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Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (US):

    Bring it on, baby!

    Crash and his friends are back in a knock-down, drag-out arena rumble. That's right. Get ready to ride, race, jump, throw and battle it out to the finish. Blow stuff up. Toss TNT. Duke it out in a jungle. It's just a good old-fashion bandicoot brawl.

    • Think fast and play fast! Frantic, head-to-head battles, heart-pumping chases, exploration and adrenaline-rushing racer for points
    • All-time favorite characters - get ready to rumble. Crash, Coco, Dingodile, Tiny, Koala Kong, Dr. Neo Cortex, N. Brio and new baddie Rilla Roo.
    • Adventure, Battle and Tournament modes deliver nothin' but fun! Take it Solo, Team play or plug in the Multitap and show your friends who's really top bandicoot!
    • More than 30 competitive events and tons of rides! Tanks, pogo sticks, hover ships, polar bears and more!

    This isn't conventional warfare, but then again, Crash isn't a conventional bandicoot.

    Contributed by Zaibatsu (4505) on Jul 30, 2012.

    The madcap marsupial is back in another Antipodean adventure pitting the perky superstar and his buddies against eternal foe Dr Cortex. Only this time there's a twist. Instead of roaming round Crash's unique environments in a 3D platformer, you'll take to a massive multiplayer board game in a race to complete a multitude of challenges.


  • Hidden Bonus Levels add a whole new dimension to the game

  • Multiplayer options, for one to four friends

  • More than 30 events to take part in


    The fun continues Down Under, with Crash and co. frantically dashing through a variety of competitive events, exploring a range of vivid, quirky worlds. Choose from Adventure, Battle and Tournament modes, and walk, run, spin, kick and jump your way around a series of puzzles, battles and chases. You can even take your pick from a selection of favourite Crash characters, including Coco, Dingodile, Tiny, N. Cortex and N. Brio, to assist you in your adventures. Play against CPU opponents or get your mates round for some all-out bandicoot multitap tomfoolery. With over 30 different events to get your teeth into, and a Training Area for perfecting those killer moves, there's plenty to keep Crash fans of all ages occupied.

    As ever, the game features the trademark style of animation that makes Crash so well-loved, and sets the furry funster head and shoulders above the crowd. Bright, imaginative worlds with distinctive characters add to the unique look and feel, and a liberal dose of Crash's characteristic humour makes this a top addition to the classic series.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 09, 2004.