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Press Release:


    Face terror head-on in heart-pounding third-person perspective!

    LOS ANGELES, (May 28, 1998) -- Deep space terror reaches far into the minds and reflexes of gamers as Fox Interactive warns of the coming of ALIEN RESURRECTION: THE GAME, a fast-paced, third-person, action/adventure game inspired by the latest spine-chilling installment in Fox's horrific Alien motion picture series.

    Currently in development for PlayStation and Windows®95/98 CD-ROM, ALIEN RESURRECTION will deliver blinding fast speed, diabolical amounts of firepower, horribly frightening Aliens and acid-dripping realism. Fox Interactive's producers worked directly with members of the film's production team to create the game's futuristic settings, mind-blowing sound effects and captivating dialogue - all designed to pull the player into the heart of the action. In order to survive, both mind and muscle are required to overcome the evil that awaits Q3 1998.

    When players delve inside this nightmarish extra-terrestrial odyssey, they discover that all is not well aboard the military research vessel Auriga. Inside the besieged spacecraft, the deranged Dr. Wren is one step away from escaping to Earth to continue his demonic alien cloning experiments -- while hordes of Aliens close in on the ship's remaining survivors.

    Face terror head-on as one of five different playable characters: Ripley, Call, Johner, DiStephano or Christie. Then watch the hunt unfold in heart-pounding third-person perspective with intelligent "smart camera" viewpoint options. Think fast and fight even faster through 13 chilling levels of gameplay. But stay calm. You'll need a clear head and a lightning fast trigger finger to fight off attacks from hordes of vicious Aliens using your diverse arsenal of high-powered weapons.

    Highly destructible environments give you the ability to blast at anything and everything surrounding you in this race against the clock through the dark and foreboding corridors of the stricken research vessel. With the help of "Father," the spacecraft's omnipresent talking computer, you must complete specific tasks and individual missions assigned to each level in order to destroy Dr. Wren's mutated human embryo experiments before the ship reaches Earth and the Aliens descend upon the human race.

    Developed by U.K.-based Argonaut Software, Ltd., ALIEN RESURRECTION: THE GAME features a fully polygonal 3D environment with intense action, awesome firepower and throngs of enemies. PC players will also be able to share the terror through multi-player network mode. ALIEN RESURRECTION: THE GAME will appear on retail shelves beginning Fall 1998 for PlayStation and Windows® 95/98 CD-ROM.

    Recognized as an innovative industry leader, Fox Interactive, an operating unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a News Corporation company, is committed to developing a full range of bold and engaging interactive entertainment. Fox Interactive products are distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Check out Fox Interactive online at

    Contributed by Jeanne (76441) on Aug 03, 2008.

Back of Jewel Case (US/Canada):


    Ellen Ripley died trying to wipe out the Aliens. Now, 200 years later, scientists, have resurrected Ripley―along with the Alien Queen―hoping to create the ultimate weapon. Teamed with a crew of renegade space pirates on a research vessel headed for Earth, they must fight for survival and destroy the Aliens once and for all.
    • Try to outwit the Alien intelligence as they communicate with each other; react to sound and player tactics; and hunt alone and in packs.

    • Stay Alert. Watch your back. Aliens can run along walls and ceilings.

    • Ambient sound and game sound effects straight from the ALIEN RESURRECTION movie.


    Use weapons such as the Pulse Rifle, Flamethrower, Electric Gun (Burner), Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher.


    Fight your way through Alien infested research vessel Auriga and the Betty Transport vehicle.

    Contributed by paul_t (181) on Jan 29, 2007.
    Based on the fourth film in the Alien series, Alien Resurrection brings all the thrills of the big screen version to your console. You are aboard the claustrophobic confines of the USS Auriga, where Ripley has been captured and cloned, and the alien DNA copied to breed a band of big, bad xenomorphs. When Ripley comes to, she realises she's not 100% human and that the ship is over-run with alien specimens. Bound for Earth, Ripley finds herself in the midst of an explosive scenario - can she kill before being killed?

    With aliens at every turn, this game is high on shocks and gory graphics as you do battle with a host of vicious critters. It's edge-of-the-seat stuff that's so realistic you'll be checking the walls around your house for signs of alien invasion!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66685) on Dec 09, 2004.