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Ayrton Senna Kart Duel 2 Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Ayrton Senna Foundation.
"Tecnical advice by YAMAHA".
Poor tyres...
Title screen (Japanese version). The European title screen is... almost identical.
Name entry.
Menu (Japanese version). The European version displays "PARTS Data Base" instead of "YAMAHA Data Base".
Option. Hard as always.
Senna Memorial.
One more photo.
YAMAHA Data Base (not included in the EU version).
Shop List... Selecting a region... and then you can see some (useless) info about YAMAHA "stuff". :)
Parts Data Base (Japanese version).
Parts Data Base (European version).
SstockC. Course selection (there are three).
Kart selection and customization... Huh? Are there two secret karts?
Racing... All races (against seven opponents) have 3 laps.
Course (Mizunami Lake Way) cleared. 1st!
Finishing a race.
A full replay (three laps) will be played after the race. There are four "views" to choose from.
Promotion. Go to next class!! FP stock.
FP stock. There are two courses. "New Tokyo Circuit" is one of them.
One of the camera viewpoints. Burger...?
1st! But something "bad" happened, I guess? Thanks to the... replay... I can watch the whole race.
Burger Burger, that's right. A game released for the PS1. And also for the Game Boy Color.
This can happen... but only if you're EXTREMELY negligent.
After the game credits... Ending photo. Nice...
One kart unlocked. Death...?
The "secret" kart in action.
Nice view.
After beating the game twice... Let's finally race against the greatest.
Senna is very close...
I just beat the GREATEST.
Let's celebrate.
Senna's kart is mine.
Meanwhile... VS Battle.
"Face to face".