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Command & Conquer: Red Alert Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The opening cinematic showing Albert Einstein preparing his time machine...
And using it...
... To go back in time to and (succesfuly) assasinate Adolf Hitler before he rose to power...
... But this created a new enemy.
The C&C Red Alert logo during the cinematic.
Title screen.
The main menu.
Like with all Command and Conquers, you will need money to build your army, with is obtained by collecting ore through the use of these harvesters.
The blacked out areas of the map is knon as the Fog of War, and will peel away as you explore the map.
The options you are presented with when setting up a multiplayer game.
Allied HQ
Introducing Tanya
Battle map
Tanya about to blow up enemy power plant in the first Allied mission
Destroying Soviet tech center
Cruiser support
Soviet disc startup