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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Credits

99 people (72 developers, 27 thanks)

Naughty Dog

Created and Developed ByAndy Gavin, Jason Rubin, David Baggett, Bob Rafei, Justin Monast, Charlotte Francis Morgan, Stephen D. White, Greg Omi, Eric A. Iwasaki, Erick Pangilinan, Rob Titus, Joe Labbe II, E. Daniel Arey, Morgan
Special ThanksTaylor Kurosaki, Dan Kollmorgen, John Cutry, Joe Pearson, Reiner
Character Design & Art DirectionCharles Zembillas (American Exitus)
Soundtrack ByMark Mothersbaugh (Mutato Muzika), Josh Mancell (Mutato Muzika)

Universal Interactive Studios

ProducerMark Cerny
Special ThanksJackie Weyrauch, Diane A. Fornasier, Paul Rioux, David Siller, Terry Smith, Susan McCready

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Senior ProducerJohn Roberts
Associate ProducerDavid Bowry
Product ManagersCaroline Stokes, Kenny Mathers
PR ManagerElizabeth Ashford
Special ThanksDavid Patton, Chris Deering
Head of Internal TestingSteven Archer
Lead TesterBradley Davey
TestersPhil Green, Craig Duddle, Dominic Berzins, Kevin Mason, Neil James, Paul Jones, John Cassidy

Sony Computer Entertainment America

ProducerConnie Booth
Associate ProducerDavid Gracia
Senior Product ManagerAmi Matsumura-Blaire
Senior Communications ManagerMolly Smith
Marketing SpecialistNemer Velasquez
QA ManagerMark Pentek
Lead AnalystDonovan Soto
Assistant Lead AnalystsPeter Mayberry, Anthony Gomez
AnalystsIan McGuiness, Andrew Woodworth, Andrew Byrne, Jack Amato, Chris Johnson, Conner Morlang, Ivan Kougaenko, Kenneth Chan, Marion Dreo, Sean Burke, Tim Duzmal, Weldon Chen, Ryan Joseph, Annette Dancel, Bruce Cochrane, Christian Davis, Sam Thompson, Leighton Chin, Dave Kinel, Ramon Concepcion
Special ThanksKelly Flock, Allan Becker, Andrew House, Jeffrey Fox, Peter Dille, Jack Tretton, Howard Liebeskind, Axiom Design, Beeline Group

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc

ProducersShuhei Yoshida, Roppyaku Tsurumi (as Tsurumi-0600)
Product ManagerMegumi Hosoya
Lead AnalystMasayuki Mizuno
Special ThanksJunichi Kobayashi

Universal Studios Sound Facilities

SoundtrackMichael Gollom, Ron Horwitz, Kevin Spears
Voice ActorsClancy Brown, Brendan O'Brien, Vicki Winters
Animation ReferenceJeff Etter
Special ThanksSkip Paul, Alias/Wavefront, Silicon Graphics, Angus Guschwan

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Credits for this game were contributed by //dbz: (5266) and リカルド・フィリペ (321287)