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The Wolf Among Us Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Title screen
Main menu
Episode 1: Faith
Episode 1: Chapter story
Episode 1: Park bridge after dark
Episode 1: City view from the top perspective
Episode 1: Tenement Building
Episode 1: Action menu
Episode 1: Quick time event with a key press during a fight.
Episode 1: Bleeding from a broken nose
Episode 1: Talking to a girl you don't know.
Episode 1: Meeting a new friend
Episode 1: Axed head
Episode 1: Woodland Luxury Apartments
Episode 1: Bigsby meets Beauty
Episode 1: Desk action menu
Episode 1: Elevator Button
Episode 1: Bigby's Apartment
Episode 1: Colin, the pig, at Bigsby's apartment
Episode 1: Personal files
Episode 1: Scrap of Fabric
Episode 1: Ichabod Crane
Episode 1: Answer possibilities
Episode 1: Bigsby and Snow, working together
Episode 1: Magic lamp
Episode 1: Picture with a wolf
Episode 1: Magic mirror
Episode 1: The mirror provides helpful information for whereabouts
Episode 1: Trying to find a new clue in an old book
Episode 1: Bufkin can help you find books
Episode 1: Fairy tale
Episode 1: Heading to Lawrence's apartment
Episode 1: Messy room
Episode 1: Examining stain
Episode 1: Hearing the frogs
Episode 1: looking at window
Episode 1: Dying on the floor
Episode 1: No answer with save this man
Episode 1: Running man
Episode 1: Taxi trip
Episode 1: Chat in the taxi
Episode 1: Yellow cab
Episode 1: In front on the bar
Episode 1: At the Trip Trap bar
Episode 1: Drinking at bar
Episode 1: Yeti face
Episode 1: Make full use of interior design in the fight
Episode 1: Abominable barmaid
Episode 1: Crime place
Episode 1: Choices worldwide comparison
Episode 2: Upper West Side Precinct
Episode 2: Hearing, the view from the window
Episode 2: Boxed evidence
Episode 2: Car trip
Episode 2: View on the street
Episode 2: Presenting the theory of pain
Episode 2: Dring or smash?
Episode 2: Friendly exchange of opinions
Episode 2: The conversation in the hallway
Episode 2: In front of business office
Episode 2: Toad and TJ
Episode 2: Chat with a frog
Episode 2: Investigating the site
Episode 2: Witching Well Chamber
Episode 2: Witching Well
Episode 2: Strange reaction to the sight of the corpse
Episode 2: Effective glamour
Episode 2: Examining the head
Episode 2: Locked fist
Episode 2: Decision-making process
Episode 2: Opening the strange object
Episode 2: In the bar
Episode 2: How are You Wolfie?
Episode 2: New Book of Fables entry unlocked
Episode 2: In the heat of questions
Episode 2: Night taxi drive
Episode 2: The Pudding & Pie
Episode 2: In front of a night club
Episode 2: Nude posters on the wall
Episode 2: Pipe dancer
Episode 2: Looking for better view perspective
Episode 2: Tattooed guy
Episode 2: Sharp conversation
Episode 2: Behind the bar
Episode 2: In the office
Episode 2: Meeting place
Episode 2: Night walk on the streets
Episode 2: In front of the hotel
Episode 2: The Open Arms Hotel
Episode 2: Looking at signs
Episode 2: Front desk
Episode 2: Room 2004
Episode 2: It does not runs out peacefully
Episode 2: Hitting the face
Episode 2: Frontal horns and bleeding eyes
Episode 2: Bloody bed
Episode 2: Cassette "For My Arrival"
Episode 2: Evidence connected
Episode 2: Viewing the photographs
Episode 2: Book of Fables
Episode 3 - Starting screen.
Episode 3 - At the scene of a brutal murder, continuing the previous episode.
Episode 3 - Everything is pointing to Crane, but could it really be so simple?
Episode 3 - Leaving the hotel.
Episode 3 - Talking to Beauty.
Episode 3 - Arriving at the Buckingham bridge.
