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While bothersome, these problems can most likely be patched out, but it’s sad that it isn’t already quite up to snuff. The Sinking City is paradoxically teeming with life and things to do while atmospherically making you feel alone and unsafe. The revamped investigation systems rely on your own powers of deduction and the combat is both tense and nerve-wracking. Save for the graphical issues, The Sinking City is heart-pounding, unrelenting, and addictive. Its powers of immersion and fear are not to be overlooked, and fans of eldritch horror, Cthulhu, and things that go bump in the night will definitely be satisfied playing in the dark.
The Sinking City struggles under the weight of its ambition, but it’s compelling mysteries and horrific world make it a compelling journey.
The Daily Dot (Jun 25, 2019)
It’s not a particularly pleasant experience—but it is uncompromisingly captivating.
Worth Playing (Jun 26, 2019)
The Sinking City is a love letter to Lovecraft by providing us with memorable atmosphere, cosmic chills and some amazing investigative mechanics. Everything from the world-building to the story itself is steeped in the genre's trademarks. Protean gelatinous substances are on almost every surface, citizens turn to the occult, a detached protagonist has something to prove. It all comes together to create an intricate piece of work. There is so much to enjoy about the title that one can overlook the various combat blunders and need of day-one patches. Having received early access to the title for this review, The Sinking City has some optimization bugs to work out, but that doesn't impact the quality of the title (in the digital age, everything gets a day-one patch anyway). Despite these shortcomings, the title is a must-play for fans of detective thrillers, puzzle-solving, and cosmic horror. Dive into The Sinking City and welcome our Cthulhu overlords with open arms.
76 (Jul 03, 2019)
The Sinking City ist als Detektivspiel in einem von H.P. Lovecraft inspirierten Universum absolute Spitzenklasse! Wer über technische Mängel und schwieriger Zugänglichkeit hinwegsehen kann, der wird mit dem bisher besten Titel mit Cthulhu-Thematik belohnt
Video Chums (Jul 01, 2019)
When it comes to detective games, The Sinking City features some of the best gameplay that I've ever experienced in the genre. That being said, it could definitely use a lot more fine-tuning to iron out its less desirable qualities.
75 (Jun 25, 2019)
S'il ne réussit pas tout ce qu'il entreprend, The Sinking City reste un jeu qui ne manque pas de caractère. Certes, nous aurions aimé une enquête plus libre que celle qu'on nous avait promise, des combats nettement mieux maîtrisés ou une technique plus solide. Il en reste cependant un titre bien ficelé, intéressant, qui parvient à laisser au moins l'illusion de l'autonomie pour l'enquêteur que vous serez, et qui sait s'auréoler d'une atmosphère pesante et d'une écriture soignée laissant la place à des choix qui comptent. Une bonne surprise.
Spazio Games (Jun 25, 2019)
The Sinking City dimostra di avere delle ottime e profonde meccaniche legate all’investigazione, affinate dopo anni di giochi dello stesso genere. Ciò nonostante, la voglia di Frogwares di fare il grande passo ha dovuto fare i conti una realtà ben diversa, fatta di grosse limitazioni che minano in modo determinante la qualità complessiva di un prodotto che voleva essere senz’altro migliore di quanto effettivamente ha dimostrato di essere.
The Guardian (Jul 02, 2019)
The intrigues that play out between its often bizarre but always interesting characters and factions, and underwater sequences that see Reed in a 1920s diving suit, are highly absorbing. Its narrative puts the boot into religious cults, and Lovecraft would surely not have approved of its ruminations on racism. It also tackles Depression-era deprivation, which is pretty apposite in today’s world. The Sinking City is original, commendably thought-provoking and deliciously gothic, but aspects of it feel either half-finished or ill thought-out. Had it pruned just a little of its ambition, it could have had more than cult appeal.
Digitally Downloaded (Jun 28, 2019)
The Sinking City is a thoughtful take on the source material, but is nearly destroyed by the poorly-executed open world and actions sequences. The investigations themselves are well-structured and easy to maneuver, but the long treks between, and the downtime that comes with them, is unnecessary. Still, if you're a Lovecraft fan or a fan of Frogwares' Sherlock Holmes titles, it's well worth a play for being an intriguing, and more authentic take on Lovecraft than most manage.
55 (Jun 28, 2019)
Dass das kein kompletter Verriss wird, liegt neben der guten deutschen Sprachausgabe und einer zumindest im Ansatz interessanten Story samt möglicher Entscheidungen an zwei positiven Aspekten: Zum einen gefallen mir die fließenden Übergänge zwischen Realität und Wahnsinn. Zum anderen können die Sherlock-Holmes-Macher im Bereich der Recherche besser unterhalten, wenn man in Archiven suchen, Hinweise kombinieren und Entscheidungen treffen muss. Aber all diese stimmungsvollen Ansätze werden von einem gewöhnlichen Spieldesign, unglaubwürdigem Figurenverhalten, fehlender Interaktion, plumpen Gefechten, schwacher Technik und einigen Bugs immer wieder konterkariert. Unterm Strich bleibt ein ernüchterndes Erlebnis, das diesem außergewöhnlichen Mythos mal wieder nicht gerecht wird.
Rely on Horror (Jul 12, 2019)
Despite these complaints, there is plenty of fun to be had in The Sinking City. Its detective work was great and its competently executed survival horror combat never gets old. However, the game is somewhat of a hard sell to those unfamiliar with the source material, or those generally lacking patience, but perhaps devout fans of Lovecraft’s work may be able to look past some of the shortcomings. That being said, this game would’ve benefited greatly from another few months in the frying-pan — to iron out the technical issues, polish the script, and to maybe create a few more variations of indoor staircases.
Slant (Jun 26, 2019)
Worse than the sheer tedium of shooting, however, is the effect it has on The Sinking City’s atmosphere; with the same four monster types lurking around every corner and conspicuous ammo crates strewn all over the place, there’s little dread to the experience of playing the game because you simply know what’s coming. The encounters are expected, and so is your triumph over them, which feels decidedly antithetical to Lovecraft’s favored themes of humanity’s insignificance and fragility in the face of forces it cannot understand. For what seems meant to be a horror game about piecing together clues and cobbling together what’s left of your sanity, long stretches of The Sinking City are inordinately concerned with killing the shit out of some monsters as a sort of Chosen One. With pistol in one hand, eldritch relic in the other, and fedora comfortably shading his white, stubbled face, Charles Reed looks and feels more like a mentally tormented Indiana Jones.
40 (Jun 26, 2019)
En interessant historie som ødelegges av svak utførelse.
Game Rant (Jun, 2019)
While the characters in The Sinking City may be more concerned with the murky waters flooding their homes, players will find themselves neck-deep in a flood of technical problems and puzzling game design choices. Anyone looking for a quality Lovecraftian horror game won’t find it here, which is disappointing as The Sinking City was one of the most exciting horror games showcased at E3 2019.
GameSpot (Jun 26, 2019)
It's hard to resent a game as unapologetically dweeby as The Sinking City. It's an old-fashioned, bookish mystery rooted in the mythology and mysteries of a pulpy, cult-favorite mid-century American novelist--an effort not without charm, to be sure. But no matter how fond your affection for H.P. Lovecraft and the idea of a wide-eyed, slow-burn literary adventure, the poor design, cliched writing, and lumbering pace make this far more tedious than delightful, let alone unsettling or terrifying.