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PSX Nation (Apr 19, 2001)
I enjoyed myself more than I expected clearing the 2D and semi-3D platform levels of "Shattered Reality", but the premise of the books and the awesome ability of its teen stars to turn into cool animals is underused throughout. A good night's rental for the little one's as long as Mom or Dad are nearby to bail him/her out of the tougher spots.
Animorphs: Shattered Reality will appeal to kids because of the variety of challenges set in interesting environments and the lack of violence. Even in fighting sequences, aliens don't spill blood, and while this may bother some kids, gameplay doesn't come off as a kids-only adventure. The action is varied and interesting enough to entertain anyone from kids to adults, and it contains a good mix of action.
IGN (Dec 08, 2000)
I'm a big platformer fan, be it 2D or 3D, I'll play it. This is one of the first platformers in a long time that I did not enjoy playing at all. A game hasn't bored me this much since Blasto. The only thing that was any fun was the dolphin sequence, I could slam into that tuna net all day!
GameSpot (Jan 12, 2001)
If ever there were a definition for the phrase "children's software," Animorphs: Shattered Reality is it. Based upon the popular K.A. Applegate book series and Nickelodeon TV show, Animorphs makes no attempt whatsoever to cater to mature audiences. However, if there are young Animorphs fans in your house, the game should at least distract them long enough for you to take in a movie or grab a nap.
Animorphs: Shattered Reality is a textbook example of how to cram a license into a badly conceived game and create a lousy product. Animorphs fans will be turned off by the weak implementation of the license, while game fans will be turned off by the dreadful gameplay. Animorphs is a series of children's books -- and a Nickelodeon TV show -- popular among kids who find Harry Potter too cerebral. Animorphs novels might be popular among preteens, but rest assured that Animorphs: Shattered Reality won't be cutting into anybody's reading time any time soon.