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Chrono Cross Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
The beautiful story begins
The hero, Serge
Strange creatures...
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! This big cat will play a role in the game's somewhat Freudian plot
This is Kid, one of the game's most important heroines
Starting the game
The battles in the game are NOT random. You have to touch this robot in order to engage yourslef in a battle with it
Cool feature: choosing different attacks with different hit percentage
Choosing a spell
One of the many cool spell effects of the game
Using a teleporter
Back at home
Boy, aren't we philosophical today!
World map
Crossing an ominous, yet pretty fire cave
Later in the game you'll gain access to a boat, allowing smooth transportation and exploration
Regular battle on the grimly-named Isle of the Dead. You'll be controlling the antagonist Lynx for a significant portion of the game
We visit Hermit's Hideout. The enigmatic Harle accompanies me...
Boarding a cruise ship with plenty of places to visit. Looks like entertainment has taken a certain... angle here
Enemies are watching us as we climb to the top - a typical Japanese RPG situation
The city of Termina - gorgeous, yet very small
A bar in Termina. Come for the drinks, stay for plot progression
Oh wow. What a nice atmospheric location - a mysterious forest complete with unique... err... fauna
Battle in the Hydra Marshes. Enemy casts a spell on me. I seem to be well-protected
Another dungeon, another treasure to find - but who is that in the middle?..
Some locations are simply breathtaking. The beautiful colors make you forget this is just a dungeon
No Japanese RPG is complete without a mid-game existential boss battle! Play the game and see what I mean
Characters have different accents in the English version. Kid here is cockney-like
Ouch. This is the Valley of Fossils, and we have a mighty ghost attacking!
If you thought that was scary, how about an epic battle against the legendary Earth Dragon?
We watch enemies and NPCs from above. Ha!..
Climbing the tallest mast of a pirate ship. Arrrr!..
We made it to the Sky Dragon Isle. This is, as I've expected, the Sky Dragon himself. Note the lovely backgrounds with animated birds
A mysterious cave leading to an even more mysterious cave... but we can't pass yet, we need that RPG Priority Item!..
Nice, relaxed, not too fancy town on the beach. Let's hang here for a while
During the later stages of the game you'll access the powerful Moiras, and change the flow of the fate...
Colored dots connected, puzzle solved - we can continue! Or... is it so?..
Lovely scene with two boats meeting each other
We visit the long-coveted Forbidden Island. Hmm... is that all there is to it?..