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Video Chums (Sep 15, 2015)
Tearaway Unfolded is a must play game for anyone who loves 3D platformers, cute characters, and creativity. If this isn't already a part of your gaming library then what are you waiting for? Someone has an urgent message with your name on it!
XGN (Sep 02, 2015)
Heb je nooit de PS Vita versie gespeeld? Dan moet je al helemaal aan de slag met Tearaway Unfolded. Unieke games moet je spelen, zo simpel is het. En Tearaway Unfolded is zo'n unieke game. Af en toe is de gameplay wat simpel, maar de omgevingen brengen genoeg diversiteit om je daar nooit te lang aan te storen. Zeg dus vooral geen nee tegen nog meer papier! Kopen, uitpakken, in je console stoppen en nog meer uitpakken! Dat is de boodschap die we jou geven voor Tearaway Unfolded.
4Players.de (Sep 15, 2015)
Tearaway verzaubert auch auf der PlayStation 4 durch die wunderschön gestaltete Papierkulisse und innovativen Mechaniken, die nahezu perfekt an die Möglichkeiten des DualShock-Controllers angepasst wurden. An die Faszination des Vita-Vorbilds kommt man allerdings nicht heran: Selbst wenn man die PlayStation-Kamera verwendet, die für diesen Titel und das witzige Einreißen der „Vierten Wand“ eigentlich ein Muss ist, mangelt es den anspruchslosen Kämpfen an Abwechslung. Das Band zwischen Spiel und Spieler wird hier nicht ganz so stark gefördert, wie es auf Sonys Handheld möglich war. Das fummelige Zeichnen via Touchpad, die am Ende zu inflationär eingesetzte Bewegungssteuerung sowie Kameraprobleme tragen ebenfalls ihren Teil dazu bei, dass trotz der abwechslungsreichen Schauplätze, der vielen kreativen Einfälle und zig Bastelmöglichkeiten der große Wow-Effekt auf der Konsole ausbleibt. Trotzdem bekommt man hier immer noch ein herrlich charmantes Abenteuer.
Media Molecule manages to retain a fair amount of the original game’s charm in the much expanded Tearaway Unfolded. You’ll find plenty of joy in Unfolded’s gorgeous world, arts and craft, and fun gameplay. It’s also the first game to realize the full potential of the DualShock 4. But the poor camera, lackluster new levels and story beats, and overall larger size of Unfolded makes it a lesser experience than it is on the Vita. It’s a semi-remake that fails to match all the charm of the original.
The Jimquisition (Sep 02, 2015)
Tearaway Unfolded, like its original incarnation, has cracked the case when it comes to providing a fun game that uses technological toys as enhancements rather than showboating hindrances. Where so many similar games inconvenience the player by forcing motion controls into instances where a button press would be quicker, Unfolded does things that genuinely feel rewarding and helpful to progress.
Games Master (Nov, 2015)
It's playful stuff throughout, but the new additions are no substitute for the sight of a rendered finger bursting through the game-world's floor when you pressed Vita's rear panel, or the way its front camera showed a close-up of your smiling face gazing down from the sky. Unfolded just can't quite match up to its handheld counterpart, and much of that is down to the fact that it's essentially the same game stripped of some of what made it so special. A wayward camera and wobbly framerate hardly helps matters, either. Newcomers will find plenty here to love, but despite the new ideas, old hands will feel like they've seen it all before, and better.
Games TM (Nov 03, 2015)
A game that promises some really nice ideas and respectfully manipulates the PS4 hardware, but actually falls down a little before it can really become a game. It's an impressive tech demo on the PS4 and a good bit of fun for a younger audience, but serious gamers after a good mixture of challenge, story and mechanics may be left wanting.
Gameluster (Aug 06, 2016)
Tearaway Unfolded is filled to the brim with clever ideas that make the controller shine and show off what it really can do, wonderful characters, and a beautiful world that only Media Molecule could bring to life in such a great fashion. If you missed the original Vita game then be sure not to miss this gem of a game, Tearaway is an experience and a story that is hard to forget.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Sep 07, 2015)
Visual improvement is usually the only real reason to pick up remastered versions of old games, but Unfolded goes one better. The fact it looks better is merely an attractive bonus. Even if you've already played the original game through to completion, it's absolutely worth playing it again in this incarnation.

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