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A letdown Bregalad (972) 2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars
A great RPG... Daniel Backhaus (3) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (31 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US) (Jul 18, 2006)
Breath of Fire IV delivers enough fresh and familiar elements to provide a memorable RPG experience. There is life after Final Fantasy, and BOFIV is the next big quest.
Another great RPG by Capcom, BoF4 does the series proud. With tons of mini-games, great sound and high quality scenes this game has what it takes. The story is classic and the secrets are many. Battle control and ease of use only add to the value here. All in all it is a solid, long lasting RPG, that can hold it\'s own against the heavy hitters in the industry. A must get for fans of the genre.
Legendra (2001)
Beau et intéressant, cet épisode relance la saga après un troisième épisode décevant, et s'impose pour moi comme le meilleur Breath of Fire. Un excellent RPG doté d'une ambiance magique et d'un design fabuleux, digne de trôner au côté des Chrono Cross, Valkyrie Profile et autres bombes de la console.
PSM (Jan, 2001)
Even with all this evidence pointing to the stellar appeal of BoFIV, if you've never found any of its predecessors in the series to be particularly likeable, there's little reason for you to pick this one up. But, if you miss out, then you're wasting the chance to check out one of the finest of a seemingly dying breed: a solid 2D-esque traditional RPG. Let's hope that Capcom sees fit to bring us a fifth on the PS2.
RPGFan (Oct 18, 2000)
Breath of Fire IV is by far the series' finest game, and it's one of the best RPGs that I've played in recent memory. This one's highly recommended, even to those who didn't like previous games in the series.
RPGFan (Jan 02, 2001)
Either way, BoF IV is a worthy sequel to the BoF series. While the camera is as bad as ever, it is much more playable than BoF III ever was and it holds its own even against the heavy contenders such as FF IX and Lunar 2 as a solid RPG. Hopefully, the camera will get fixed in one of the later BoF games so it'll give players like me an easier time playing the game without ripping their hair out...
PSX Nation (Jan 23, 2001)
It might not look and sound as good as the cutting-edge RPG's of the moment (especially the one's from Square and Sega), but "Breath of Fire IV" retains its status as the genre's second-tier champ in search for recognition. Fans will love its cruelty toward the good guys, but newcomers will want to rent to see if its reliance on "Tomba"-like skill collecting and fishing carry it over its rough spots. Good stuff.
Game Revolution (Dec, 2002)
The battle system in BoF IV has received a slight overhaul. When there are more than three people in your party, they are all selectable in battle. The only catch is that you are limited to three active battlers per turn. The serious advantage this holds is that you can rotate characters in and out of battle, utilizing all of the abilities your party has to offer and pulling allies aside to heal before they fall. The members that are resting also have support abilities that kick in. From healing spells to attacks, your off-screen buddies really come in handy during the heat of battle.
IGN (Dec 04, 2000)
Nothin' says "I love you" from Capcom like a really good RPG. I realize the Breath of Fire games aren't everybody's cup of tea, but they're chalk full of what every role-playing game should have. Adventure, cool characters, length, and lots of fun. The fourth game in the series is something we owe to ourselves as fun-loving people to play. If you're looking for a break from the norm, this will float your boat, baby.
81 (Aug 13, 2001)
Wer mit traditioneller Rollenspielkost made in Japan nicht gerade auf Kriegsfuß steht, sprich keine Aversionen gegen rundenbasierte Zufallskämpfe ohne jede Echtzeitkomponente hat, findet in Breath Of Fire IV einen würdigen Vertreter dieses langsam aussterbenden Genres. Besitzer des Vorgängers werden mit dem Gameplay sofort zurechtkommen und sich abermals über zahlreiche Minispiele freuen. Nur die recht hakelige Steuerung und gelegentlich unvorteilhafte Kameraführung sorgt für das ein oder andere Ärgernis. Der in Deutschland recht günstige Verkaufspreis wird durch die seitens Capcoms eingesparte Lokalisierung allerdings relativiert. Wer des Englischen jedoch mächtig ist, muss sich nicht über eine, wie oft üblich, miese Übersetzung ärgern und freut sich zudem über das willkommene Schnäppchen-Angebot.
I know you are all spoiled for choice on the PSX lately when it comes to RPG's; Chrono Cross, FFIX etc, but don't overlook this one. It has enough to satisfy even the hardest of the hard-nosed RPG fanatics. I should know, I used to be one of them. Thanks to games like this and Chrono Cross, my love for RPG's is returning and I'm no longer so put off about coming out of "retirement." Give Breath of Fire IV a chance. I don't think you'll walk away disappointed.
