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Alien: Resurrection Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Red Alert!
The door's about to go, so get ready to escape, Ripley!
I hope they remembered to clock out...
First enemy encounter. Advantage - Ripley.
Alien vs. Marine. Neither will survive.
It's dark. The flashlight doesn't help all that much when you find it.
Can't get out that way.
FPS mainstays, like the electrical hazard, make their appearances.
Using an analog controller, you can look up and down with the right stick.
The ship's computer continually makes announcements and offers guidance.
So much for solidarity. Despite the Alien escape, guards still shoot Ripley on sight.
Ladders are frequent throughout the levels.
Helpful NPCs are sometimes encountered.
The Aliens finally attack!
Closer detail.
They even use the inner jaw attack from the film.
Watch out for the acid blood.
Comm stations act as the level end, and set up the next character's goals.
Call has a different-colored HUD and starts with a motion tracker.
Crawling through some vents.
Aliens can leap and crawl along walls.
They can even break down doors!
Fending off some Aliens with the laser weapon.
Trudging on through dark and moody hallways.
FPS staple #2: blocked by fire. Have to find the shutoff valve.
Uh-oh... We now have to find a surgical kit when we wake up.
DiStephano starts with a pulse rifle and the need to use it.
Not much time to find the kit before you're killed by a chestbuster.
Christie uses twin pistols.
Pistols can take out Aliens pretty easily, if you have two of them.
Aliens attack in packs later in the game.
Electric gun.
Cockpit of the Betty.
The "Newborn" Alien has followed you aboard.