Episode 3 - Arriving at the place of Lilly's funeral.
Episode 3 - Nobody is happy with Wolf's presence at the funeral.
Episode 3 - Breaking the news about recent discovery to Snow.
Episode 3 - Taken hostage by Dee and Dum.
Episode 3 - Some words can easily escalate the situation.
Episode 3 - Main title.
Episode 3 - The magical mirror seems to be broken.
Episode 3 - Listening to doctor's advice is not one of your stronger sides.
Episode 3 - Snow is glad that wolf was at the wake, despite the unfortunate turn of events that took place there.
Episode 3 - Need to find the missing piece of a broken mirror before we can use it again.
Episode 3 - Exploring Crane's old office.
Episode 3 - Searching the Crane's desk for clues.
Episode 3 - Where to go next... there's not enough time to check all the locations.
Episode 3 - Searching Dee's and Dum's office.
Episode 3 - Going through the files.
Episode 3 - Exploring the secret cellar.
Episode 3 - Noone will notice if I take some of their dirty money.
Episode 3 - Arriving at the Trip Trap bar in Bronx.
Episode 3 - One for the road shouldn't hurt.
Episode 3 - Better to separate these two hot heads.
Episode 3 - Drinking and brooding goes well together only until punches start to exchange.
Episode 3 - Good thing Gren is not as aggressive as first time around.
Looking for clues in the manager's office.
Episode 3 - It pays to be more sensitive on occasion.
Episode 3 - Looking at the photo of Lilly.
Episode 3 - I guess we could look around for a bit until the owner comes back.
Episode 3 - That tree looks like the thing we've been looking for.
Episode 3 - This girl looks awfully suspicious.
Episode 3 - So much about taking a shape of a little girl.
Episode 3 - At the Pudding & Pie night club.
Episode 3 - Punching badguys is a friendly greeting for Wolf.
Episode 3 - What was Crane trying to do in the back room...
Episode 3 - Does he look trustworthy or not...
Episode 3 - This neon sign is self-explanatory.
Episode 3 - Trying to sneak out the back door with Crane in custody.
Episode 3 - Bloody Mary seems to be working for the Crooked Man.
Episode 3 - Sheriff Bigby may not be up to the task this time.
Episode 3 - Can't outrun the shotguns.
Episode 3 - Guess they didn't elect you for a sheriff because of your gentle nature.
Episode 3 - Shotguns can't stop sheriff Bigby after all.
Episode 3 - Killing decisions should not be taken lightly.
Episode 3 - A silver bullet will stop the big bad wolf alright.
Episode 3 - Saved by Snow.
Episode 3 - Comparison of player choices with others.
Episode 4 - Starter screen.
Episode 4 - Scary flashbacks.
Episode 4 - This time Bigby barely saved his hide.
Episode 4 - Fixing your own hand must be painful.
Episode 4 - At Sheriff Bigby's apartment.
Episode 4 - Snow was seriously worried about Bigby and she's reluctantly showing it.
Episode 4 - Do I sense a possible development here...
Episode 4 - Colin is worried about getting shipped back to the farm.
Episode 4 - Title.
Episode 4 - At Bigby's office... looks like he has a visitor.
Episode 4 - Werewolves aren't such an easy thing to kill.
Episode 4 - She looks eager yet reluctant to give her statement.
Episode 4 - Maybe a smoke will take off some tension.
Episode 4 - Your choices affect other characters and they may remember it for next time they appear on the scene.
Episode 4 - Snow, it's not what you think.
Episode 4 - Beast still looks sore from our last fight.
Episode 4 - The apartment of Beauty and the Beast.
Episode 4 - Both Beauty and the Beast seem to be hiding something.
Episode 4 - Caught in the act by a mysterious call leaving the message on the answering machine.
Episode 4 - Choosing your next destination.
Episode 4 - Bigby upholds the law his way.
Episode 4 - There's noone at the counter.
Episode 4 - The butcher shop owner is hiding something in the meat freezer.
