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Castrol Honda Superbike World Champions Credits


Lead DeveloperJames Bailey
3D & Track ModelingDaren Morgan
Track ModelingStephen Morgan
MusicStephen Morgan
Graphics DesignTuan Pingster Nguyen
In‑Game GraphicsImran Hussain
Front End DeveloperDan Azzopardi
PlayStation ConversionAlex Jakes (Bubble Boy Ltd), John Rees (Bubble Boy Ltd)
Simulation DeveloperVladislav Kaipetsky
PlaytesterMinh Nhat Nguyen
BOSBarry Costas
Business DirectorJeremy Cooke
ProducerTony Love

EA Credits

Lead TesterJoe O'Leary
TestersMark Amelang, Michael Deir, Scott Parker
Manual CreationYuri Hospodar
MarketingDavid Zemke
Technical DirectorKen Zarifes
Art DirectorTony Lupidi
Executive ProducerRick Giolito
ProducerRandy Eckhardt
Executive in Charge of ProductionMichael Pole (Vice President)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (229535)