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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Main title
Main menu
The story starts in London
Fist fight tutorial
Brutal finisher
Young Nathan, 20 years before the actual story
Photo mode
Young Nate following Sully
Night view of the city
Wait for iiiit
This clue we just found will lead us to one step closer to finding the lost city
Exploring the forest, somewhere in France
Watch your step
Climbing and jumping is a constant thing in Nate's life
Consult Nate's diary for clues on how to solve puzzles or just to check Nate's doodles
Solving the battle armour puzzle
Stealth should be your first option until the enemy spots you
He should not have peeked
Hieroglyph board puzzle
Moving through decayed castle
Rushing into the burning room
Stronger foes won't go down without a fight
Going down the well
Silent takedown
Enemy guards are not aware of you yet, use it to your advantage
Infrared lasers indicate enemy snipers
Found the second tomb
Enemy soldiers holding shields can't be hit so easily, but you can jump over them and take them out
Elena explaining the local customs to Sully and Nate
Browsing the marketplace
The tower in the distance is our destination
Drake versus men in black
What's an adventure without a gear puzzle
Those spiders are weak to only one thing... fire
Face to face with the villain
Breaking free from imprisonment
Sliding down the zipline
That ship is going down, just need to get an RPG first
Aligned for a headshot
Depending on your speed and approach, the takedown move will vary
Trying to outrun the water pouring in
A moment of respite
Throwing a grenade
They're loading the plane, time is of the essence
Nate trying to catch the plane, literally
The plane is going down
Stranded in the desert
Fighting soldiers in the city ruins
Attacking convoy to save Sully
Boss fight with Talbot