I generally quite enjoy Breath of Fire IV. It really is a good rpg but yet at the sametime, I'm also disappointed in it. The reasons for the disappointment is that everything is pretty much the same as the last one. There's no real improvement in the game overrall. Well you can say that Suikoden 2 is pretty much the same as Suikoden 1 and that's very true but Suikoden 2 is a direct sequel and provide a better storyline. Here Breath of Fire IV isn't a direct sequel and it's story isn't that great. When you are playing this game, it just feels like you're playing Breath of Fire III again. To quote Momo,"This feels like a parallel dimension." That's exactly what it is. When playing this game, you feel like playing a parallel dimension of Breath of Fire III.
Breath of Fire IV is greatly entertaining, and it doesn't matter whether you prefer story or gameplay; this game satisfies both tastes.
Gamekult (Feb 01, 2001)
Comme dans tout bon jeu de rôles qui se respecte, le héros de Breath of Fire IV commence l'aventure amnésique. Comme dans tout Breath of Fire, ledit héros est de cette race mi-homme, mi-dragon chère à la saga. Comme à son habitude, Capcom ne se mouille pas trop, mais a concocté un jeu très honnête, doté d'une réalisation très propre (personnages en 2D décors en 3D temps réel), d'une richesse de jeu fort acceptable, qui séduira certainement la plupart des amateurs du genre, malgré quelques petits défauts pardonnables.
80 (UK) (Sep 13, 2001)
At £19.99, there isn't much excuse for not buying an RPG like this. Lord knows we barely have enough of them. It may not have the looks and sheen of Final Fantasy, and it certainly doesn't equal it in tale, but Breath of Fire IV remains an extremely compelling and often rewarding RPG, and one certainly worth adding to your collection.
Just RPG (Dec 04, 2000)
With a final clock time of 29 hours, Breath of Fire IV is fairly middling for length. Unfortunately, the game is nearly devoid of side-quests, so that 29 hours is pretty much all the more time you can get out of the game. And considering that Breath of Fire IV is ultimately best suited as a time-filling game, it's particularly unfortunate.
GameSpot (Jun 21, 2000)
Breath of Fire IV is as solid a game as any of its predecessors. Though it doesn't improve upon the standard RPG formula, it's hard to fault in any specific way. Nice presentation, an interesting story line, satisfying RPG-style gameplay, and above-average visuals combine to make it a good game for the RPG junkie who's already plowed through all of this year's other excellent role-playing games.
RPGamer (2000)
In all, Breath of Fire IV is an excellent, well-rounded game. It holds up the series title quite well, and manages to make some improvements. Due to it not being a highly visible game, it is easily found for around $10-20 almost anywhere. I found mine at Blockbuster on the used game shelf in almost unplayed condition, despite it being there for over a month. Even though many aspects of the game are blatantly Japanese, it should at least be tried by any able bodied and minded RPGamer.
HappyPuppy (Dec 26, 2000)
Breath of Fire IV is fun for hard-core RPG fans. If you're looking for some kind of epiphany, then don't even bother. But if you're looking for something to do after beating all the other RPGs out there, this isn't a bad title at all.
Video Games (Jan, 2001)
Insgesamt ist der neueste Teil für Fans ein durchaus interessantes RPG, aber gerade in diesen Wochen stehen sowohl im Old-School- als auch im New-Fashion-Bereich zwei ganz andere Kaliber auf der Matte: Der legendäre Klassiker Lunar 2 (nun leider doch in die nächste Ausgabe gerutscht) und die Fortsetzung des Super-Hits Grandia stellen unüberwindliche Hindernisse dar.
Att Breath of Fire IV är ett bra rollspel råder det ingen tvekan om. Tyvärr påminner det lite väl mycket om sin föregångare på de flesta punkter. Och trots att Capcom gör förbättringar i varje del så är det inte lika gripande som de största rollspelstitlarna. Ett underhållande äventyr är det i alla fall. Jag saknar bara min favoritlök Peco från Breath of Fire III.
70 (Sep 06, 2001)
Breath Of Fire 4 s'avère donc un RPG tout à fait correct même si le classicisme prend le pas sur l'innovation. Quelques défauts ça et là mais un jeu globalement satisfaisant et à qui on reprochera principalement de ne ne pas être traduit.