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Cyberia Credits

48 people


DirectorDrew Markham
Project ManagerFranck De Girolami
ProducerJoan Wood
Art DirectorRobert Stahl
Computer Animation Technical DirectorBarry Dempsey
Technical DirectorMichel Royer
Director of Digital PhotographyJason Kaehler
Real Time IntegrationAugust Johnston
Lead ProgrammerPierre Schiro
3D ModelingJason Kaehler, August Johnston
LightingBarry Dempsey, Jason Kaehler
AnimationBarry Dempsey, Jason Kaehler, August Johnston
Character AnimationTodd Gantzler, George Karl
Map PaintingRobert Stahl, Claire Praderie, August Johnston, Drew Markham
2D AnimationClaire Praderie, Ronnie Joe Blackburn, August Johnston, Mathew Beane, Drew Markham
Human Character Articulation EngineJohn P. Ornelas Jr.
ProgrammersFranck De Girolami, Pierre Schiro
Writer Additional ElementsJames B. Thomas
Additional Puzzles and InspirationChris Morrow
Production AssistantRonnie Joe Blackburn
Business AffairsJohn Batter
CoordinatorKimberly Weeks
Production SecretaryElizabeth Storz
System AdministrationStephen R. Goldburg

For Headspace

ComposersThomas Dolby, Mike Kapitan
Sound EffectsAlberto Garcia
Sound MixerClif Brigden
Project ManagerLaurence Faso
AdministrationMary Coller
Voice-Over SupervisorLaurence Faso
Voice Over TalentDrew Markham, Kathleen Beller, Philip Lewis Clarke, Roberta Farkas, Jocelyn Blue, Greg Berg

For Interplay

ProducersShanti Bergel, Dennis M. Miller
Development ManagerTakeshi Minagawa
Technical WriterNick Doran
Cyberia Book WriterJames B. Thomas
Cyberia Manual & Book DesignerUlises Gerardo
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Assistant Director of Quality AssuranceJim Boone
Lead TesterDerek Bullard
QA LeadsLawrence Smith, Bill Delk, Derek Bullard
QA TestersQuinn Summers, Michael Motoda, Savina Greene

For Byse

Technical DirectorColin Mack
ProgrammersKory Hopkins, Shinobu Kamii

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (220335)