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USgamer (May 27, 2014)
Watch_Dogs combines an astonishingly detailed world, a gripping storyline, creative game mechanics, a myriad of missions and activities, and improvisational tactical sandbox gameplay to create a truly next-generation open world game. Phenomenal. No other word for it.
I know a game has really gotten my attention when I go to bed thinking about it after playing and then talk my wife’s (who is not a gamer whatsoever) ear off in the days that follow. A hot topic in our community lately has been the increased cost of games in Canada (most games are now $69). Regardless of price point I guarantee you will get full value for your dollar with this game. I struggled to find any significant faults. Watch Dogs gets about as close to a perfect score that I’m comfortable giving. If you are on the fence about this game, don’t be. This is the game that makes spending that hard earned money on a next-generation console worth it.
90 (May 27, 2014)
Alcune tematiche scabrose vengono affrontate in maniera troppo pulita, e l'impatto narrativo si disperde nei meandri di una storia a metà tra il thriller e lo spionaggio alla Tom Clancy, con alcuni dei personaggi che avrebbero meritato una sorte migliore. Nonostante un impianto tecnico che porge il fianco a più di una critica, è proprio su next gen che Watch Dogs assume il suo senso più compiuto perché c'è grande voglia di giochi così ricchi di contenuti e con una così alta attenzione ai dettagli. In questa Chicago si possono passare decine d'ore guardandosi in giro e cercando spunti per scoprire le tante possibilità offerte dall'ottimo gameplay e level design pensati da Ubisoft, e se Watch Dogs è chiaramente un inizio, come lo fu il primo Assassin's Creed, qui le idee sembrano più chiare di allora... e sappiamo tutti com'è andata a finire a partire dalle avventure italiane di Ezio.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 27, 2014)
Själva hacker-delen gör att Watch Dogs särskiljer sig helt från genrekonkurrensen och det är befriande att se hur Ubisoft Montreal valt att porträttera ett modernt övervakningssamhälle med små, subtila medel snarare än att klampa in med stora Skynet-domedags-profetian som en del av mig hade förväntat sig. Detta handlar om hämnd. Om ren och skär hämnd och om alla de ofrånkomliga intrång i våra privatliv genom nyttjande av vardagsteknologi som mobiltelefoner och övervakningskameror. Och i slutändan pratar vi om en otroligt skickligt sammansatt produkt.
90 (May 27, 2014)
E' un peccato solamente che Watch Dogs non riesca a fare l'ultimo balzo di qualità sul fronte narrativo e della componente online: la trama resta poco sapida, e non tutte le modalità multiplayer tengono banco. Soprattutto la sceneggiatura altalenante lo frena, e non gli permette di arrivare in quell'olimpo dove il colosso Rockstar siede imbattuto. Eppure Watch Dogs ha dalla sua degli spunti eccezionali: soprattutto nella meticolosa costruzione di un'ambientazione credibile, che trasmetta costantemente l'ossessione per la privacy e per la sicurezza, assieme alle destabilizzanti prospettive dell'iper-sorveglianza e del controllo dei dati. Questo è, oltre al gameplay eccezionalmente ricco, un elemento di forte originalità in Watch Dogs, che risulta in ultima analisi un titolo nuovo e suggestivo, un'IP riuscita al primo colpo, ed uno dei sandbox più estesi di sempre.
Darkstation (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs is far and away the best game to released for the new consoles. It's overflowing with incredible content to be enjoyed and the beautiful city of Chicago to explore. This game could be the start of a truly incredible franchise.
PSX-Sense (May 27, 2014)
Watch_Dogs is een uitstekende game en het zit qua gameplay eigenlijk helemaal snor. De gameplay is ijzersterk dankzij de hack-mogelijkheden en het is op veel vlakken erg innovatief. Het feit dat je gewoon een open-wereld aan je voeten hebt als hacker waarin je alles kunt doen en laten wat je wilt is echt een heel erg tof concept, dat tevens erg goed is uitgewerkt. Qua verhaal zit Watch_Dogs niet in de top van de open-wereld games en kan het nog een puntje zuigen aan de scripts van games als Sleeping Dogs, Mafia 2 en GTA V. Het verhaal is vooral erg warrig, bevat teveel personages zonder interessante karakters en het weet weinig te boeien. Natuurlijk, dit is een persoonlijk ervaring en dat kan door eenieder anders ervaren worden, maar het kan dus ook jou wat tegenvallen. Wel is het voor de rest een sterke game geworden die technisch heel erg goed in elkaar zit, zo hebben wij weinig bugs opgemerkt en dat is vrij uniek voor zo’n enorme game.
