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Action Man: Operation Extreme Credits

98 people (77 developers, 21 thanks)

Interactive Studios

Managing DirectorPhilip Oliver
Technical DirectorAndrew Oliver
Creative ManagerStephen Thomson
Technical ManagerRichard Hackett
ProgrammerRichard Hackett, Mike Higgs, Andrew Sidwell, Lyndon Homewood, Scott Lamb, Tom Gaulton
Texture ArtistStephen Thomson, Duncan Nimmo, Scott Davidson, Matt Armstrong, Mike Proctor
3d ArtistScott Davidson, Matt Armstrong, Paul Jennings
AnimatorJason Tassell
Concept ArtistDuncan Nimmo
Additional ArtistsAdam Willis, Stephen Rushbrook
Scripting and Level DesignDuncan Nimmo
Music and Sound EffectsRob Lord, Mark Bandola
Technical SupportJohn Whigham, Jon Cartwright, Christopher P. Wilson (Chris Wilson), Chris Swan, R. Fred Williams (Fred Williams)

Hasbro Interactive

ProducerLouise McTighe
Product Manager (ROW)Sara Armstrong
Product Manager (US)Petrina McPhee
Executive ProducerChris Down
Localization Project ManagerVictorya Hollings (Proms)
Creative DirectorSteve Cross
Senior DesignerKen Tse

Hasbro Interactive QA

World-Wide Lead TesterStuart Thody
Testers (ROW)Darryl Shaw, Wayne P. Gardner, Christine Fisher, Luke Wetheral, John De Souza, Armen Sarkisian, Rueben Utudjian (Rueban Utudjian), Gareth Price, Rob Lynch, Andrew Smith
Lead Tester (US)Jennifer Kaczor (Jen Kaczor)
Testers (US)Andy Mazurek, Randy Lee, Jennifer Kaczor (Jen Kaczor), Dan McJilton, Jacob Hopkins (Jake Hopkins)
Lead Tester at Babel MediaWill Morgan
Testers at Babel MediaWill Morgan, Chris Sperry, Louis Campbell, Mark Wherry, Ben McFarland, Dan Croucher, Adrian Costello, Emma Wright, Mike Ttoouli
Technical Services ManagerRoger Carpenter
LocalizationThe Vocal Suite Ltd., Ulrich Mühl, Knockin Boots, Sun Studio, Jingle Bell, Mac Masters, Eurotek

Hasbro Interactive Corporate

PresidentThomas Dusenberry (Tom Dusenberry)
Managing Director (ROW)Tim Christian
Strategic Marketing Director InternationalDominic Myers
Commercial Director, European Div.Scott Dodkins
Strategic Marketing DirectorKate Webster
Head of LocalizationSam Baker
Editorial SpecialistElizabeth Mackney
Director of Public Relations (ROW)Jason Dutton
Director of Public Relations (US)Laura Tomasetti
V.P. Research and DevelopmentTony Parks
V.P. of MarketingJohn Hurlbut
Internet Marketing ManagerJames Sheahan
Special ThanksJacqui Lyons, Roger Cheung, Liz Morgan, Shahid Ahmad, Richard Alexander (Rik Alexander), Kevin Mullard, Kellie Rice, Richard Lever, Kate Johns, David Walls (Dave Walls), Joe Gammal, Richard Gamble, Chris Burt, Jonathan Sully, Conchita Casteigt, Amanda Brook (SCEE), Harold Kinney (Harry Kinney), AQ Inc., Andrew Emery, Reinhard Schrutzki, Steinberg Software Germany


Action ManAlex Mann.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alaka (77734)