Hit (May 16, 2016)
In trying to re-invent a classic that was never really any good to begin with, Shadow of the Beast becomes a cautionary tale about how nostalgia is sometimes better left in the past.
45 (May 24, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast is een vechtgame, waarin het gaat om het halen van high scores. Helaas is het vechten te stroperig, zijn de levels niet goed ontworpen en wordt het aardige verhaaltje op verbazingwekkende wijze de nek omgedraaid.
40 (May 16, 2016)
On ne pourra pas retirer à Shadow of the Beast le fait qu'il fasse montre d'un amour sincère pour l'oeuvre originale. Il sait titiller la fibre nostalgique et la façon dont il présente son gameplay dans les premiers instants laisse place à l'espoir d'une réussite. Malheureusement, autant dans l'exploration que dans les combats, la proposition apparaît datée, inconstante et inconsistante.
Saudi Gamer (May 17, 2016)
اذا كنت من الناس الذين يعشقون تحطيم الأرقام، ولديهم القدرة على الإعتياد على التحكم المتعب نوعا ما، فاللعبة ستكون خيار جيد للاستمتاع بتجربة كلاسيكية. اما في حال كنت ترغب بتحدي كبير سواء من ناحية الألغاز او القتالات، فلا أعتقد انك ستجد ماتبحث عنه في Shadow of the Beast، فبالرغم من روعة تصميم المراحل، إلا ان السهولة الكبيرة للقتال وصعوبة التحكم يقتلان جزء كبير من المتعة.
Game Revolution (May 18, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast is as dull as it is brown, which is to say extremely. The platforming is clunky, the AI is bad, the story requires multiple playthroughs, the game defies its own logic, and it reeks of other laughably awful design decisions. Don't bother with this beast.
Polygon (May 16, 2016)
Shadow of the Beast's recreation leaves no room for modern ideas. If Shadow of the Beast is in any way effective, it's as a cautionary tale of the dangers of nostalgia. This revival appears to have been created by people who dearly love the original game, but it's so slavish in its recreation, there's no room for modern ideas to be injected (or outdated ones to slough off). This entertainment decade has been defined by attempts to revisit games, movies and characters and somehow enliven them for a modern audience. Let Shadow of the Beast stand to remind us that some things, no matter how beloved, should - nay, must - stay buried.