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An unforgettable adventure thanks to polish, polish and even more polish Patrick Bregger (271637) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 5.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.6
Overall User Score (23 votes) 4.7

Critic Reviews

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PlayStation Universe (Nov 22, 2019)
Uncharted 4 is the ultimate video game adventure, a visual masterpiece, and a heartfelt, triumphant conclusion for a PlayStation icon.
Giant Bomb (May 05, 2016)
Naughty Dog does more than go back to the well with Nathan Drake's greatest adventure yet.
Gamegravy (May 21, 2016)
Naughty Dog leaves us on the highest of notes. Sic Parvis Magna indeed.
The Guardian (May 06, 2016)
Uncharted is PlayStation’s crown jewel and Nathan is its king. As such, his rule is coming to a fitting end, even if, at times, it felt as though he was going through the motions of regal duty. With our video game reviews we reserve a five-star rating for games that we think everyone should experience, that are so interesting or impressive in certain areas that they transcend any flaws, limitations or genre concerns. Uncharted 4 is certainly in that category.

Indeed, it is to be hoped that all subsequent makers of epic narrative adventures look upon this wonderfully entertaining series and learn from it. The way it gracefully merged recognisable game conventions with the dynamics of action cinema; the way it created actual relatable humans out of polygons and texture maps. Uncharted made us love this guy, despite his faults, his bad habits, his self-absorption. That is also how we love Uncharted itself.
GameAwards.ru (May 08, 2016)
Uncharted 4: Путь вора – это действительно идеальное приключение и история об интересном авантюристе. Примеров такого приключения сейчас на момент 2016 года просто нет. Студия Naughty Dog вновь сделала игру, которая достойна звания «Игра года» по многим параметрам. Просто невозможно поверить, что эти люди до сих пор не потеряли талант, как некоторые другие разработчики. «Путь вора» – это тот случай, когда была задрана высокая планка, а её просто взяли и перепрыгнули. Игра не просто оправдывает ожидания – она шокирует, но в хорошем смысле. Закрученный сюжет, огромное количество новых и интересных деталей. История, которая способна поведать обо всём, что произошло в серии и просто сногсшибательная картинка. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – это игра, которая достойна не только тех денег, которые за неё требуют, но и просто хорошего слова её сторону.
Few games tell a story as compelling as this. A combination of exceptional graphics, a smart and compelling script, and some terrific performances help to emotionally engage players in a manner akin to a great movie. The frequently funny offhand chats, which all the main characters engage in help make it feel like you're right there with them. It's about as close as a game gets to feeling like an interactive Hollywood blockbuster. And the action is a blast, too. Exploration and traversal are a joy, thanks to tight controls and brilliant level design. Several chapters are set in something close to an open world that begs us to investigate every nook and cranny. If Uncharted 4 has a weak spot, it's combat. But it's not weak so much as it is merely average. And most firefights come in quick bursts, leaving us to spend the bulk of our time on all the other parts of the game that are truly amazing and verging on unparalleled. This is one adventure PlayStation 4 owners won't want to miss.
Push Square (May 05, 2016)
A fitting end for one of PlayStation's most famous franchises, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End sits alongside The Last of Us at the apex of cinematic action experiences. Naughty Dog's ability to tell engaging tales is unmatched, with Nate's final chapter expertly balancing bombast against genuinely relatable themes. It won't redefine the genre quite like Uncharted 2, but the developer's boundless ambition means that this is a bigger, better, and more beautiful adventure than ever before.
The Independent (May 10, 2016)
This isn’t so much a game, it’s a cinematic experience. You could watch a friend play the entire way through and not get bored. Uncharted 4 is unashamedly about the characters and their relationships. Although tied together by tight gameplay, it's all surpassed by the emotional struggles you will have. As we move into the next generation of blockbuster games, the Uncharted series will always have a place in every Indiana Jones fan's heart. A fantastic finalé to a spectacular series.
