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Brilliant literary epic, despite the graphics Mentifisto (37) 3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (35 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Alundra, a Playstation adventure by Working Designs that takes the tried-and-true old-school Zelda format and improves on it in nearly every way ... does such a masterful job of combining challenging, fun gameplay with a perfectly executed story ... And, after you've (hopefully) prevailed, you'll get to celebrate with Alundra and friends, secure in the realization that you've overcome one of the greatest and most epic quests created for the Playstation....or any home system.
Playnation (1998)
Get the beers, dump the girlfriend. You don't need a new life when you've got Alundra.
What do you get when you buy a game nicknamed the Zelda Killer in Japan? You get Alundra—one of the most spectacular action/RPGs seen in ages, on this side of the world. From music to graphics to gameplay, this game excels above most in every way imaginable. There's just nothing better than this game. ... Saying it straight out, you need this game. It's very rare to find a game as involving as Alundra in this day and age. Either way you see it, Alundra is a game to remember.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 28, 2007)
It has the same near-perfect blend of combat and exploration, but comes replete with a surprisingly in-depth plot, controls which could hardly be bettered and enough tricky pixel-perfect platforming ... Alundra is one of those tragic games which, despite being excellent, was commercially avoided like herpes. If you care about gameplay and plot over flashy presentation and graphics, and want an action-adventure-come-RPG on the PlayStation which rivals (or even betters, in many ways) the classic Legend of Zelda or Secret of Mana games, then you could do a lot worse than invest in this wonderful little gem. ... A true underrated classic.
Gaming Age (1998)
But look no further if you are among the game playing ranks that is looking for a Herculean challenge, a complex and involving story, and tight, responsive gameplay. Wait a minute, those three characteristics in one game, and awesome foil embossed packaging to boot? I must be dreaming...
Consoles News (Jul, 1998)
Alundra se positionne comme l'un des meilleurs clones de Zelda sortis à ce jour pour sa durée de vie et la difficulté de certaines de ses énigmes. D'autant plus que si la traduction française laisse parfois à désirer, elle n'en demeure pas moins un argument de taille pour un jeu de cette trempe.
RPGamer (2002)
For those who have already played Alundra, this retroview either rings true to home, or you gave up on those ice block puzzles and never did complete the story. While Alundra is now over three years old, it still holds a special place in my library. The complexity and deep emotions that run through the story can be used for measuring other stories for years to come.
The challenge is top notch and the storyline concerning dreams and nightmares helps make for an exciting backdrop. ... The game's high points are its personality (great translation!) and its mature theme (religion plays a major part later in the game). The control is tight and the action based fighting is a welcome friend.
Working Designs’ first PlayStation RPG brings welcome diversity to the system’s role-playing lineup. Alundra is the first action/RPG on the PS, and fans of Landstalker and Zelda will love it. It’s the puzzles that make the game so rewarding. They’re tough, sure, and many are downright brilliant in design. Working Designs, as always, did an excellent job translating the dialogue and story, although, their trademark humor is toned down a bit.
Contained in a huge world and populated with all manner of creatures, both friendly and fiendish, Alundra is best described as an action-RPG. ... the advancement of the character is absolutely key, as is the solution of a large number of challenging, classic RPG-style puzzles. And, like many of the best role-playing titles, Alundra has a sweeping, epic story that contains its share of mysteries, plot twists and moments of high drama. ... Superb writing (and, presumably, translation) is also a refreshing change. ... Alundra is a great game in a classic style. All lovers of role-playing titles should take note.
Ultra Game Players (Jan, 1998)
Alundra comes highly recommended for any and all RPG enthusiasts.
One of the most enjoyable and addictive games ever to grace the PlayStation.
PSX Extreme (Feb, 1998)
If you enjoyed Zelda, or you crave an action/RPG, or you want to see why Working Designs is the most revered and reviled company in the role-playing community. Alundra is absolutely the game for you. Even without the brilliance of Zach's scriptwriting (shyeah, right), the sheer amount of action/adventure gameplay makes Alundra a must-buy.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Alundra's off-the-hook action and challenging gameplay elevate it to must-have RPG status. Wake up and buy the game-missing out may cause you to have nightmares.
