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Alfred Chicken Credits

Mobius Entertainment Ltd.

Creative DirectorJason McGann
Art DirectorIan J. Bowden
Internal ProducerGordon Hall

The King Monkey Team is:

ArtistsDan Roberts, Tom Robertson, James McHale, Paul Colls
Frontend ProgrammingFinlay Munro
MusicJim Croft (Voodoo Sound)
SoundJim Croft (Voodoo Sound)

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Senior ProducerJohn Meegan
Product ManagerToby Morrish
European Software ManagerKevin McSherry
PackagingSteve O'Neill
Manual DesignSteve O'Neill
CopywriterEllie Gibson
European PR ManagerJulie Skinner
New Release ManagerFlora Collingwood
Business Affairs AssociateAlbert Marshall
Director of External DevelopmentMichael Denny
Senior Vice-President of DevelopmentPhil Harrison
Planning and Localisation ManagerVanessa Wood
Software Operations Co-ordinatorJennifer Rees
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
Manual ApprovalStephen Griffiths, Brian Goulbourn
QA SupervisorGareth Spencer
Lead TesterRobert Sutton
TestersAnthony Gill, Chris Cubbin, Graham Foxall, Christopher J. Speed, Barclay Christmas, Jason Platt, Shaun Durney, Michael Aspinall, Lee Thomas, David Lyons, Scott Denton
TRC AuditorsJohn Hale, Paul French
Localisation Lead TesterNadège Josa
Localisation Testers FrenchYannick Paulet, Gaëlle Grenapin
Localisation Testers SpanishYolanda Akil, Vanessa Ibáñez, José M. Flores
Localisation Testers GermanSandra Raue, Katharina Tropf, Nadine Martin, Deniz Ulu
Localisation Testers ItalianMonica Dalla Valle, Giacinto Attanasio, Sacha Fellica, Domenico Visone
Localisation Co‑ordinatorGaëlle Leysour de Rohello
Special Thanks To:All at Mobius, John Meegan, Kevin McSherry, Flora Collingwood, Steve O'Neill, Ellie Gibson, Greg Duddle, Christopher Stanley

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159008) and Ben K (23920)