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Attack of the Saucerman! Credits

43 people (34 developers, 9 thanks)

Fube Industries Development Team

ProducerMark Washbrook
Creative DirectorJaid Mindang
ProgrammersRichard Aplin, Ian Crowther, Paul Louth, Jonathan Withey, Anthony Butcher, Tim Moss
Senior ArtistsMansoor Naim, Simon Cooper
ArtistsDarren Farmer, Pete Burgess, Sam Remfry, Lai Swee Kim
DesignersJared Taylor, Nick Rooke, Kirk Raybould
MusiciansJoe de Man, Ray Shulman
TestersRobin Tregaskis, Jack Bannerman
Thanks toChristophe Gomez, Christophe Maridet, Alan Hartman, Daniel Irish, Jonathan Menzies, Bernard H. Wood, Bob Patton (Bargain), Rachel Bradley

For Psygnosis Ltd.

Product Evalulation ManagerPaul Tweedle, Arthur Parsons (Aurthur Parsons)
Alpha TestMatt Brookes, Alan Mawer, Paul Moreton, Larry Cooney, Sean Stephens
Product Test ManagerStuart Allen
Lead TesterMark O'Connor
Beta TestMike Aspinall, Greig Brown
Thanks toWendy Nicholls (Fame at last ;))
(C) 1998Fube Industries Ltd.
Published under license byPsygnosis Ltd.

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Credits for this game were contributed by ryanbus84 (33871)

antstream tournament