Watch_Dogs borrows game play elements from GTA, inFamous and Assassin’s Creed (among others), adds a hacking dynamic and pulls it all together into a great game. Despite some standout visuals though there’s nothing here that feels like a leap forward in gaming, and I can’t imagine the core game feeling much different had I played a last-gen version. It doesn’t tarnish the experience, but players looking for a reason to need a new console still don’t have one.
InsideGamer (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs heeft zeker wat verbeterpunten (bijvoorbeeld de zijmissies), maar wat overblijft is een game die het onmogelijke flikt, en dat is het waarmaken van de torenhoge verwachtingen. Veel games richten zich op specifieke doelgroepen, maar Watch Dogs krijgt het voor elkaar om een ervaring neer te zetten die we werkelijk iedereen aan kunnen raden. En dat is maar weinig andere games gegeven.
Games TM (2014)
2014 will have better games, stronger ideas and more visually impressive spectacles, but none of this stops Watch Dogs from being another very fine offering from Ubisoft Montreal, a studio that has a commitment to both quality and narrative that should always be admired.
90 (May 27, 2014)
Ubisoft Montreal debutta quindi in modo convincente, con un gioco che pur senza mostrare i picchi sperati getta delle solidissime basi per un promettente futuro. Watch Dogs convince infatti grazie a un gameplay vario e solido, all'ottima longevità e al buon comparto tecnico. Per raggiungere il livello di Grand Theft Auto, però, Ubisoft deve trovare quella spregiudicatezza e quel coraggio che rendono unici i giochi di Rockstar, quella voglia di stupire e di far discutere che rende immortali certi personaggi e certi dialoghi.
The Escapist (May 26, 2014)
Polished to a mirror sheen, and bursting with content, Watch Dogs is a great looking game with a thriving open world and an empowering premise. It suffers from being an amalgamation of every other major Ubisoft game, to the point where it doesn't feel as fresh as it deserves to, but it's still a varied, rich, thoroughly dense experience.
Game Revolution (May 27, 2014)
Though gang warfare slightly overtakes the more pertinent theme of personal security and government surveillance, Watch Dogs is a superlative technical achievement. Its interpretation of Chicago is painstakingly detailed and sets a new bar for open worlds, with only a spare few hiccups in frame-rate. Watch Dogs converges the best of what Ubisoft has to offer as a game developer and serves as one of the strongest debuts for a new franchise this year.
God is a Geek (May 27, 2014)
After a generation that brought us seven years of countless linear and identikit shooters, Watch Dogs is the open world adrenaline shot that fatigued gamers needed. While the story could have been better and Ubisoft have made a few questionable design choices, it’s rare to see a big budget game that offers players freedom in almost every aspect of its design – and, more importantly, one that is this much fun while doing so.
Financial Post (May 27, 2014)
Is Watch Dogs meant to convince us to be more vigilant in protecting our online identities and the information we share on camera and over open lines? Or is it meant to show us what people – including ourselves – might do given carte blanche authority over sophisticated information-gleaning technologies that may be just around the corner? I suspect it’s a little of both. And a damned fun romp through a Chicago sandbox, to boot.
GamingTrend (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs represents a step into a scary real-world future. It raises social and governmental questions around a person’s right to privacy. It delivers combat, stealth, story, and an incredible amount of side content to bring the whole world to life. I’m amazed at what the team at Ubisoft has delivered here, and I’m glad that they treated the hacker world with more respect and attention to detail than any other game or movie to date. I’m hopeful that Watch Dogs becomes a franchise because it is the best sandbox title I’ve ever played.
