Auto Destruct Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Driving through the city.
Shooting at one of Lazarus' "disciples".
You can choose between several perspectives.
Following the helicopter to your next destination (1st-person perspective).
Attacking a tank with a homing missile.
In this mission, you have to follow a van and pick up everything it drops.
Malls and warehouses often contain useful items.
About to take down a helicopter.
Got him!
(Intro movie) The game's protagonist
(Intro movie) The note left behind by his wife
(Intro movie) This is what happened later at the mall
(Intro movie) Booth's car getting tricked out
(Intro movie) Mission begins
Title screen, with some sort of auto play feature
Briefing at the beginning of a mission
Tutorial mission: Firing a dumb missile at the dummy vehicle
It explodes in a rather spectacular fashion
Besides random spawn points which vary with each mission, you can pick up ammo from fixed locations, such as this ware house
First real target: a tank (!). But not to worry, this guy won't shoot back
Another mission type: pickup and deliver
You can access levels by entering passwords, which are given when you complete the levels (duh)
These choppers can only be destroyed with homing missile. Thus begins another fetch quest !
Picking up a nitro boost outside the military base, where the missiles are to be stolen.
Ramming down the gate with nitro boost.
I did not take cover fast enough, and was killed by the laser tower
Second try, I got the homing missile, and exacted revenge. Die, laser tower !
Crosshair locks on vehicles when the homing missile is equipped. White crosshair shows civilian cars.
Returning the robbed jewelry to its owner
Mission complete
This mission begins with a time bomb about to detonate; you have to pickup the bomb defuser and take him to the bomb site
The map showing location of the player and the target. It is constantly updated, whether an enemy is on the move or has stopped.
Restocking weapon and armor at HQ
This mission involves escorting the Mayor to safety. Not easy with Lazarus' cars and choppers chasing you, and the Mayor's driver trying his best to leave you behind.
The Mayor's limo then conveniently broke down at an open area. You then have to defend attacks from all directions. And this is the result.
Playing around with the Heavy Mines
Pursuing an enemy carrying a prototype laser weapon. Without killing him, of course.
Facing a tank with a mere shred of health
Repairing the car from near 0 to full health costs around 3000$, so I have to decide if I want to fork out 3 grand, or pay less but take my chances finishing the level with less health.