From a gameplay standpoint, Alundra is sure to receive its fair share of comparisons to Nintendo's Zelda games, and it's not without reason; there are some uncanny similarities between the two. Like Zelda, Alundra combines realtime combat and exploration on one screen, viewed from a top-down perspective. Unlike Zelda however, Alundra is a far grittier adventure, with a darker look to match.
GameSpot (Jan 08, 1998)
Nowadays, companies have turned to focus more on graphics and battle systems than on strategy, puzzles, and gameplay. With role-playing games in particular, it's hard to find a game that is more than just pretty graphics, one that's easy to pick up and play but is addictive and enough of a challenge so you could be stuck in a dungeon for hours trying to figure out its puzzles. Alundra is such a game.
RPGFan (Jan 06, 2000)
Alundra, another one of Working Design's older masterpieces. ... The characters also have great depth ... and there are also several plot twists to keep any player engrossed in the story. In the game, Alundra must battle all sorts of monsters like slimes and zombies and solve many, and I mean many, deep and complex puzzles ... The graphics used in the game are excellent ... The controls are smooth and responsive ... Overall, Alundra is a great game just like all the other games Working Designs has published so far, and I really recommend it for Action/RPG buffs or Zelda fans.
Video Games (Mar, 1998)
Alundra zeigt sich spielerisch von seiner besten Seite: Das Level-Design ist fantastisch und sorgt für langanhaltende Motivation. Auch rein optisch kann Alundra trotz traditioneller Bitmap-Grafik jeden Adventure-Fan überzeugen. Die Musik ist hochgradig stimmungsvoll und paßt hervorragend zum Fantasy-Ambiente. Besonders angetan haben es mir die fein auf unterschiedliche Gegner abgestimmten Waffen: Einfach mit dem Schwert immer “feste druff“ langt nicht. (...) Actionszenen und Rätselnüsse stehen nicht nur in einem ausgewogenen Verhältnis zueinander, sondern wandern auch rein anforderungsmäßig genau auf dem schmalen Grad zwischen lockerem Spielfluß und hartnäckigem Schwierigkeitsgrad. Für frisch hinzugestoßene PlayStation-Fans ist Alundra vielleicht der falsche Tummelplatz. Wer jedoch auf pure Schalter- und Verschiebepuzzles steht und auf eine tolle Story Wert legt, ist hier bestens aufgehoben.
Mega Fun (Mar, 1998)
Was an Alundra sofort auffällt, das ist die eher spartanische Grafik. Sie übersteigt kaum das 16-Bit-Niveau. Doch das ist objektiv die einzige Schwäche der fesselnden, wenn auch etwas linearen Geschichte. Von der gesamten Aufmachung her wirkt Alundra wie eine Mixtur aus Story of Thor 2, Shining Wisdom 2, Landstalker und Zelda. Das bedeutet allerdings nur, daß es ein wenig an Innovationen mangelt. Das ist noch lange nichts Schlechtes, denn es wurden in Alundra sämtliche Positiva der genannten Spiele eingebaut. Das interessantere sind fraglos die vielen Dungeons. Sie sind aufwendig gestaltet und warten jeweils mit zirka einem Dutzend kniffliger Rätsel auf. Selbst mit Komplettlösung solltet Ihr mit über 50 Spielstunden rechnen - für Motivation ist ausreichend gesorgt. Für meine verwöhnte Spielernatur ist Alundra ein absolutes Muß: Wer sich nicht an der Grafikschwäche stört, wird seine helle Freude damit haben.
NowGamer (Apr 24, 1998)
More characters to control would have been nice, but there’s certainly plenty for one player to content with for the most part. The important consideration here is gameplay, which Alundra has in spades. It may not be turn-based (luckily) like Final Fantasy VII, but Psygnosis has proved that although the formula has been recycled, Alundra is definitely the best in its field, with better level design and more puzzles to keep RPG junkies glued to their screens for a long while.