The Telegraph (May 05, 2016)
It is rip-roaring stuff. There is no great illusion here; any risk that may have been associated with Nathan Drake’s introduction a decade ago has long gone, swept away in a tide of crowd-pleasing spectacle. But Uncharted 4’s swagger makes it easy to succumb to the ride, its craftmanship, sense of adventure and willingness to open up to its players providing a potent sugar-rush of popcorn gaming pleasure.
411mania.com (May 11, 2016)
Drake’s story has finally come to a close and a nearly perfect one at that. It could not have been more lovingly crafted, and I look forward to playing through it again in the future for nostalgia’s sake. If you have played and enjoyed any of the other Uncharted games, you would have to be crazy to let this one slip by.
Jeuxvideo.com (May 05, 2016)
Beau, parfaitement mis en scène et mené sur un rythme impeccable du premier au dernier plan, Uncharted 4 est à la fois un best-of de la saga et un épisode empreint de nouveauté, capable de se renouveler dans ses mécanismes et sa narration sans jamais frôler la sortie de route. Le résultat est donc impeccable et témoigne une nouvelle fois du savoir-faire de Naughty Dog. Seules petites ombres au tableau, la présence de quelques sauts encore un peu trop téléguidés et d'une IA toujours aveugle en infiltration reste toutefois bien anecdotique tant cet épisode parvient à surpasser la trilogie initiale sur tout le reste. Un savoureux cocktail d'aventure, d'émotion et de clins d’œil appuyés qui devrait autant combler les fans de la saga que leur laisser une sensation de manque une fois la campagne terminée. La marque des grands jeux, assurément.
Destructoid (May 10, 2016)
That the interpersonal relationships aren't overshadowed by $400 million in pirate gold, or by hundreds of dead mercenaries, is a testament to the caliber of storytelling. Even the ways Uncharted 4 retrofits in previous entries in the series -- Young Drake's shirt in Uncharted 3 seems to be a hand-me-down from Young Sam in this one -- to bring it all to a well-earned, cohesive conclusion is impressive. Stunning art direction; satisfying game feel; a willingness to shake up third-person action conventions, to know when to introduce variety, or let a foot up off the gas; excellent dialogue that reveals a lot without oversharing; and a heck of a conclusion. A thief couldn't ask for a better end.
Videogameszone (May 09, 2016)
Drakes abenteuerliches Finale ist eines der besten PS4-Spiele überhaupt und wischt mit der Genre-Konkurrenz den Boden auf.
Traumhafter Abschluss der Reihe: Nathan Drakes größtes und schönstes Abenteuer darf in keiner Spielesammlung fehlen.
MAN!AC (May 05, 2016)
Furioses und emotionales Serienfinale, das viel The Last of Us versprüht besser hätte man die Uncharted-Reihe kaum abschließen können!
4Players.de (May 05, 2016)
Nicht alles ist bemerkenswert: Die Antagonisten verspielen ihr Potenzial zu schnell, manchmal gibt es KI-Aussetzer, man vermisst mehr Gegnertypen, die Rätsel sind zu leicht und vor allem die Schätze wirken wie Fremdkörper. Das ist ärgerlich, aber dafür gibt es frische Impulse wie das Knobelflair samt Seilwinde während der Offroad-Fahrt, die offenere Welt sowie mehr Stealth-Action im Kampf. All das spielt sich präzise, intuitiv und flüssig. Schließlich zitiert Naughty Dog auf unheimlich charmante Art die eigene Vergangenheit sowie die Tradition der Serie, so dass sich mit diesem spektakulären Finale ein Kreis schließt. Sie wollen vielleicht deshalb mit Uncharted abschließen, weil diese Art der Indiana-Jones-Action zu wenig Raum für nachhaltigere Erzählungen bietet - aber sie dehnen das schon so weit es geht, ohne emotional zu überdrehen.
