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Battle Arena Toshinden 2 plus Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen & main menu.
Intro movie.
Sofia, the private detective.
Police Woman. Tracy.
Dancer... Ellis.
Not very convincing...
Select player. Not many choices around.
Gaia vs Fo.
Gotta be honest, this game's special effects just do not hold up as well as you'd want...
But you can still pull some cool looking finishing pose.
Duke vs Chaos.
Ring outs have always been my favorite winning streaks.
Don't you go peaking now, you perv...
Fo vs Sofia.
Kayin vs Ellis.
Stylish K.O.
That whole 'FIGHT' thingy as been a staple of fighting games since forever.
Kayin vs Tracy. Oops...
Now that's a masterful leg splitting.
You goin' down mate. And I sure as hell wouldn't like to BE down and looking up to a giant rock bat waiting to smash me...
Eiji vs Duke. Bout 1.
Bout 2... When in the face of mortal peril, just run like the wind. You're no hero.
...OR just be a man and stay there, face 2 face.
I wonder how high can you REALISTICALLY jump before the laws of physics come into place and gravity drags your sorry ass back down.
The power of the sea is a force to be reckoned with.
Wait, is that a green love kiss or something...
Oh Chaos... how I miss your retarded face and overpowered scyhte.