90 (May 27, 2014)
Gameplay original et convaincant, level design intelligent et immersion garantie, Watch Dogs est un très bon jeu en monde ouvert qui n'a pas à rougir face à la concurrence. Il se distingue toutefois avec une approche souvent plus subtile et un univers entièrement tourné vers le hacking, qu'il s'agisse de détruire les véhicules, récupérer des missions annexes ou encore infiltrer les systèmes de sécurité. Certes, on pourra lui reprocher un scénario sans grande surprise ou quelques impairs techniques, mais ce serait bien vite oublier les nombreux effets de qualité qui accompagnent avec brio votre aventure dans les rues de Chicago. Quant aux amateurs de nouvelles expériences, ils pourront aussi apprécier le mode multijoueur qui pose les jalons d'un nouveau modèle taillé pour la next-gen.
AusGamers (May 27, 2014)
What you can walk away with is, like Assassin’s Creed before it, Watch Dogs has walked into a genre otherwise owned by one of the most popular and rewarded developers in the industry and holds its own. The question will always be “is it better than GTA?” and at this stage the answer is invariably no, but it’s early days for a game that builds on the strengths of its core marketing line, while balancing itself out on various fringe areas. It fails to expand upon its own principles though, and as a result remains slightly out of line with its potential. But damn, what potential it has.
LaPS4 (2014)
Watch Dogs se convierte en una de las mejores opciones dentro del catálogo actual de PlayStation 4. Controlar toda la ciudad de Chicago con tu smarthphone es extremadamente divertido y, aunque no alcanza las cotas de calidad de juegos como Grand Theft Auto V, aporta una gran cantidad de horas de diversión en la nueva consola de Sony.
Explosion (Jun 01, 2014)
Watch Dogs feels like your traditional blockbuster game. While offering a smattering of mechanics which are fun to play with, the game attempts to color within the lines of traditional design and give players the experience expected of an Ubisoft product. With so much riding on the line, it is hard to find fault in Ubisoft’s safe strategy. I don’t blame Watch Dogs for not taking chances, but it makes it impossible to really fall in love with the game. AAA games are something different these days, they are investments which need to work within the expectations we have forged over the years with established publishers. While it means we’ll get polished games with bits of flair, it also means games like Watch Dogs fail to give us something truly exciting.
Vandal Online (May 27, 2014)
Si os gusta el género y os motiva la temática, seguro que no os va a decepcionar. Y aunque podría haber llegado un poquito más lejos mejorando ciertos aspectos, y deja esa ligera sensación de "la secuela seguro que será mucho mejor", como primer capítulo de una nueva saga, con mucho potencial de futuro, nos ha parecido un juego redondo y sobre todo, muy disfrutable.
Game Informer Magazine (May 27, 2014)
At the end of the day, Watch Dog's story works as a basic revenge tale, and the final few missions provide some gravity to the characters. Ultimately, however, the main draw of any open-world game is the gameplay, and while not perfect, Watch Dog's hacking abilities add an engaging and unique twist to the third-person action. Ubisoft has another deserved hit on its hands, and I look forward to seeing where the new series goes next.
XGN (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs is een ultiem hackersparadijs vol diepgang en kwaliteit. De game brengt weinig vernieuwing naar het open wereld genre, maar er zijn tal van waardevolle verbeteringen en toevoegingen. De diepgaande gameplay zorgt ervoor dat Watch Dogs niet snel verveelt en tot het einde leuk blijft. Ubisoft heeft een geslaagde nieuwe IP afgeleverd waar wij in de toekomst hopelijk nog meer van zullen zien.
Gameplanet (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs is an excellent open world title whose story and gameplay options will keep players interested right up to the end.
Merlin'in Kazanı (Jul 21, 2014)
Watch Dogs'u oynarken aklınızdan geçecekleri az çok tahmin edebiliyorum; biraz Splinter Cell, biraz Deus Ex, biraz Assassin's Creed, hatta evet biraz da GTA... Bunun iyi mi yoksa, kötü bir şey mi olduğuna siz karar verin ve en önemlisi geçtiğimiz E3 fuarında gördüğünüz grafikleri tamamen unutun. Ubisoft grafik anlamında ne yazık ki yeterince çalışamamış. Umuyorum gelecekte firma, bu tarz ufak tefek hataları düzeltme yoluna gider, aksi takdirde Watch Dogs raflarda toz tutmaya mahkum. Ayrıca inanıyorum ki bu oyunun ikincisi, oldukça başarılı olacak. Kısmet, nasip diyelim...
