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Alundra Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Monsters from the intro animé sequence
A sinking town
The intro switches between animé scenes and what looks like a trailer for the game itself
How romantic!
Title screen
On the ship
Talking to people
Going through beds
Alundra is having a dream
The good guy Lars
The bad guy Melzas
Breaking-crates puzzle
Weather effects
Alone On The Beach
Jess' room. The diary is used to save the game.
The village Inoa
Septimus, the crazy inventor
The house of the fortune teller
Alundra can jump down anywhere, even on the roofs.
Hacking the bushes is always useful: you might find gold hidden in them.
Fighting turtles
Fighting nasty creatures
Those wooden signs help you to know where you are.
An early boss-fight against a mummy
Gilded Falcons are hidden throughout the game
In Bonaire's nightmare, fighting a succubus
In the desert of despair, using the sandcape to pass under narrow passages
Using bombs to operate switches
Battle against lots of mummies
An orc attacks
The morning star can be used to destroy these rocks