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All-Star 1997 Featuring Frank Thomas Credits


Play By Play AnnouncerJon Miller
Stats Provided bySTATS Inc.

The Baseball Team

Project Director and Baseball ConsultantJaime R. Grieves
Project ManagerNick Bagley
Game DesignJaime R. Grieves
Lead ProgrammerJason Gawronek
ProgrammersGlen Cook, Colin Rodgers
Additional ProgrammingNathan Daughety, David DePauw, Neil Hill, Stuart McKenna
Lead ArtistRobert Gray
ArtistsReeson Ivatts, Darren Hodgson, Ian McBurney
Additional ArtAndrew Catling, Neil Hislop, Colin Mulhern
Audio Direction byFox Productions
Quality Assurance ManagerAndy Roberts
Game TesterPaul Godier
QA ‑ USBey Bickerton, Jim Richardson

Iguana U.K.

Managing DirectorDarren Falcus
Director of Production DevelopmentJason Falcus
Technical DirectorRichard Frankish
Art DirectorMichael Muskett

Iguana U.S.

PresidentJeff Spangenberg
Vice-President of Product DevelopmentDarrin Stubbington
Sports DirectorRussell Byrd
Technical DirectorCraig Galley
ATG DirectorCyrus Lum
Art DirectorMatt Stubbington
Special Thanks toBey Bickerton, Biscuit, Richard Cowie, David Dienstbier, Tom Green, Group Effort Studios, Tim Kitzrow, Francisco Javier Lafuente, Bob McCracken, Darren Mitchell, Jay Moon (credited as J. Moon), Laurie Rivera, Dave Schwalenberg, Michael Taylor, George Thomas, Frank Tindle

Acclaim PD

ProducerBrett Gow
Associate ProducerPeter Wanat
Sports TeamMichael Archer, Eric Henderson, Linda Maziotto, Douglas Yellin
Acclaim MarketingMichael Jerchower, Kevin Brannan
Acclaim LicensingErin Ark

Acclaim QA

QA Project LeadsMike Patterson, Brian Regan
QA Testing TeamRichie Carillo, Alex De La Teja, Joe Greene, Joseph Howell, Brian Krieger, Rich LaRocca, Craig Lindberg, Christian Moy, Al Puco, Wing Shu, Rich Rosado, Jeff Smith, Damon Tabb

Special Thanks

Special ThanksPat Coleman, Scott Hatten, Carol Caracciolo, Tom Falzone, Acclaim TSG Department, Douglass Scott, Michael Passuello, Anthony Bowren, Leena Sheth, Steve Copses
A very special thanks to the following people for their support and understandingJackie Corner, Melinda Rivera, Stephanie, Dawn Cook, Michael Cook, Steven Cook, Shaun Cook, Jonell Aungiers, Angela Dodge, Sam Hill, Christine Robertson, Louise Henderson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (552678)