Episode 4 - And what foul play is hiding behind the door number two.
Episode 4 - Discovering the drug lab.
Episode 4 - Arriving at the Lucky Pawn.
Episode 4 - There's a commotion inside this pawn shop.
Episode 4 - Settle down, settle down, the sheriff's in town.
Episode 4 - Maybe this will cool his head.
Episode 4 - He's persistent... maybe if he loses a horn or two...
Episode 4 - Is this statue also for sale...
Episode 4 - Team effort.
Episode 4 - He's found his axe, he can go his way now.
Episode 4 - Taking a cab back to the office.
Episode 4 - Bluebeard and Frog seem to have something to say to the new mayor.
Episode 4 - I guess Frog should go to the farm to cool off for a bit.
Episode 4 - The magical mirror has been fixed.
Episode 4 - Bloody Mary doesn't like to be spied at through the mirror.
Episode 4 - Snow wants the Crooked Man alive, but I wonder if he'll go down willingly.
Episode 4 - Entering the doorway to Crooked Man's lair.
Episode 4 - Sheriff Bigby is generally polite guy.
Episode 4 - You got to ask yourselves one question... do I feel lucky... well do you, punks?
Episode 4 - Meeting with the Crooked Man in person.
Episode 4 - Player choices in comparison to others.
Episode 5 - Starter screen.
Episode 5 - Title.
Episode 5 - Continuing the story of the previous episode.
Episode 5 - First you try to reason, then you try to negotiate, and then, all hell breaks loose.
Episode 5 - Looks like Dee, or was it Dum, didn't forgive me for killing his brother.
Episode 5 - Take the deal, or take it all.
Episode 5 - Strength in numbers won't save them this time.
Episode 5 - This time, all the punks are going down.
Episode 5 - Mash the X button if you don't want to get stabbed.
Episode 5 - They're trying to escape.
Episode 5 - Running over the buses.
Episode 5 - Chasing them from the rooftops.
Episode 5 - They're mine now.
Episode 5 - Werewolf versus a speeding car.
Episode 5 - Up close on Bigby in his furry form.
Episode 5 - Catching up with the fugitives.
Episode 5 - No way of talking out of this, you slime.
Episode 5 - Selfish sacrifice, but a bit too late for some of the girls.
Episode 5 - Getting clues as to Crooked Man's whereabouts.
Episode 5 - Even though he asked for a quick death, I am not sure if he deserves it.
Episode 5 - That concludes the case of Pudding & Pie.
Episode 5 - Arriving at the Sheppard metalworks, the Crooked Man's hiding place.
Episode 5 - Locked, of course, not that it will stop me.
Episode 5 - Whatever's waiting from me behind this door, there's not going back now.
Episode 5 - Someone's been spying on, well, pretty much everyone.
Episode 5 - Unlike in many other games, this games doesn't use workbench to make weapons, you are the weapon here.
Episode 5 - Bloody Mary is showing her true colors.
Episode 5 - Overran by Bloody Mary replicas.
Episode 5 - Bigby isn't such an easy prey.
Episode 5 - There's a reason why they call you a Big Bad Wolf.
Episode 5 - Bloody Mary's last attempt.
Episode 5 - The Crooked Man still wants to negotiate.
Episode 5 - Choosing the justice by trial over quick death.
Episode 5 - The Crooked Man is going to get a chance for his last words before the verdict is passed.
Episode 5 - Trying to get the crowd side with you instead of the Crooked Man.
Episode 5 - Everybody wants Bigby to be the one to pass the verdict.
Episode 5 - Another day at the job.
Episode 5 - Guess Snow is pretty cold with Bigby now.
Episode 5 - Frog and his son are going to the farm.
Episode 5 - A small gift for Snow.
Episode 5 - Things between Bigby and Snow are... yet to be seen.
Episode 5 - One last choice before screen goes black might be a subtle indication of a possible sequel.
Episode 5 - Player choices in comparison to others.
Episode 5 - Special stats show your responses to other characters throughout the entire game.