Though the new-generation moniker may be cliché, it rings true in the dense and beautiful presentation of Watch Dogs. Most of the many, many systems on display have been sharpened to a fine point despite a few that fail to reach their full potential. While minor bugs, inconsistencies, and a lackluster story restrain Watch Dogs, its impressive environments, fluid interconnected mechanics and welcome multiplayer components set the bar for future open-world experiences, and help it to stand as a sign of things to come.
PSX Extreme (May 30, 2014)
This is a humongous yet finely appointed environment, as the developers pay special attention to every minute detail. Obviously, these details are even more impressive on one of the next-gen consoles (as opposed to the PS3 and 360 versions) and yeah, you’ll definitely want to play this one on the PS4 or Xbox One. With every step, players continually encounter – and greatly appreciate – the unparalleled liveliness and vibrancy of the city. It’s in the expressions of the individuals, the general chaotic flow of urban existence, and the overall world design that ramps up the immersion. There are a few visual inconsistencies in the gameplay but beyond that, this is an epic presentation.
Spazio Games (May 28, 2014)
Watch_Dogs non è la rivoluzione degli open world che molti giocatori attendevano, ma gli sviluppatori sono riusciti comunque ad alzare l'asticella del genere, inserendo nella sua formula base numerose intelligenti meccaniche legate all'hacking che donano nuova linfa vitale allo shooting, agli inseguimenti e alle attività secondarie, ed eliminando qualunque legnosità tipica della concorrenza diretta. Un gameplay di qualità superba in parole povere, che viene tristemente sminuito da una narrativa banalotta e mal gestita, al punto da sembrare quasi forzata a tratti. Nel complesso, è quasi senza dubbio il miglior multipiattaforma spuntato sull'attuale generazione di console e rappresenta una base granitica su cui costruire un marchio da ricordare, dunque ve lo consigliamo senza remore. Chissà però cosa avrebbe potuto rappresentare con una trama all'altezza di tutti gli altri elementi. Forse lo scopriremo in futuro. Per ora, buon hacking a tutti.
Softpedia (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs is a fun open world experience. However, the repetitive chases and the formulaic gameplay tend to get tedious and boring after a while. As such, you might want to enjoy the different multiplayer experiences and take frequent breaks to just roam around the city.
3D Juegos (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs. Dos palabras que, desde el anuncio de lo nuevo de Ubisoft, se han convertido en uno de los mayores generadores de hype del mundillo. Aiden Pearce desembarca en PC y consolas con su mágico teléfono móvil dispuesto a hacer justicia. ¿Y el juego? Una aventura espectacular que no ha logrado igualar sus desaforadas expectativas, pero que ofrece mucho y aparatoso entretenimiento.
IGN (May 27, 2014)
One-button hacking might be overly simplistic, but it does give you abilities that make playing through Aiden’s story feel powerful and fun. Doing side missions and multiplayer as you make your way through the dark and lengthy story makes it feel like a huge adventure, and stealth options let you play smart if you prefer. Car chases aside, Watch Dogs is fundamentally very well made, and has more than enough unique ideas to make it a great and memorable open-world action game.
80 (May 28, 2014)
Uiteindelijk is Watch Dogs een zeer sterke, maar vooral zeer aansprekende dollemansrit. De game staat stevig dankzij de goede missieformule, die werkt omdat alle elementen (hacken, schieten en rijden) sterk zijn en goed aanvoelen. Creëert dit memorabele missies waar we het jaren later nog over hebben? Nee, dat niet. Daar is ook het gemis van een sterke protagonist, en een gebrek aan screentime voor de veel kleurrijkere tegenspelers (Jordi, Clara, T-Bone) debet aan. Dat is jammer, gezien de campagne wel het voorgerecht en hoofdgerecht in één is. Het toetje dat de smaken zijmissies en enkele simpele online-componenten zoals de niet zo heel erg coole invasions kent, valt daarbij gewoonweg in het niet. Kers op dat taartje is dat we na ons avontuur in Chicago wel stof tot nadenken hebben: de kracht en het gevaar van informatie en techniek werd niet eerder zo sterk naar een game vertaald.
