Written by  :  Lawnmower Man (149)
Written on  :  Jan 07, 2019
Platform  :  PlayStation 4
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
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Slower Action but Plenty to Customize

The Good

WWE 2k19 continues the tradition of overwhelming players with a dizzying amount of creative options. Creating wrestlers, arenas, championship, even specialized Money in The Bank briefcases for specific titles gives players plenty to edit.

Showcase mode returns once again, featuring the story of Daniel Bryan. Bryan himself retells his time in the WWE, while players are tasked with playing through all of Bryan's career highlights in the WWE- following the in game prompts in order to repeat and relive his story.

The Bad

2K19 is often bogged down by the overwhelming number of options available to players (even the roster can be over generous, making navigating . Navigating the game's labyrinth of menus, sub menus, and countless settings makes this a slow game to pick up and play. Loading screens, while short, are numerous due to how jam packed the game is in features.

The gameplay inside the ring is equally sluggish and complicated. Instructions for various set ups during the match often come with pages of instructions on how to proceed, which immediately halt the in ring action. With the various game modes having different mechanics for different events, WWE 2K19 would have gotten much more benefit from a separate tutorial mode where players can learn the various controls at their own pace without having to lose matches. This is especially true in

While the controls haven't changed much from what players are familiar with, the on screen reversal prompts are still out of sync with the in ring action, making it difficult for players to time reversals naturally. The gameplay mechanics, while attempting to emulate an experience that resembles actual WWE matches, make for dull matches that leave players wishing they could do more (gone are the days of being able to freely climb to the top of the ladder to suicide dive onto an opponent, or simply Irish whipping an opponent onto a table to slam them through it)

The Bottom Line

Those who want a wrestling game that emulates the current trends in wrestling will likely be satisfied with the game's controls. Those wanting a faster paced game like hark back the days of the WCW games on Nintendo 64, or WWF Smackdown Here Comes The Pain, will be left disappointed with the gameplay.

For all its faults, WWE 2k19 is the best option for players looking to get their wrestling game fix on modern gaming consoles. The create options are robust and allow for an impressive level of customization, and players who enjoy wrestling games will spend hours creating new belts and detailing their create-a-wrestlers, making this a decent investment for wrestling fans.