Astérix and Obélix Take on Caesar Credits


General ManagerJean-Martial Lefranc
Production ManagerPhilippe Bayle
Marketing ManagerMichel Mimran
Product ManagerChristelle Blanchet, Wilfrid Vinmer
Public Relation ManagerEmmanuelle Savignac
PackagingOdile Mousseau
Back Office ManagerCarine Lapouméroulie
Quality Assurance ManagerJean-Luc Hadi


Executive ProducerHerve Garcia
Game DesignHubert Chardot, Philippe Chanoinat
Management DepartementLaurent Salmeron
Technical Support DepartmentLaurent P. Paret
R‑D DepartementChristophe Nazaret
Product CommunicationSeverine Besson


Project Manager - Game PlayVincent Pourieux
CoordinationPhilippe Campion
Assistant Developper - Scenario CodingOlivier Ravet
Computer GraphicsVincent Pelisson
PC VersionOlivier Ravet


Artistic Director Jean-Marie Nazaret, Frederique Blanc
Animation ‑ ModelingFrederique Bourgin, Emeline Mazallon, Thierry Puginier
Computer GraphicsMathieu Reydellet, Loïc Barrier


Library Kernel GuruOlivier Lhermite
Original Musical ScoreChristian Sales
Sound DesignDavid Greck
Test ManagerBruno Marion

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Credits for this game were contributed by olivier ravet (96)