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Hobby Consolas (Jun 23, 2016)
Umbrella Corps no convence en solitario y, lo que es peor, tampoco en su propuesta multijugador. Un escaso número de modos y opciones, un apartado técnico discreto y un desarrollo de las partidas muy irregular, hacen de él un título prescindible.
Umbrella Corps' intentions are clear, but this target was missed due to an apparent disregard for the game's core feature.
52 (Jun 30, 2016)
Es war schon clever von Capcom, Resident Evil aus dem Namen von Umbrella Corps zu streichen. Noch cleverer wäre es aber gewesen, man hätte komplett darauf verzichtet, diesen Billig-Ableger überhaupt mit der Marke in Verbindung zu bringen – gerade jetzt, wo Resident Evil nach der gefeierten Enthüllung des siebten Teils auf der E3 wieder einen positiven Aufschwung erfahren hat. Zwar eignen sich vor allem die Partien mit nur einem Leben als spannender Shooter-Snack, aber lange will man diese billige Präsentation und schwache Technik in Kombination mit der misslungenen Kameraposition sowie dem fummeligen Deckungssystem nicht ertragen. Noch schlimmer wird es für alle, die sich gerne abseits der Online-Kampfzonen durch ein paar Zombiehorden metzeln wollen, denn die ebenso langweiligen wie kurzen Solo-Missionen sind kaum der Rede wert.
Game Informer Magazine (Jul 06, 2016)
Umbrella Corps is an unusual online shooter. Unfortunately, its odd mix of mechanics don’t come together well, and its online matchmaking is a total joke. I once waited almost 20 minutes for a match that lasted less than 10 minutes. In that amount of time, you could drive to the store and buy a better game.
Game Over Online (Jun 29, 2016)
Umbrella Corps is a game of wholly unrealized ideas. The single-player “campaign” is a bunch of repetitive challenges that are boring when they aren’t frustrating, the multiplayer doesn’t really work, and most of its mechanics are at best barely functional at best. It doesn’t feel like it’s finished, and even if it were to be further refined, it would just be a low-budget Gears of War-style shoot-‘em-up. There’s no reason to play it.
40 (Jun 22, 2016)
A confused and confusing shooter which can't capitalise on the famous franchise it leans on.
40 (Jun 25, 2016)
Sicuramente ci siamo divertiti in alcuni match ma il gameplay derivativo e non bilanciato, la presenza di uno dei cover system peggio implementati che abbiamo mai visto, i problemi di matchmaking e un comparto tecnico azzoppato da una realizzazione posticcia e da animazioni improponibili per un titolo del 2016, ci hanno spinto domandarci perché qualcuno dovrebbe acquistare questo gioco e a che tipo di pubblico sia diretto. Le risposte a queste domande, ve lo assicuriamo, sono più esplicative di qualsiasi voto.
Saudi Gamer (Jun 27, 2016)
لعبة قد لا تكون موزونة من ناحية اللعب ولا محبوكة من ناحية الأداء و التحكم، و لكن سرعتها و جنونها و بعض الأفكار الجديدة يجعلها جديرة بالتجربة، خاصة لمحبي السلسلة و من يريد لعبة أونلاين مبنية على مناطق من السلسلة، ومتقبلاً لبعض العيوب الكبيرة، ولكن هناك خيارات أفضل إذا كنت تبحث عن لعبة أونلاين ولست مرتبطاً بالسلسلة.
IGN (Jun 24, 2016)
Umbrella Corps is a bad competitive shooter that doesn’t even know how to take advantage of its few strengths. Its mechanics frequently contradict each other, balance is absurd, controls are clumsy, and it fails to pull anything meaningful from the Resident Evil universe other than some recognizable settings. With no great story hooks for horror fans and mechanics that can’t compare to most modern shooters, Umbrella Corps feels like a game made for no one.
GameSpot (Jun 28, 2016)
Determined players can earn cosmetic items and new weapons as they earn XP and level up, but a new gun or patch for your helmet doesn't wash away the bad taste of Umbrella Corps' gameplay. Its systems are either unreliable or illogical, and as a result, it feels almost impossible to get a foothold. The first time an enemy kills you when they should have been dead, you may shrug it off. When it happens the dozenth time, you'll probably wonder why you're playing Umbrella Corps at all. There's ultimately no good excuse.
Game Revolution (Jun 28, 2016)
If it weren't for the inclusion of zombies, Umbrella Corps would be indistinguishable from almost every generic first-person shooter that gets released on Steam or for free. While zombies make it stand out just a smidgen from the competition, the gameplay is as brain-dead as they are. If you're looking for a solid, cheap shooter on PS4 or PC, there are better options, like Blacklight: Retribution. Even diehard Resident Evil fans should save their money, as I can't think of a single reason anyone should buy this.
Destructoid (Jun 25, 2016)
I wanted to like Umbrella Corps. Being budget priced title, I thought perhaps Capcom had a focused idea it wanted to convey. What we have here instead is an embarrassment to the series, especially considering that it's similar to the Mercenaries mini-game in Resident Evils 3-6, except worse. When a side mode in your main games is better than something you're expecting people to pay money for, you're going to piss some people off. Please be good, Resident Evil 7. Don't let Umbrella Corps bring you down.
Area Jugones (Jul 05, 2016)
Umbrella Corps es un juego que no recomendaría ni a mi peor enemigo. La jugabilidad es pésima, no hay gente con la que jugar, hay muy pocos modos de juego y el modo individual es lo más soso que se puede echar alguien en cara. Si en algo destaca es en la personalización de nuestro soldado, pero dudo que esto sea un aliciente para pagar 30 euros por un juego que claramente debería haber sido un free-to-play. Si os pensabais comprar el juego, invertid ese dinero en algo mejor, porque si lo gastáis en Umbrella Corps la decisión os pesará toda vuestra vida.
Slant (Jul 04, 2016)
The creators of Umbrella Corps also don’t appear to care about maintaining a serious tone in the proceedings. When the last player on a team is killed, the surviving team members can still move around as the camera waits by the defeated. This framing can give extra spotlight to the infamous tradition of teabagging, where the winning player makes their avatar crouch and rise repetitively by the prostrate avatar’s face or body. It’s pathetic that this unoriginal display is one of the most lively things about Umbrella Corps. If the single-player mode in Umbrella Corps could be called The Mercenaries Extra Lite, the multiplayer should be called The Mercenaries: Corpse Humping.