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Cyberia Screenshots (PlayStation)

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main title
Entering player's name
Difficulty select screen
Zak on his way to meet with the smugglers
Talking to Devlin on a vid-con
Background on a secret weapon known as Cyberia
Approaching the smugglers' compound
They're letting me in... pays to have an appointment
Exploring the docks
Heading the meet the boss
Turn around, nice and slowly
Helping with the defenses
Repelling the attack on the compound
Kiss her if you want things to escalate
The boss has you kissing his girl on the camera, now the deal's off
Just about to be knocked down and tortured, and all for that one kiss I could have refused
Guess that's my cue to leave
Take the door or go up the ladder
Don't just go in the open, check that there are no surprises in store for you first
Timing is everything
Cover-based shooter... on occasion
Who's the man... they should've negotiated instead
Stealing the experimental craft
Scanning the bomb
The bomb has been defused, not it's time to fly off this platform
I don't mind exchanging a hovercraft for this aircraft
No time to relax, the enemy is already in sight
First flying mission objective
Sneaking up from behind
Firing at the ship