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Codename: Tenka Reviews (PlayStation)

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It's not the most mentally challenging thing you can do with an evening, but you're hardly expecting nuclear physics if you go out and buy a shoot-'em-up, are you? A deeply engrossing sci-fi shoot-'em-up.
Mega Fun (Apr, 1997)
Alles in allem ein sehr guter Vertreter der Sparte Ego-Shooter. Durch kleine Mängel jedoch, wie z.B. die etwas pixeligen Explosionen, reicht es nicht bis an die Spitze. Empfehlenswert für echte Einzelkämpfer und solche, die nichts gegen riesige Blutlachen oder umherfliegende Körperteile (darum USK ab 18) haben und nicht gleich die Flinte ins Korn werfen, wenn die Gegner einem zum x-ten Mal den Garaus gemacht haben.
NowGamer (Jul 11, 1997)
Tenka is something special. While die hard Doom fans will only clutch their beloved aging discs closer to their chest and eye you suspiciously if you suggest a quick game, take no notice, we don’t need them anymore. The only criticism which could be aimed at such an atmospheric adventure of destruction is that, probably due to their detail, you never get attacked by any great number of enemies simultaneously. Well, that and it’s not the most mentally challenging thing you can do with an evening, but you’re hardly expecting nuclear physics if you go out and buy a shoot-’em-up, are you? A deeply engrossing sci-fishoot-’em-up.
Video Games (Apr, 1997)
Trotz einiger Design-Mängel ist der Spielablauf jederzeit beherrschbar und durch logisches Denken zu lösen. Psygnosis hat mit Tenka sicherlich nicht den ultimativen Genrekiller auf der Pfanne, aber ein gehobener Vertreter der neuen 3D-Shooter-Garde ist es allemal. Ambitionierte Playstation-Besitzer sollten unbedingt probespielen, während verwöhnte Turok-Spieler besser Abstand halten. Außerdem sollte noch erwähnt werden, daß der Schwierigkeitsgrad in späteren Stages besonders hoch ausgefallen ist. So manches 3D-Greenhom wird das tödlich nerven, alte id-Hasen werden dagegen flott unterhalten.
Gamezilla (1997)
Codename: Tenka is a pretty decent game. If you are a fan of this type of game, you could definitely do worse. I think that the developers have shortchanged themselves by making everything so dark all the time. I don't mind mood lighting, but this went a bit too far. I like some of the unique aspects this game did have to offer and did find myself getting a bit addicted. One word of advice: do not play this game if your television gets any amount of glare from lights. Trust me.
PSX Nation (1997)
A continuously gorier game that doesnt have a point or enough to do. An easily improved game with harder AI and more enemy types. Give us a task to do in the game not collect keys to exit. It could have been alot better so I give it a 7.
IGN (May 27, 1997)
No shooter would be complete without an arsenal of great guns, and Tenka has it in spades. A laser site has also been included, which is just plain cool. In fact, Tenka has some of the most unique light sourcing we've seen on any game in quite a while. At its heart, Tenka is a good, solid shooter. It won't knock Doom off its throne, but it is strong enough to contend.
Edge (Apr, 1997)
Since Duke Nukem, the race has been on to produce faster engines, with more of the up-and-down perspective movements and jumping and crouching that seemed the obvious next step. Sadly, on the PlayStation at least, all these new degrees of freedom have rarely managed to produce an experience as immersive and atmospheric as the strictly eyes-first Doom. Tenka is a case in point.
GameSpot (Jul 18, 1997)
If you just can't get enough first-person shooter action, you may want to check out Codename: Tenka - it's one of the better ones out there. But if you've lost your love for the genre, you may want to skip it.
A collection of familiar game elements but lacking any coherent design. A dull experience that suggests maybe it's time to move on from this tired game style.
When you take a look at the typical first-person shooter, you'll quickly notice the only games that truly provide a pleasurable and memorable experience are the ones that have many traps, puzzles and flocks of enemies swarming at you. Codename: Tenka contains very little of any of these important features and even the walls look synthetic. Nothing stands out as being important to the game but shoot, shoot, shoot. The cinemas, while cheesy, do stay consistent with the plot line, a small bonus for a small game. I do think, however, that this game is a good step for Psygnosis to stretch their 3-D muscles.