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Adventure Gaming Nirvana ETJB (480) 4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.4
Overall User Score (12 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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Consoles News (Oct, 1996)
Alors, si vous aimez l'aventure et l'humour délire, Blazing Dragons est fait pour vous ! Personnellement, j'ai beaucoup aimé...
Retro Archives (Jul 05, 2021)
Sans qu'on sache trop si le titre a √©t√© tir√© du dessin anim√© Sacr√©s Dragons ou si c'est l'inverse, le fait est que le r√©sultat, qui est carr√©ment all√© mobiliser Terry Jones himself, a quelque chose de franchement r√©jouissant! Le jeu, qui multiplie les r√©f√©rences √† l'√Ęge d'or du genre, ne se hisse peut-√™tre pas tout √† fait √† leur hauteur, la faute √† un d√©roulement un peu court, √† des temps de chargement omnipr√©sents et √† un humour qui ne fait pas toujours mouche, particuli√®rement en fran√ßais. Mais autant dire que sur une PlayStation plus habitu√©e √† l'action en 3D, Blazing Dragons demeure assez unique en son genre - ce qui explique d'ailleurs sans doute en grande partie qu'il n'ait pas davantage marqu√© les esprits, publi√© √† une √©poque et sur une plateforme o√Ļ les jeux d'aventure n'avaient pas exactement le vent en poupe. Si vous cherchez un point-and-click plaisant, efficace et tr√®s bien r√©alis√©, ce serait vraiment un crime de ne pas laisser une chance √† celui-ci. √Ä d√©couvrir!
GameFan Magazine (Jun, 1996)
Usually, I didn't like text adventures, but I gotta tell you, Blazing Dragons was entertaining enough to garner my praise. Everything is done right in this game. The graphics are well drawn and highly detailed, the voice acting is impeccable and most of all, the dialogue is hilarious. Time and time again I found myself laughing my arse off. There are corny jokes here and there, but the quest is so well designed and the game is so fun, you don't even care. A miracle.
Gamezilla (1996)
If you like the point-and-click adventure, Blazing Dragons is at the top of the list in this category. I usually don't have the patience to finish one of these games, but I finished this one. The puzzles are difficult but obvious. The humor is ever-present and the laughter is non-stop. My only complaint is that the game was a bit short. Also, don't read the hints in the back of the booklet until you are completely stuck, because they are a bit too revealing. On the whole, this is good fun for the whole family. We enjoyed putting our minds together to find the solutions to the puzzles. We all know that the days of gathering around the fire have been replaced with gathering around the Playstation, and this game is worth the gather.
Overall, the game is pretty intuitive with a built-in hint feature (the Information Booth). This game seems to be geared toward all skill levels due to it's wit and hints. I'm a big fan of these types from way back and I like the twist of dragons as the central characters and the whole Camelot pun. The access time is it's only drawback, but it isn't a real problem. A great time for adventurers.
Illusions Gaming developed a video game based on the cartoon, titled, appropriately enough, Blazing Dragons. It features the same animators and same voice actors as the series, most notably Terry Jones himself, Cheech Marin, and Harry Shearer. It was released for Playstation and Sega Saturn in 1996.
Adventure Gamers (Jul 08, 2005)
Blazing Dragons was originally released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation (the latter of which is being reviewed here). For those who are unfamiliar with the game, the adventure is based on the little known cartoon series that aired at the time, focusing on the adventures of the Knights of the Round Table and the land of Camelot, except with a twist ‚ÄĒ all the protagonists are dragons and the villains are human. With Terry Jones (comic children's author and star of acclaimed British TV series Monty Python), behind the creation of the characters, you can expect plenty of madcap antics and lashings of humour for good measure. Despite my reservations that such comic subject matter would work as a basis for an adventure game, it manages to pull it off with enough Pythonesque humour to live up to its star billing.
Mega Fun (Sep, 1996)
Das Spiel lebt von der Situationskomik. Wenn ein kurzsichtiger Ritter seinen K√∂nig f√ľr den menschlichen Feind h√§lt oder sich ein Drache ganz verliebt mit seinem Spiegelbild unterh√§lt finde ich das einfach zum Schreien. Die schrille Comic-Grafik tut dann ihr √úbriges: Die extremen Bewegungen der Figuren erfordern immer wieder ein L√§cheln. Eine weitere gute Idee sind die Spielchen, die von Zeit zu Zeit erledigt werden m√ľssen. Sie erfordern ein gewisses Ma√ü an Geschicklichkeit und lockern die Handlung ungemein auf. Doch es geht nicht ganz ohne Tr√§nen. Die R√§tsel k√∂nnten meines Erachtens ein wenig kniffliger sein, obwohl ab und zu schon ziemlich um die Ecke gedacht werden mu√ü, um auf die L√∂sung zu kommen. Ebenso st√∂rt das st√§ndige Nachladen die Sprachausgabe, so da√ü mitunter wichtige Passagen nicht verstanden werden k√∂nnen - Sauerei! Ansonsten ist Blazing Dragons ein Hochkar√§ter, der eigentlich in jede Sammlung geh√∂rt.
GameCola.net (Jul, 2004)
For all of you out there who want a classic adventure title for your PlayStation or PlayStation 2 console, pick up Blazing Dragons. The rest of you would probably get a kick out of it too, but it might be hard to pick up how the interface is structured at first. Some might be turned off by how short this game is; but since it doesn't take a hundred hours to complete, you might be more inclined to play it more than once. This is a solid adventure title from the same people who published the Gex titles, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a cheap laugh. You cynical folk who laugh at nothing but the misfortune of others might wanna steer clear of it, though.
Video Games (Sep, 1996)
Insgesamt ist Blazing Dragons (auch durch seinen etwas geringeren Umfang) leichter und hinterl√§√üt einen ‚Äúd√ľnneren‚Äú Eindruck. Wie leider √ľblich, fielen die urspr√ľnglich englischen Wortspielchen gr√∂√ütenteils der deutschen √úbersetzung zum Opfer, richtige √úbersetzungsfehler waren allerdings nicht auszumachen. Obwohl auch Blazing Dragons alles andere als perfekt synchronisiert ist, geht mein Kompliment an die deutschen Sprecher. Man hat sogar den Eindruck, da√ü sie wu√üten, was sie da sprechen. Wer vor der Entscheidung ‚ÄúDiscworld oder Blazing Dragons?‚Äú steht, greift zu Discworld. Wer das Scheibenweltabenteuer schon besitzt und nach mehr verlangt, kann sich mit Blazing Dragons die Wartezeit auf den zweiten Discworld-Teil verk√ľrzen. Mit Mausunterst√ľtzung w√§r‚Äės noch besser.
GameSpot (Dec 01, 1996)
Like the best cartoons, Blazing Dragons is suitable for kids of all ages, but is really intended for audiences capable of catching the sometimes-subtle, sometimes-risque humor (most of which is delivered in the British lilt of Terry Jones' superb voice-overs). Console video games have, over time, brought excitement, challenge, some genuine scares, and even something like intuition to the screen. Perhaps titles like Blazing Dragons will expand the possibilities of console games even further. Or, put another way: And now for something completely different.
It's everything I hate about these games. Unstylish graphics, laboriously trundling plot with awful humour, abysmal dialogue - "That would be like talking to a wall" (accidentally talking to a wall) - and puzzles that only test your free time. We did have a few laughs at this game, crowding around the screen and sarcastically wisecracking at every quote. But if I'd pay money for it, I don't think I'd find it very funny at all.

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