GameSpot (May 27, 2014)
Aiden's soul is still locked away, too, even though I spent dozens of hours with him. But while I can't say who Aiden truly is, I can confidently say that Watch Dogs is a lushly produced and riotous game with an uncanny ability to push you from one task to the next, each of which is just as fun as the last. This version of Chicago is crawling with a hyperbolic number of degenerates, and I didn't mind squashing pyromaniacs and slavers under my tires as I plowed through the streets chasing after a hacker, hip-hop beats blasting from the radio. After all, the struggling mothers and homeless beggars wandering Chicago deserve some peace of mind, and doling out some street justice is a good first step.
80 (May 27, 2014)
Et imponerende variert og lekent actionspill med minneverdige spillerskapte opplevelser.
GameOver (Greece) (May 27, 2014)
Το Next Gen στοίχημα δεν κερδίζεται από το Watch Dogs. Όχι τουλάχιστον με τον τρόπο που το έχουμε αναγάγει σε gaming ιδανικό που θα φέρει μία μικρή επανάσταση σε κάποιον τέλος πάντων τομέα. Αλλά το παιχνίδι διαπρέπει σαν last-gen ή no-gen παιχνίδι, και μάλιστα σε τομείς που πολλοί άλλοι δημιουργοί του χώρου θεωρούσαν περιττό να ρίξουν το μεγάλο βάρος, εφόσον προσέφεραν μεγάλους χάρτες, πολλά οχήματα κτλ. Πολύ περισσότερο θέτει ισχυρές βάσεις για κάτι που μπορεί στο μέλλον να καταλήξει σε δυστοπικό Assassin’s Creed, ελπίζουμε όχι με ετήσια επεισόδια. Το μεράκι των δημιουργών είναι εμφανές, όπως όμως είναι εμφανές και το άγχος τους να προσφέρουν και πολλά άλλα πράγματα. Ίσως στο επόμενο Watch Dogs, όπου θα έχουν ξεχωρίσει την ήρα από σιτάρι, να προσφέρουν ένα πραγματικό αριστούργημα.
Gry OnLine (May 27, 2014)
Wytyczone przez Rockstar Games standardy to absolutna podstawa, nieobecność stacji radiowych w tego typu sandboksie traktuję z miejsca jako duży minus. Licencjonowanych kawałków jest akurat sporo, ale opcja przerzucania ich po kolei za pomocą przycisku na padzie to chybiony pomysł. Dodam, że przypadły mi do gustu raptem dwa numery z całej listy (Ministry i Danko Jones – obie kapele doskonale znam), co też kiepsko świadczy o repertuarze. Różnorodność w tej kwestii to podstawa, wszak każdy ma inny gust i powinien znaleźć coś dla siebie. Dedykowane radio, które pozwaliłoby posłuchać muzyki zbliżonej do moich prywatnych preferencji, sprawdziłoby się znacznie lepiej.
80 (May 27, 2014)
Voltando à questão inicial, será que Watch Dogs corresponde às expectativas? Como um jogo apresentando e prometido para a nova geração de consolas, fica uns centímetros abaixo do que estávamos à espera, particularmente quando nos lembramos do que a Rockstar conseguiu alcançar com GTA V. Mas a comparação é injusta. Watch Dogs é um jogo de início de geração e seria impensável que tão cedo teríamos um jogo a roçar a perfeição. As suas falhas são menores, não passam despercebidas mas não também não incomodam muito. E quando digo que Watch Dogs não corresponde às expectativas, não me refiro apenas à parte tecnológica, novos conceitos e ideias são a parte fundamental. Neste aspecto, está encaminhado num bom caminho, alias, é importante sublinhar que temos aqui um jogo que na maioria das vezes é muito bom, mas ainda há potencial para explorar no futuro.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (May 27, 2014)
For mig trak hovedpersonen og historien alligevel lidt ned, men måske du er ligeglad. Uanset hvad er Watch Dogs et fundament, hvorpå Ubisoft kan bygge videre, og efter at have brugt mange timer i Chicago som Aiden Pearce er jeg kun sulten efter mere.
