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ADVAN Racing Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
The intro movie shows various vehicles. And humans.
Main menu.
Option - Configuration.
Information mode. Lots of nice movies.
This (commercial) is one of them. If you have foot/toe/whatever fetish... this image is for ya.
Quick Race mode.
I already selected the car. Now it's... "Course Select". Suzuka.
Setting. Let's make some adjustments.
The environment looks crappy. The presence of women alleviates the loneliness, I guess.
During races (controlled by the player and not CPU) there are four camera views to choose from.
Wrong way.
ADVAN Racing mode - Garage.
Trying to buy "Parts". I need to make $ first.
Car Shop. You can buy, trade, and sell stuff.
Racing. For joy. And not for money.
Pit stop.
Prize: ZERO. I don't need money, so who cares.
Quick Race - Spot Race. Let's try Super Sports Car.
Car Select.
Race "introduction".
The race started... four seconds ago.
Being disturbed.
You can view the complete replay.
The game is loading, but this time "POOR" appears. Thanks for the extra motivation.