Games TM (May 19, 2016)
This is a masterful piece of storytelling from Naughty Dog, packed full of wonderful and genuine character moments, great performances from the main cast and no small amount of little references for fans of both the series and developer. As a celebration of what Nathan Drake has given us over the last nine years we couldn't really have asked for too much more.
Kanobu (May 07, 2016)
Я поставил «Пути вора» девять, а не восемь баллов из-за последней главы. Вплоть до самого эпилога я был твердо уверен в своей «восьмерке», но трогательный финал сгладил недовольство от таскания ящиков и бесполезных персонажей-функций. И считаю этот накинутый сверху балл заслуженным. Я не могу оторвать финал истории от контекста, в котором ее воспринимаю – от первых впечатлений на PS3 до обзоров Uncharted 3, с которыми я бегал по профильным сайтам, просясь на работу. Эта серия, эти герои, они всегда были со мной. И я как никогда рад, что Нейтан Дрейк получил заслуженный финал, финал, о котором Индиане Джонсу остается только мечтать. И пусть в целом Uncharted 4 впечатляет не так сильно, как ее последние 20 минут, это абсолютно точно игра, которую нельзя пропускать ни одному владельцу PS4. История Нейтана Дрейка, от первой до четвертой части, – это то, чем игровой индустрии нужно гордиться.
Games Finder (Aug 23, 2017)
These controlled AI also make brief appearances in multiplayer to assist you with fighting and healing on the battlefield. While it’s never going to compete with the multiplayer focused games out there in the market the modes, flow and mechanics are all solid enough to squeeze another dozen or so hours from your experience.
Polygon (May 05, 2016)
Uncharted 4 delivers a thrilling, moving conclusion to the series. But it wasn't the promise of bigger, more dangerous explosions that pulled me through Uncharted 4's campaign, which I completed ravenously over a two-day binge. It was a desire for Nathan Drake to just be done with it all: the killing, the lying, the recklessness, the selfish pursuit of fortune and glory. And that desire wasn't just me projecting my feelings onto a video game character — it's the arc that Drake and Uncharted 4 follow unswervingly. There is nothing cheap about how Naughty Dog has decided to retire this franchise — no door is left open for a crass surprise sequel — and there's nothing ambiguous about its resolution. Every other Uncharted game has, to varying degrees, posed a question — "can a thief be good?" — and summarily moved on without wagering a guess. In finding an answer, Uncharted 4's story soars, and presents a moving, fulfilling finale.
IGN UK (May 05, 2016)
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a remarkable achievement in blockbuster storytelling and graphical beauty. Though it’s let down by a lack of imagination and some self-indulgence, especially in a third act that drags on far too long, Uncharted 4 carries on the series’ proud tradition of peerless polish and style, with a great multiplayer component to boot. Most importantly, it’s a gentle sendoff to the rag-tag group of characters we’ve known for nine years. A worthy thief’s end, indeed.
Metro.co.uk (May 05, 2016)
Apart from a couple of ponderous cut scenes, and a few too many platforming sections, this is an almost perfect action game. It’s easily the best Uncharted, it’s the best marriage of cinematic and video game action since Resident Evil 4, and it has graphics so good that the most common reason for dying is because you were just standing there gawping at the scenery. And on top of the game’s lengthy single-player campaign is the series’ surprisingly good multiplayer. We’ve only had a few opportunities to try this out pre-launch, but the tighter combat and the use of the grappling hook usefully expands the range of tactics. As do a range of magic abilities (none of which are used in the main game) and upgradeable characters. Whatever disappointment people may have had with the current generation of consoles up till now Uncharted 4 marks the spot at which those hopes and expectations are finally met. Which takes our excitement for what Naughty Dog might do next almost off the chart.
