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Circle of Blood Credits

68 people

Revolution Software

DirectorCharles Cecil
Project ProducerSteve Ince
Script WritersDave Cummins, Jonathan Howard
Lead ProgrammerJames Long
Systems ProgrammingTony Warriner, James Long
Technical ProgrammingPaul Porter
Game ToolsDavid Sykes
Console ProgrammingIan Richards (Digital Amusements Ltd), Duncan Mullier (Digital Amusements Ltd)
Animation DirectorStephen Oades
Support ProgrammingAndrew Walrond, Jeremy Sallis
Music Composed ByBarrington Pheloung
Paper DesignDan Whitworth, Premier Films, Mark Povey, Electric Spectacle, Des Duggan, Keith Grieg
Character DesignRed Rover, Mat Taylor
ColouringJane Stroud, Andi Forster, Matthew Drake
Sprite AnimationStephen Oades, Paul Humphreys, Andi Forster, Linda Smith, Michael Ryan, Mark Povey, Jane Stroud, Michael Green, Steve Ince, Martin Povey
Background LayoutsEoghan Cahill, Neil Breen, Tony Pulham, Steve Ince
Background ColouristsDavid Swift, Stephen Oades, Jane Stroud, Electric Spectacle, Helen Jones
Sequence AnimationRed Rover, Keith Grieg, Mark Povey, Celine Ciernan, Noel Ciernan, Ros Allen
Sequence CompositionSteve Ince, Jane Stroud
Story / DesignCharles Cecil, Dave Cummins, Jonathan Howard
Story ConsultantNoirin Carmody
Script EditorAlan Drury
MarketingNoirin Carmody
ActorsRolf Saxon, Rachel Atkins, David Bannermann, Rosy Clayton, Hazel Ellerby, Jack Elliot, Steve Hodson, David Holt, Peter Kenny, Don Macorkindale, Richard Mapletoft, Matthew Marsh, Colin McFarlane, Gavin Muir, Paul Ponting, Andrew Wincott
SamplingJonathan Howard, Dave Cummins
Business AffairsNoirin Carmody
In-house TestingJames Long, Charles Cecil, Dave Cummins, Jonathan Howard, Matthew Drake
Sound EffectsHockenbacker Studios
Music performed byThe London Metropolitan Orchestra
Special Effects AssistantHeather Lovejoy

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

ProducerMartin Alltimes
Assistant ProducerAnthony Bray
QA ManagerTony Bourne
QA SupervisorSteven Archer
TestersDominic Berzins, John Corcoran, Paul Deluce, Geoff Rens, Jim McCabe

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