007: Tomorrow Never Dies Screenshots (PlayStation)

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Main menu
Mission selection
Mission start
First-person view
Shooting an enemy through the fence.
Helicopter taking off.
Enemy base
Shooting one of the terrorists inside the bunker.
View from the watchtower
Huge explosion
Designating the target.
Plane dropping a bomb on the target dish.
Grunts dropping from the helicopter.
James Bond escaping on skis.
Two enemies chasing 007.
Mission statistics
Bond parachuting into action.
Second mission start
Taking photos of the arsenal.
Shooting the arm dealers next to the helicopter.
Only two minutes to seize the plane and escape.
Extra life
Using the plane's weapons to destroy the surrounding vehicles and supplies.
Bond crashing the Carver party.
007 entering the underground complex.
Shooting a security guard.
Bad guys play cards too.
Locked control room
Sending another grunt to hell.
Kneeling enemy
Bond getting slapped by Paris.
007 locked in a room without weapons.
Bond using one of his gadgets, the explosive cufflinks.
Bond smashing the mirror.
James Bond is dead.