All Star Tennis '99 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Intro movie.
Just a reminder: FAIR PLAY. Get it?
Select Language.
Title screen.
Loading screen.
Main menu.
Options. English.
Options. Spanish.
Smash Tennis menu.
One of the female players.
One of the male players.
Caricamento in corso.
Select course. Giappone.
Pause menu. There are only two views available.
Replay. Helicopter camera.
Zoe Taylor (fictional) vs Conchita Martinez. Bomba!
Bomberman would love this.
Arcade mode. Kuerten vs Taylor.
Zoe seems a weak opponent.
I WAS WRONG. Replay. Line camera.
Court: United Kingdom. Viewing stats.
Smash tennis. Doubles.
Where's the ball, huh?
Dealing with poor attendance.
Time Portal! (Italian court. Richard Krajicek vs Jonas Björkman.)
California, USA. Conchita Martinez vs Michael Chang.
Saudi Arabia court.
Playing tennis in Australia.
Replay. Director camera.
French court. Jana Novotna vs Amanda Coetzer.