Polygon (May 27, 2014)
As an open world game, Watch Dogs provides “enough” — enough sidequests, enough space, enough of a playground — to qualify, but it doesn’t quite place. Other games have nailed a better balance in optional activities and large-scale ambiance, including other games from Ubisoft Montreal itself. But when Watch Dogs focuses on the things it does better than anyone else, it finds an identity worth developing. As a hybrid open-world stealth-action game, it’s in a class by itself.
GamesRadar (May 27, 2014)
It’s these state-of-the-art thrills, combined with a genuine desire to investigate and fiddle with every inch of Chicago, that’ll push you to play until the bitter end; until the game has spilled all its secrets. The story is unlikely to keep you logged in, and the missions will often feel annoyingly familiar, but if you connect with and really explore this high-tech world, there are plenty of virtual--and emotional--rewards to harvest.
In some ways, Ubisoft has done it a disservice by creating expectations it could never live up to, as this is a wholly entertaining experience on its own terms. The campaign is massive and full of enthralling missions, the voice acting and characterization (outside of Aiden) is impeccable and it’s jam packed with enough content to keep gamers satisfied until Grand Theft Auto VI. Ironic, seeing as how Watch Dogs’ biggest shortcomings stem from its inability to distance itself from the series it so clearly was inspired by. When compared to GTAV, the game falls short in most places — notably driving and side-missions. Falling short to one of the games of the generation, however, is still a huge accomplishment and Watch Dogs blazes its own trail by offering the ingenious addition of hacking. With tons of content and a surprising amount of humor, Ubisoft has laid an incredibly solid base with Watch Dogs. It might not be at the top of its class, but it’s a damn fine salutatorian.
Digital Spy (May 27, 2014)
Despite its pacing issues, Watch Dogs manages to tell a worthwhile story that's backed up by some novel new ideas in both single and multiplayer.
Critical Hit (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs won't please everyone. Its shallow narrative and bland protagonist detract, but those looking for a finely-crafted open world game that eschews parody and satire for an overall darker tone will have a great time in Watch Dogs' digital Chicago.
PlayStation Universe (May 29, 2014)
Watch Dogs on PS4 executes fresh gameplay ideas with aplomb, marking one of the first games of this new generation of consoles to innovate within its genre. It's a slower, smarter sandbox shooter with an astounding degree of content, but despite resonant themes of technological overbearance, its poorly handled story likely won't grip you.
Push Square (May 31, 2014)
Watch Dogs isn't a hack job, but it isn't the next-gen revolution that many were expecting either. It's a game largely made up of mediocre bits and pieces, but is elevated far beyond the sum of its parts by its brilliantly dynamic sandbox and often gripping mission design. You'll want to see Aiden Pearce's tale through to its conclusion despite its flaws, but it's those unpredictable and sometimes spectacular moments of vigilante justice that will keep you connected to Ubisoft's latest open world.
TheSixthAxis (Jun 03, 2014)
Watch Dogs was probably never going to be the ground-breaking “next-gen” experience many had envisioned back in 2012. It’s hardly run-of-the-mill but at the same time only makes a few genuine attempts to break the mould. However, in these areas – such as the online multiplayer – there are genuine glimmers of innovation worthy of merit, and if you look anywhere else, players will still find an open-world game backed by a unique premise and solid core gameplay. Ubisoft has certainly upped its game in the past several years, with Watch Dogs being yet another display of both the publisher’s ingenuity and willingness to take risks, all for the benefit of players.
The Guardian (Jun 06, 2014)
That said, Watch Dogs is solidly entertaining and a lot of fun to play. And while it could’ve achieved true greatness if it had followed through on its most ambitious promises, it is still better than a lot of what’s been released this year. The hype seems already to be benefiting the sales figures. Everything about Watch Dogs tells us that we are all susceptible in the digital age.
Quarter to Three (Jun 20, 2014)
It’s not a very articulate political statement. It’s certainly not as articulate as Rockstar’s darkly satirical editorial about torture. It might not even be a political statement so much as an observational bit of weird world building, like the way some cars use their turn signals or the way people open umbrellas when it rains or the way a firetruck trundles down the street with its siren blaring, but going absolutely nowhere because I followed it to find out. But whatever it is, it’s there, as sure as a strange buzzing noise on the line. Ubisoft might not know how to drive home a point. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make one while giving me a grand place to drive on the sidewalks.
