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Starlit Adventures Credits (PlayStation 4)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Starlit Adventures Credits

Rockhead Studios

ProgrammersChristian Lykawka, Bruno Paz, Gabriel Rubin
Game DesignersChristian Lykawka, Fernando Peña D'Andrea, Romano Corá
Level DesignersChristian Lykawka, Fernando Peña D'Andrea, Romano Corá, Bruno Paz, Gabriel Rubin
AnimatorFernando Peña D'Andrea
ArtistRomano Corá
IllustratorCássio Yoshiyaki Shibukawa
Aditional WritingChristopher Kastensmidt
Administrative & AccountingAdriana Paiva
Press RelationsJesús Fabre
Facebook ManagementKatia Arruda
Assistant ProducerRodrigo Scharnberg (Chips)
Italian LocalizationNatália Oliveira Pasin
German LocalizationRenan Lazzarin
French LocalizationRafael Souza Barbosa

Webcore Games

Executive ProducerFernando Chamis
ProducerCamila Malaman
Game DesignerVinicius Aleixo
ProgrammersFelipe Moreti, Gustavo Vizoni
Additional Interface ArtBarbara Câmara
Quality AssuranceGabriel Tameo Maia Inoue
Special ThanksOur families & friends, SEBRAE‑RS, Incubadora RAIAR, PUC‑RS, BGD, APEX, Abragames, ADJOGOS‑RS, NBCU, Martina Santoro, Bel Zanforlin, Bertrand Fulchiron, Daniel Trócoli, Lynx Kastensmidt, Judith Lubbers, André Pase, Gustavo Moreira

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rodrigo Scharnberg (14)