Trusted Reviews (Jun 06, 2016)
I can’t describe Uncharted 4 as the perfect game. The single player campaign takes a while to reach a state of near-perfection, then throws in a few too many wearying battles in its tremendously exciting final run. It’s bloody close, though, and only enhanced by its multiplayer modes. Sometimes, A Thief’s End seems like the last of the great mainstream blockbusters, made to thrill and move vast audiences on an epic scale. I hope not, and that Naughty Dog proves me wrong with its next project. Perfect or not, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.
The Jimquisition (May 05, 2016)
Sony’s premier action adventure series is showing its age from a creative standpoint, if not a technical one. Recognizable story cues and shock attempts have become bromidic, and there are moments that had me rolling my eyes as Uncharted 4 expected me to be startled by twists anticipated from miles away. As cornball as it can be, however, Uncharted 4 remains a damn classy romp with a sensitive side, and fans are undoubtedly going to adore it. If this is to be Naughty Dog’s series swansong, they ended on a note to be proud of.
Video Chums (May 23, 2016)
Naughty Dog sure pulled out all the stops for this exciting conclusion to the Uncharted franchise. Having said that, it still doesn't quite hit a homerun like Nathan's estranged sister Lara did in Rise of the Tomb Raider that I reviewed earlier this year.
Link Cable Gaming (Jul 04, 2016)
After playing Uncharted 4, I had to revise my thesis about these games making better movies. In many instances, I still think that that idea holds true, but Uncharted 4 reminded me that some scenes in these games truly do benefit from being played, and just wouldn’t have the same impact if they were only being watched. My main issue with Uncharted 4 still comes down to pacing. Too often I found myself wishing the “explore-y” bits would hurry up and be done so that I could move the story forward. Uncharted 4 is certainly a very good game, but it isn’t perfect, and frankly I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t heard similar complaints about pacing in other reviews. I would still absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a mostly thrilling adventure, filled with interesting, well-acted characters, and some very memorable moments. Just don’t expect it to be exciting (or even fun) 100% of the time.
GamesRadar (May 05, 2016)
Despite the early stops and starts, Uncharted 4 finds its feet and provides an eventually satisfying end to Nate’s fortunes.
Gamekult (May 10, 2016)
Sur un plan technique, Uncharted 4 est très clairement le jeu AAA qui mériterait une lettre de plus. Un titre mirifique qui vous laisse constamment sur le flanc, et qui met à l'amende tous les autres studios en faisant défiler les décors les plus généreux et les situations les plus époustouflantes jamais croisés dans un TPS de cette génération. Des effets qui s'accompagnent en prime d'un jeu d'acteur au diapason, d'une fluidité exceptionnelle, d'une gestion dynamique de la luminosité affolante, et d'une profondeur de champ abyssale... une démonstration de tout premier ordre qui a finalement un prix. C'est la contrepartie de ces environnements majestueux qui redéfinissent tous les rapports d'échelle que l'on connaît du jeu vidéo : Uncharted 4 est un jeu d'une telle envergure qu'il faut bien le remplir.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (May 10, 2016)
This is a rare treat: the creators of a popular series and a beloved character laying them to rest with elegant finality, and going out on an absolute high. In games as in other media, dignified endings aren't easy to come by. But Naughty Dog have outdone themselves with what they say (and I believe) is their last Uncharted game, and the last appearance of the series' hero Nathan Drake. It's the best of the lot.

As accomplished as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is - as heroically as it bests its predecessors, as gracefully as it sidesteps their pitfalls - it's not possible for it to have the seismic impact and far-reaching influence that Uncharted 2 did. Nor does it redefine the storytelling scope of the blockbuster action game like The Last of Us. It still does something remarkable for a major franchise video game, though: it doesn't overdo its exit. It doesn't immolate itself in a blaze of glory, it tells a story about people and finds peace in its resolution. It just ends. Fin.
Diehard GameFan (Jul 01, 2016)
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is really something special; if you never liked the series before this one may actually change your mind. If you already loved Nate and friends, the story offers closure for our lovable rogue, while keeping the world open for future adventures. You couldn’t ask for a better swan song.

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