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atari breakout

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Electric Playground (Jul 30, 1997)
When games are ported to more powerful systems, the lack of any new innovations is usually inexcusable but with BattleSport, Cyclone Studios created a title that transcends the platform it's played on. You can find more impressive looking games for the PlayStation, you can find better sports games, you can even pick up better multiplayer events. But if you want a future sports disc with sublime gameplay that you just can't put down, there's really only one choice. BattleSport is triumphant again.
This is a very well made game. The menu screens are wonderful to navigate and the gameplay is as intense as anything you'll find in a futuristic sports shooter. It's one of the games I "go to" when I have friends over. We keep logs on some of our more interesting games, ship configurations and arena's to play in. The problem is, as a one player game it gets very little attention from me...I've already seen everything there is to see, and for me there is very little to draw me back as a solo participant... Hell, I heard they are already working a BattleSport 2 game...add some tunnels, make key walls and debris destructible, throw in some more baddies, add a "snap" feature, spruce up the graphics and soundtrack and you can count me in for the sequel mister!
IGN (Jul 02, 1997)
Once the game's quirks are learned, the fun of the title comes out. Players can develop strategies and maneuvers much like any sports title. The split-screen two player mode is particularly enjoyable thanks to the relatively simple environment which lets players focus on what's important, putting the ball in the goal. However, when compared with other future-sport titles like LucasArts' BallBlazer Champions, BattleSport falls a little flat.
Battlesport is not great, by any means, but Cybersled fans should check it out.
GameSpot (Jul 29, 1997)
While BattleSport certainly has its moments and is by no means a wretched effort, the fact is that there's just no need for a game like this on the PlayStation in 1997.

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