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Consoles Plus (Dec, 1999)
Malgré la bonne volonté évidente d'Acclaim, Armorines reste un Doom-like classique mais sans véritable surprise de taille.
Gamezilla (Jul 20, 2000)
Armorines is a good effort at making a FPS for the PSX platform, but ultimately falls short in several important categories. First, the PSX was never really designed to handle FPS games, as the amount of controls and movement options make it a formidable task. After my look at this game, I must conclude that it really has no good points. Clunky controls, poor graphics, abysmally simple levels, and no soundtrack to speak of combines to make Armorines painful to play. Ultimately, this game is going on my ‘give away’ list, as I don’t think I’d ever want to play it again. Completely unsuited for the PSX platform, perhaps they’ll think a bit longer before creating Armorines 2.
Video Games (May, 2000)
Es ist schon ein Kreuz mit den Konvertierungen. Selbst vom packenden Shadowman blieb nach der Umsetzung auf die PS nicht viel mehr als ein schaler Nachgeschmack. Noch gravierender fällt das Ergebiss logischerweise bei einem ohnehin nur mäßigen Title aus. Weder in technischer, noch in spielerischer Hinsicht kann Armorines überzeugen. Selbst angestaubte Ego-Shooter wie Alien Trilogy machen selbst Jahre nach ihrem Erscheinen noch mehr Spaß als dieses „Vergnügen“. Schade.
Mega Fun (May, 2000)
Armorines spiegelt die allgemeine Lage auf dem Konsolensektor wieder: Fehlende Innovation! Sicherlich kann die Hintergrundgeschichte den ein oder anderen bestimmt einige Zeit vor den Screen locken, aber unterm Strich bleibt nur ein Ego-Shooter, der nicht einmal Durchschnittsniveau erreicht. Woran liegt das? Zum einen nervt es ungeheuer, ewig durch die recht verzweigten Levels zu streifen und nach Durchgängen zu suchen, ohne dass der Ansatz von Abwechslung aufkommt. Des Weiteren verhalten sich die schlaffen Gegner ungefähr genauso wie eine hilflose Tafel Kinderschokolade bei uns im Redaktionskühlschrank: Opferrolle pur. Sorry. leider nichts Neues an der Shooter-Front.
IGN (May 22, 2000)
What's most puzzling about Armorines is that it originally came from Probe Entertainment, the developer who managed to build a pretty entertaining first-person shooter in the form of Forsaken. That game had its issues, but you can't deny that it looked good, even on the PlayStation. Armorines is a giant step backwards from that success, and I can't for the life of me understand why. Maybe all their talent quit, or maybe Acclaim figured the license would sell the game and cut the development schedule in half. Who can tell?
PSM (Aug, 2000)
Armorines isn't just a bad game, it's a downright terrible game. Stay away from it unless your idea of fun involves having great mental anguish inflicted on yourself.
Besides the map and objective problems, Armorines is a simplistic game. The bugs are just that: big, dumb, stupid bugs who give you very little fight as you mow them down. The challenge in this game lies in taming the controls and finding your way around huge levels without an auto-mapping feature. Armorines simply has little going for it, and players who are looking for an enjoyable first-person shooter should turn to Medal of Honor or Quake II instead.
GameSpot (Jul 19, 2000)
There's a reason why Acclaim has never brought Turok, its well-known first-person shooter series for the Nintendo 64, to the PlayStation. Why? Because the system doesn't handle the 3D world very well, and the company cares enough about the brand name of line not to malign it with a clearly substandard effort. However, that's not the case with Armorines, another of Acclaim's first-person shooter releases for the N64. On that console, the game is widely acknowledged to be "all the things that you didn't like about Turok 2 and little of what you did." On the PlayStation, it fares even worse.
Gaming Age (Jun 07, 2000)
As a whole, Armorines is a boring first-person-shooter that's simply a rehash of the Turok series flipped into a new universe. Other than a split-screen co-operative mode, it adds nothing to the genre, and only results in frustrating because of the terrible control scheme. Armorines was nothing special on the Nintendo 64 when it was released, and PlayStation version hasn't changed one bit. In fact, the situation is worse than before. There's no reason to check this one out. Instead, head on over to EA's Medal of Honor, an excellent FPS on the PS.