Championship Motocross Featuring Ricky Carmichael Credits

Funcom Credits List

ProducerAndrew McKenzie
Lead ProgrammerEmmanuel Boutin
ProgrammersMark Hughes, Darran Hughes, Jorund Teigen, Samuel S. Nova (as Samuel Nova)
Lead 3D ModellersThomas O'Neill (as Thomas Oneill), Sean O'Reilly (as Sean Oreilly)
Additional 3D ModellingJames Kelly
Lead Texture ArtistFad
Additional TexturesSean O'Reilly (as Sean Oreilly), Jason Cunningham
Front End DesignJames Kelly
Assistant Front EndFad, Keith Bergin Treacy
Track DesignAndrew McKenzie, Thomas O'Neill (as Thomas Oneill)
Additional Track DesignSean O'Reilly (as Sean Oreilly)
MusicMartin Schjøler
SFXMartin Schjøler
Motocross AdvisersCCM Racing, Tim Mathews, Nic Craigie, Rob O'Brien (as Rob Obrien), David Coates, Trevor Callaghan
Special ThanksFabio Pisoni, Olivia White, Tanya Flood, Ulrik Henriksen, Martha McGowan
TestersRichard Bannister, David Ganly, Robert Clark, Adrian White, Colm Gallagher, Rory McMonagle, Peter Lavery

THQ Credits List

V.P. Of Product DevelopmentMichael Rubinelli
Executive ProducerScott Krager
Associate ProducerRobert Baumsteiger
Assistant ProducerSkot Travis
Product ManagerMichael Murray
Associate Product ManagerDavid Pava (as Dave Pava)
Director Of QADonn W. Nauert (as Donn Nauert)
Lead TesterJason Lewis
TestersJames Ritchie, Jun Jun Caliva (as Jun Caliva), Jason de Heras, Jason Predmore, Sean Vahle, Lee Liu, Ryan Kull, Josh Austin, Chris Ferriter, Scott Manster, Chris Jordon, Cory Ledesma, Matt Azali

Music Credits

'Hit Machine'Written and performed by Guttermouth, Courtesy of Nitro Records
'I Have A Dream'Written and performed by Guttermouth, Courtesy of Nitro Records
'The Weed, The Tree And Me'Written and performed by Aversion
'Champion'Philip Jamieson (Written by), Joey Hansen (Written by), Courtesy of Grinspoon and Shock Music, Publishing Proprietary Ltd., Performed by Grinspoon, Courtesy of Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd., Under license from Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.
'Too Cold'Robert Matthew Van Winkle (Performed by), Robert Matthew Van Winkle (Written by), Ross Robinson (Written by), Written by Ardito, Cahos, Borland, Larkin, Mayo, Holoman and Johnson, Copyright 1998 Ice Baby Music, Copyright 1998 I Am Ross Music BMI, Courtesy of Universal Records, Under license from Universal Music Special Markets
'Moon Baby'Salvatore Erna (Words and Music by), All rights owned or administered by MCA Music Publishing, A division of Universal Studios Inc. on behalf of itself and Meeengya Music, Performed by Godsmack, Courtesy of Universal Records, Under license from Universal Music Special Markets
'Sal Pa Fuera'Performed by Puya, Ramon Ortiz, Eduardo Paniagua, Sergio Curbelo, Harold Hopkins Miranda, Copyright 1998 Almo Music Corp, ASCAP Administers on behalf of itself and Burundango Publishing, Courtesy of MCA Records, Under license from Universal Music Special Markets
'Riot Nrrrd'Performed by 2 Skinnee JS, Joel Johnson, Noah Green, Edward Cisneros, Andrew Markham, Stephen Light, John Moraski III, Courtesy of Capricorn Records, Published by EMI April Music Inc. and EMI Blackwood Music Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80151)