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Casper: Friends Around the World Credits

Developed by Realtime Associates, Inc.

ProducerJohn Csicsery
Lead ProgrammerJoe Sengir
ProgrammingCheryl Higa, Angela Baltaga, Anatolie Gavriliuc, Karl Buiter
Art DirectorJeff Cook
Lead ArtistEric Greenlief
ArtistsScott C. Smith, Paul Belmore, James J. Ho, Caleb Sawyer, Connie Goldman
Production AssistantBenjamin Krotin
SoundGreg Turner
MusicGreg Turner
Cinematic LeadSamati Boonchitsitsak
AnimatorsThomas Brown, Paul Belmore

Published by Sound Source Interactive, Inc.

Executive ProducerVincent J. Bitetti
Executive Producer In Charge Of ProductionPeter Gould
ProducerDavid Artuso
Quality Assurance DirectorKevin Deadwylier
Quality Assurance SupervisorDaniel Roth
Quality Assurance TeamJennifer Belott, Kyle Greenwood, James Guillory, Matthew Mercer, Alex Zastrow, Michael Tohl, Kyle Arneson, Alex Ball, Alex Becerra
Voice TalentDoug Stone (Kibosh and Ghostly Trio)
VP, International Business AffairsEugene Code
VP, SalesTanya Baker
VP, OperationsLorena Billig
VP, FinanceJeff Court
Marketing ManagerAndrea Frechette
Product Marketing ConsultantFran Cooley
Manual TextDaniel Roth
Special Thanks toStephanie Finelstein
Also Thanks toMasatoshi Shikanai, Shin Tanabe, Yasuki Iwatare, Hughes Van Espen (at TDK Mediactive), Yves Duponselle (at TDK Mediactive), Shippy Ohka, Ed Higa, Jacob Watt, Joe Scirica, Phil Nguyen, Sean O'Hara, Tim W. Jones, David Warhol, Brett Bigley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Benjamin Krotin (164) and formercontrib (159193)