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Written by  :  Jim Fun (252)
Written on  :  May 17, 2002
Platform  :  PlayStation

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The Original & The Best!

The Good

Graphics: Very nice (for a 1996 game), the levels are original and very stylish, Crash Bandicoot himself is a very well-drawn character.

Gameplay: The controls are slightly hard to get used to, but after about 30 minutes, the controls will seem very simple and smooth.

Levels: The levels are excellently designed (like I said in the Graphics section of my review), and the levels are in fact moderately challenging, which is a new thing in the era of games that are either too tough or too easy.

Sound: Simple small sounds, but those small sounds are done in such a way that they are not annoying like the sounds in early DOS games.

Overall Enjoyment: Endless hours of fun (that's in my case, but the guaranteed hours are 2).

The Bad

While most levels are moderately challenging, one difficult level will pop up between two moderately challenging levels, which is strange, usually the tough levels will be kept to the end of the game.

The Bottom Line

Overall Score: 4.5/5 A good game that is fun and enjoyable.