Meristation (May 27, 2014)
Ubisoft se lanza definitivamente al género sandbox con Watch Dogs, un proyecto que ha costado cinco años de desarrollo y diversos dolores de cabeza pero que se postula como otro nuevo contendiente atractivo para un género con cada vez más propuestas. Sale este 27 de mayo a la venta en PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 4 y Xbox 360. En Wii U más tarde.
80 (May 26, 2014)
Est-ce que Watch Dogs remplit son contrat, à savoir nous proposer un vrai jeu en monde ouvert doté d'un gameplay intéressant tournant autour du piratage, le tout dans une ville gigantesque et hyper connectée ? Oui, c'est indéniable. Excellent premier jet dans ce genre où GTA règne en maître, le titre d'Ubisoft se permet même de lui faire concurrence de fort belle manière en parvenant à se distinguer intelligemment grâce à une approche originale. Un très bon jeu donc, même s'il ne se montre pas aussi impressionnant techniquement que lors de sa première présentation au public et malgré quelques impairs concernant l'intelligence artificielle des ennemis, un scénario qu'on aurait aimé plus prenant ou encore un caractère répétitif chez les joueurs trop bourrins qui préfèreront les armes aux nombreuses subtilités du hacking. Quoiqu'il en soit, avec son contenu gargantuesque et un jeu en ligne limité mais original, Watch Dogs s'impose comme un incontournable sur PS4.
JeuxActu (May 27, 2014)
Si le titre d’Ubisoft n’est au final pas le monstre graphique qu’on nous a fait miroiter pendant deux ans, il se rattrape heureusement par son gameplay qui mélange habilement action, infiltration et piratage. En effet, toute l’architecture du jeu a été construite autour de cet équilibre et le résultat se révèle être réussi. C’est vrai, on aurait aimé que les scénaristes nous proposent une histoire plus prenante, nous offrent un personnage plus charismatique et aillent plus loin dans l’écriture. En attendant, les amateurs de jeux open world auront de quoi se rassasier grâce à son contenu imposant et son multijoueur brillamment intégré dans l’aventure principale. Certains choix de game design feront grincer des dents également (l’absence de saut, le fait de ne pas pouvoir tirer en conduisant ou limitant le close combat à des coups de matraques pré-calculées), mais pour un premier coup d’essai, l’équipe d’Ubisoft Montréal s’en sort convenablement.
The Digital Fix (Jun 25, 2014)
Fundamentally that's the overriding feeling of Watch Dogs. It's a game that has so much to offer and so many things to do that it can't fail to engage you as a player. But eventually you'll realise it's not all good and what you find interesting is done. There’s little to compel the player to finish in terms of the way it does things, aside from that square button which allows magical occurrences to happen. With this introduction to the world of hacking Ubisoft have created a behemoth of an IP, one that promises much. Like its predecessor though, we'll have to wait for the tighter and more focussed second iteration, removing what didn't work and improving that which did, to realise that full potential.
70 (UK) (May 27, 2014)
Watch Dogs doesn't have that promising kernel. It certainly entertains, but mostly through borrowed concepts, and the central notion that could have made it stand out - the hacking - is the most undercooked of all. It doesn't get anything horribly wrong, but nor does it excel at any of the genre beats it so faithfully bangs out. It's good, and yet that always feels like a criticism when a game comes weighed down by this much hype. You won't regret the time you spend in Aiden Pearce's world, but nor will it be saved as a precious memory when you reboot.
Imaginative, cleverly integrated online play helps to bolster Watch Dogs less exciting single-player offering, which fails to capitalize on its ambitious hacking concept in any truly memorable way.
70 (May 27, 2014)
A highly enjoyable GTA clone but one that doesn’t quite have the panache of Rockstar’s best or the inspiration to make the most of its otherwise enjoyable gameplay concepts.
