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Alive Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Intro movie.
Introducing "Play Manual".
"Mode selection".
"Course Timing".
"Shooting Timing".
"Course Selection".
"Multi Selection".
...and it all starts.
Searching... Personal Data.
Bad news.
First interaction.
Being chased.
Insert your card.
Useless police...
Oh, it's a gift. So sweet.
Nevermind. She's sleepy.
The f*ck is that.
Better escaping?
Time is almost over. Don't be so slow...
Very sexy?
Active mode.
Bad choice. Game over.
Let's try again... A clearer view.
You are doing it right.
What the hell is going on.
The first...
..."mini-game". Finish it in order to unlock the door.
Checking the news.
One of the items.
Left or right...
She's trapped. Game over...
Poor girl...
...and poor old lady.
Different path... and she punches.
These "cops" are not very smart...
What to do?
"Clever" was a bad choice.
But you can always escape...
Mysterious lady.
One of the many game over screens.
Hello weirdo.
Shoot or die.
"Stalker" is finally dead.
Checking random stuff.
Let's try Disc 2.