IGN (Jan 08, 1998)
Besides my gaming integrity being slightly scarred by near impossible obstacles, and I use the word "near" really loosely, I do have to admit that this game is awesome. If you really enjoyed games like Ys, Zelda, and/or LandStalker, you'll especially dig Alundra.
With so few action rpg for the playstation, Alundra is one of the best out there. The game may not dazzle you with awesome graphics and such but it's gameplay is very enjoyable and yet frustrating too. In the end, you feel a satisfaction of having accomplish something that you'd think was impossible to do. A must buy for action rpg fans.
Legendra (May 27, 2009)
Alundra n'a pas d'excellence propre mais il s'agit, tout du long, d'une affaire rondement menée, qui ne prétend pas à l'originalité. Culminant dans un palais final aussi long et difficile que splendide, l'aventure de ce blondinet (un de plus) ravira sans doute les amateurs du genre. Dans la veine de l'Action-RPG tel que savaient l'offrir les 16 bits, Alundra est le très digne représentant d'un genre un peu discret ces derniers temps. Il se pourrait bien que cette aventure donne un plaisir insoupçonnable à tous ceux qui s'y essaieront.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Aug 12, 1998)
Men betyder det at Alundra er dårligt?. Nej bestemt ikke, Alundra bejler til kronen som Action RPG konge, og har i mine øjne, vundet den. Alt hvad der var i Zelda, Shining Wisdom og Secret of Mana, er her i Alundra, og brugt meget bedre. Alundra er absolut et 98 produkt og ikke bare et retro spil, som kun bringer minder frem. Sad du dengang med en super nintendo spillede Zelda til langt ud på natten, så vil dette spil underholde dig alle 50-60 timer det varer, men er RPG´s ikke dig, uanset om det er Action eller ej, så er det nok klogest at holde sig væk. Tak til Sony for at tage chancen og bringe et spil ud ,i en genre som normalt ikke er særligt populær her. Alundra er alle pengene værd.
RPGFan (Mar 02, 1998)
I really like Alundra. This type of game isn't for everyone though. It's difficult, and many players will not have the patience to see it through. It is the best Action RPG available on any Next Gen system though, and will most likely remain so until Zelda 64 is released later this year. If you're looking for a good Action RPG , then Alundra should do the trick.
In the end Alundra winds up being a rather uninspired, but enjoyable enough experience. You will probably walk away feeling a real sense of accomplishment for solving the all of the puzzles, but the game itself will in all likelihood, not leave much of a lasting impression.
To make it easier to see what I'm getting at, were I to rate this title, Alundra would get a "B". Although the title is highly fun and addictive, and it would be a great SNES game, it just doesn't have the technology and the looks to be a top contender with the PlayStation crowd. If you like fantasy games, by all means check Alundra out, just don't expect anything innovative from it.
The story is solid, although not much happens for the first few hours, but like most RPG's you'll soon be completely engrossed until the resolution of the tale. The graphics are simple but effective, possibly bringing a happy tear to nostalgia fans eyes. If you've been bitten by the RPG bug Alundra is certainly worth a look.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 05, 1998)
Enfin, certains détails du jeu sont décevants, on aimerait parfois pouvoir prendre certains objets, mais on s'aperçoit qu'ils font partie du décor. Dans le même ordre d'idée, quand on peut prendre certains objets (caisses, tonneaux...), le fait de les lancer sur d'autres personnages n'a absolument aucun autre effet que de briser la caisse ! Du côté des points forts d'Alundra, il faut bien avouer qu'il est très riche et très varié. Le finir demande des dizaines d'heures de jeux. Les fans de jeux de rôle, qui ne sont pas regardants quant à la réalisation, auront du mal à s'en décrocher tant qu'ils ne seront pas arrivés au bout. Pour eux, ce sont des nuits blanches en perspectives. Pour tous les autres, malgré une réalisation qui n'est décidément pas à la hauteur de la Playstation, Alundra reste un bon de jeu de rôle. Mais, le numéro 1 incontesté du jeu de rôle sur PSX est bel et bien Final Fantasy 7.

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