70 (May 27, 2014)
Am Ende sind es solche Momente, für die man Watch Dogs mag, ein so ambitioniertes Spiel, das trotz aller Mühe nie vollends da ankommt, wohin es wollte. Das seinen gut gestalteten Missionen nur wenige komplett verachtenswerte untermischt und sonst kaum etwas halsbrecherisch falsch macht. Eines, das aber auch zu bequem ist, zu Beginn der neuen Generation nur einen müden Finger zu rühren und zu zeigen: Dort, dort geht es lang mit offenen Welten. Was Ubisoft hier mit millionenschwer beladenem Buckel präsentiert, ist mehr ein Best-of thematisch verwandter Spiele, eine über alle Maßen unterhaltsame, hochwertig produzierte, quer durch die letzten Jahre „Open-World" pflügende Diashow. Ich kann nicht behaupten, dabei nicht ein paar Mal sehr zufrieden und glücklich geseufzt zu haben. Doch manchmal ist das eben nicht genug.
70 (May 27, 2014)
Undoubtedly enjoyable, but it won't linger long in the memory.
Slant (Jun 02, 2014)
Watch Dogs presents a government whose eyes are constantly watching, constantly collecting, and we’re meant to witness how its absolute power corrupts. The God’s-eye view of society granted here is meant to unnerve and disturb the player, and it often does. But seconds later, you’re using it to set off Home Alone-style traps for your enemies, right before you lead cops and criminals alike on merry, frantic, city-destroying chases, and the game feels unsure if it’s supposed to be having fun with all this freedom or not. If Watch Dogs had been that more ambitious game sold to us two years ago, that handwringing might have been justified. In its current state, where the best thing about it is the morality-free mayhem you can cause, the point is irreversibly muddled, if not entirely lost. Where Saints Row as a series came to embrace its brand of insanity, and Grand Theft Auto at least came to terms with its own, Watch Dogs feels unnecessarily guilty for it.
Nivelul2 (Jun 10, 2014)
Watch Dogs (stilizat Watch_Dogs), un IP Ubisoft nou, îndrăzneţ şi plin de idei interesante, eşuează la capitolul realizare tehnică şi -- din nefericire -- se îneacă în momentele cele mai importante. Totuşi, acest lucru nu înseamnă că trebuie evitat. Din multe puncte de vedere, Watch_Dogs este un titlu care merită jucat şi asimilat, nu pentru ce promitea să fie la E3, ci pentru forma lui finală -- de preferat pe PS4 sau Xbox One, dacă vă deranjează să pândiți patch-uri.
PlayStation Lifestyle (May 27, 2014)
These missteps get corrected through truly next-gen multiplayer that’ll pervade the experience if you let it, along with gobs of side-objectives, collectables, augmented reality games like NVZN (third-person alien blasting around the city), and digital trips that allow Ubisoft to add fantastic elements like the Spider tank. The focus on setting up Watch Dogs as a new franchise will pay off in the years to come, but it does come at the main game’s expense.
The Telegraph (Jun 05, 2014)
It is a genuine shame. There is a real sense of creative energy crackling at the edges of Watch Dogs and a mechanical aptitude in its systems that make it enjoyable enough to play. Parts of the game irritated me greatly, but I rarely found it less than entertaining, and there were moments that brought a real thrill. Watch Dogs immediate success almost guarantees a sequel, and Ubisoft have plenty of strong points with which to build upon. But I would also like to see more conviction in their own ideas, rather than avoiding difficult questions and settling into a pattern of familiarity. And perhaps most importantly: lose the idiot in a trenchcoat.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 21, 2014)
But, hey, who needs friends when you’re a mass murderer like Aiden Pearce? Narrative misgivings aside, it’s difficult not to be disappointed by how Watch Dogs turned out. Not because of the excited hoopla that came before, but because of what it could have been. Here we have a game that borrows too heavily from others – entertaining as those mechanics may be – robbing it of its own unique identity. The hacking rectifies this somewhat, providing that differentiating hook, but even that’s not enough to elevate Watch Dogs above the sum of its derivative parts. You won’t regret your time spent in Aiden’s shoes – most likely you’ll enjoy it – but there will always be that nagging feeling that this could have been something greater. This could have been the next-gen showcase we’ve all been waiting for, rather than another routine adventure.
Giant Bomb (May 27, 2014)
Even though I feel its story is often weak and its action isn't that different from other games in the genre, I still enjoyed my time with Watch Dogs. It turns out that the old stuff still works, and the strong-but-standard mission design kept me entertained, most of the time. It's rough around the edges, though, so if you don't settle for anything less than the best, you'll probably be disappointed.